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Where to Stay in Maui: Ideas For Places To Stay In Maui!

Where to Stay in Maui: Ideas For Places To Stay In Maui!

One of the few questions you will have if planning to visit Maui is where to stay. Maui is made up of a few areas with major resorts. You will find different types of accommodations when you visit the Island including budget-friendly hotels, condos, five-star hotels, and bed & breakfasts. 

The majority of luxury hotels in Maui can be found along the west coast and close to Kaanapali. Some of the Island resorts are in South Maui, particularly in Wailea. In any of these places, you’d get alluring beaches and fantastic weather. 

In South Maui, another popular tourist location is Kihei. The Area has a wide variety of condominiums and resorts. Inns and B&Bs equally provide tourists and visitors with privacy and seclusion. You can find any of these in a lot of major accommodation locations.

Maui Island is the second-biggest island among the Hawaiian Islands. It is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations for its stunning look. It is nicknamed “The Valley Isle” after the extraordinary valley that is located between Haleakal? and Mauna Kahalawai, the two main volcanoes on the island. Maui features attractive landscapes, posh luxury resorts, and an overabundance of tourist attractions and events.

Maui is a perfect location to watch a sunrise from the peak of a Volcano that is 10,000 feet high. The Island is great for hiking through craters and swimming beneath butterflies. Maui is equally a perfect location for relaxing on your sunbed while sipping a delicious cocktail. 

A visit to this island helps you to wind down and forget every burgee you want to be if you’re an enthusiast of water sports. Maui makes your stay on the Island very exciting and eliminates all feelings of dullness.

Factors to Consider while deciding where to stay in Maui

The main factor to consider while deciding the best place to stay in Maui during your visit is the weather situation. However, the majority of accommodation locations in Maui are a little dry because they are located on the leeward part of the island. West Maui, nearby Lahaina, and Ka`anapali are a bit more luxurious compared to South Maui, close to Kihei. 

In the early part of the winter season and between late November and early March, Maui witnesses more clouds and rain all over the island. If you plan to navigate through the magnificent Road to Hana and/or go to the Haleakala National Park, you can stay in West or South Maui. Any of these two locations will make it possible for you to visit these attractions in a day. However, it would be a long day out. 

If you’re visiting the Hana Highway (‘Road to Hana’) our good piece of advice is to spend not less than a night inside the Hana town, or in a B&B close to the beginning of the drive, if you have the opportunity. 

Where stay in Maui: Accommodations in different Regions of Maui

Now, let’s look more closely at different regions of Maui, the different accommodations in these locations and see what the pros and cons of staying in any of these locations are.

A. Where to stay in Maui: West Maui

West Maui is a perfect location for you to stay if you want to experience the vibes of a beach resort vacation and city life close by. Places you can stay in west Maui include Lahaina, Kaanapali, Kahana, Napili, Honokowai and Kapalua. This region is made up of different sizes of towns that differ in popularity.

West Maui has comparable beach vibes to South Maui. However, you can easily experience the city life from West Maui. The road to West Maui is made up of a long stretch of two-lane oceanfront highway. 

It’s very near to the water waves that water frequently splashes on moving vehicles. Besides this welcoming experience, you get to equally experience sea vibes at waterfront towns with plenty of luxury resorts, restaurants, art galleries, and shops.

Kaanapali is a popular area for beach resorts, condos, golf, and a place to be for your shopping spree whereas Lahaina was a previous whaling port that presently has an attractive seafront frequented by tourists. 

Honokowai, Kahana, and Napili are smaller towns with more private accommodations and communities. If you’re looking for a perfect location to watch the sunset, Lanai and Molokai Islands are your best choices. 

