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Can You Bring Deodorant on a Plane

Can You Bring Deodorant on a Plane

Bottom Line Up Front

Ultimately you can bring deodorant on a plane. But there are certain regulations around which type and size of deodorant can go in which suitcase.

Bringing Deodorant In Your Checked Luggage


This is certainly the easiest way to pack deodorant for your trip. Check luggage is less strictly regulated than hand luggage – although it’s still regulated of course. You can pack any size or type of deodorant in your checked luggage without having to worry about airport security.

Bear in mind that airlines do often monitor the number of aerosols, medical supplies, or toiletries packed in hand luggage as well. But, you’d have to pack one heck of a lot of deodorants for this to flag up on their system. The limit per person is around 2kg or 2 liters. So, chances are you’re pretty safe if you use your checked luggage.

Bringing Deodorant In Your Hand Luggage

Hand Louggage

Hand luggage, however, is where things get a little bit more complicated. The TSA has a strict limit on the size and quantity of liquids, aerosols, gels, creams, and pastes that you can bring in your hand luggage. So, what exactly does this mean for deodorant? Well, technically speaking, most deodorants fall under this restricted category. The good news is that you’re allowed to bring deodorant in your hand luggage. The bad news is that there are some pretty strict guidelines on how much you can bring.

TSA Guidelines For Bringing Deodorant In Hand Luggage


You’re limited to bringing containers that hold no more than 100ml or 3.4 ounces. This means that if you have a standard-size deodorant can (usually around 200ml), you won’t be able to pack it in your hand luggage case at all. Your options with containers like this are either to pack them in your checked luggage case or not pack them at all.

You’re also limited to bringing containers that fit within a clear, quart-sized bag. This is because all of your liquids, gels, and aerosols must be placed in a single, clear, quart-sized bag before going through the security checkpoint. So, if you’re bringing deodorant in your hand luggage, make sure that it’s in a container that holds no more than 100ml and that it fits within a clear, quart-sized bag.

Why Are Liquids Considered a Security Risk If They Are In Hand Luggage?


Now, I’ve always wondered this and only recently learned the answer. You might be curious as to why precisely liquids over 100ml are classed as a security risk in the first place? Well is a fairly recent rule as far as commercial air travel is concerned having only been introduced in 2006. After an international terrorist plot was thwarted in August, the regulation was implemented. Several airplanes were targeted with a plan to explode liquid explosives on board.

The good news is that this type of attack is now much harder to carry out thanks to the 100ml rule. So, next time you’re wondering why you can’t take your full-size deodorant through security, think of it as a safety measure! In an interesting twist of events, this rule may be in the process of being lifted due to new technology. A special type of CT scanning device has been introduced in Ireland which might mean that we can all start packing our full-size toiletries again soon. Watch this space!

Does Deodorant Count As a Liquid?


Yes, some types of deodorant do count as a liquid. Many rolls-on are in liquid form. When it comes to spray-on deodorants, most of these are aerosol sprays. TSA guidelines state that any substance that is free-flowing or viscous is considered a liquid – this includes both liquid roll-on deodorants and aerosol sprays.

So, if you’re packing deodorant in your hand luggage, make sure that it’s in a container that holds no more than 100ml and that it fits within a clear, quart-sized bag. I have a dedicated toiletries bag for hand luggage because I travel so often with just cabin baggage and having my own allows me to prepare my toiletries ahead of time. You might also want to consider packing it in your checked luggage if possible to avoid any potential issues.


Question: Can you bring aerosols in your checked luggage?

Answer: Yes, you can bring aerosols in your checked luggage as long as they are in their original packaging and they adhere to the 100ml rule.

Question: What is not allowed on a plane carry-on?

Answer: There are lots of things you can’t bring in an airplane carry-on case (a jar of pickles or your pet hamster for example), but when it comes to deodorant, all you need to do is make sure that your liquids are below 100ml, and you should be absolutely fine.

Question: Can you buy deodorant at the airport?

Answer: Yes. Failing everything and if you don’t manage to get your deodorant through security, you can usually buy deodorant at the airport. If I don’t manage to get my toiletries through security, I usually pick up a few on the other side. You can buy both roll-on and deodorant and also other things like travel-size sunscreen. The other great thing about buying things on the other side of security is that you can buy full-size items. So, if you’re going for two weeks and you are only taking hand luggage you can buy full-size items to make things easier.

Question: Can you bring prescription deodorant on a plane?

Answer: Yes, you can also take prescription deodorant on a plane. All you need to do is have a doctor’s note with you explaining that it is medication and to make sure that they are in the original packaging with a sticker from your GP.


Deodorant is allowed on a plane and it’s pretty easy to ensure that you can meet regulations around it. If it is aerosol or roll-on and you’re carrying it in your hand luggage, make sure that it is in a container that holds no more than 100ml. But, you can usually buy deodorant at the airport if you forget to pack some or if your deodorant is not allowed on the plane.

With a little bit of planning, you shouldn’t have any problems bringing your deodorant on a plane. Just make sure to check the TSA guidelines ahead of time and pack accordingly.

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