Positives: Why you want to stay in West Maui

  • It’s among the best tourist-friendly location in the Island
  •  It features attractive beaches and close-by shopping centers.
  • Fantastic weather with sun all year round.
  • More affordable accommodations
  • Contains greater numbers of beaches compared to other places along the coast


  • The majority of available shops are small stores.
  • Contain only a few upscale restaurant options
  • Located a bit far from the Hana Highway and Haleakala park
  • Very busy and crowded because of the tourist-friendly nature of the region 
  • No close to the airport 
  • It is far from other tourist locations on the island.

Best Hotels you can stay in West Maui

1. Ka’anapali Beach Hotel

Ka’anapali Beach Hotel is an inexpensive hotel close to the most popular location in West Maui. It is located a few steps away from the beach and gives you a great ocean view, attractive gardens, and features a pool area and takes care of all your needs. 

Close to the beach resort, you can witness a few events like whale watching, surfing, and snorkeling. This resort equally exhibits Hawaiian culture to tourists through events and displays.

2. Napili Shores Maui by Outrigger

Napili Shores Maui by Outrigger is a beautiful accommodation and a nice place to stay and falls between luxury and affordable accommodation. Napili is one of the smaller towns on the Island that is mainly made up of private communities. 

The rooms in this resort have kitchens and living rooms to offer you a home-like feel. The property equally has an oceanfront restaurant, two swimming pools, a hot tub, and BBQ points you can access as a visitor. 

3. Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa

Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa is a charming accommodation located in Ka’anapali. It is a property located along the ocean frontline that features a full-service spa, five different restaurants on-site, a water park, and a lot more attractions. 

This location features a charming landscape and is equipped with modern amenities. The water park contains pools that have a rope bridge and lava tube waterslide. It equally has an infinity-edge pool, family pool, children’s pool, and scuba classes. 

B. Where to stay in Maui: South Maui

South Maui is a popular tourist destination and one of the best places to stay in Maui. It is the best place to be for a luxurious vacation. The region contains a lot of luxury hotels and condominiums. It consists of many towns and these include Maalaea, Kihei, Wailea, and Makena. The towns slightly vary from each other. 

Maalaea is a quitter location located on a scenic waterfront and close to Kihei’s shopping, dining, and many events from the beaches across the street. Wailea and Makena contain a lot of luxury hotels options and resorts. They have high-end shopping spots and golf courses along the beach.

The resorts in Wailea are the priciest. There are located widely apart compared to those in Kihei. The best part of this location is the relaxing and quiet atmosphere of the region with resorts that are close to the beach. The cost of staying in Kihei is a lot cheaper and the resorts are scattered across the street from the beach. It is more crowded and this means a lot of shopping and dining. 

If you’re after enjoying the look of luxuriant plant life and natural surroundings with refreshing air, South Maui is not the best place to stay in Maui. South Maui is one of the best places to stay in Maui if you’re looking for dry weather, constant sun, and warm weather. 

Positives: Why you want to stay in South Maui

  • Warm and sunny weather all through the year
  • It is one of Maui’s most tourist-friendly locations. 
  • Only a 20-minute drive or transportation from the airport. 
  • Plenty of beaches, shops, and restaurants. 


  • It is rather touristy in many areas and you’ll hardly experience the luxuriant nature of Hawaii in this location.
  • A bit far from the Hana Highway and Haleakala
  • Very crowded and busy due to the tourist nature.

Best Hotels to stay in South Maui 

1. Leinaala 204 Condo

Leinaala 204 Condo is a good budget-friendly accommodation in South Maui. Although rooms here are affordable, they are at a good location and look stunning. This hotel is located exactly atop the water. It has wifi, a swimming pool, and BQQ and located in the central part of the Waipuilani Beach district. 

If you are under some budget constraints and want a good place to stay in South Maui on a budget, this condo is a perfect choice. The location of the condo in beachfront ensures you have a relaxing vacation while in Maui.

2. Wailea Marriott Beach Resort 

Wailea Marriott Beach Resort is a South Maui hotel that makes a good match for people looking for a place to stay in Maui with the middle-level hotel. This contemporary hotel has fantastic beach sights and many restaurants, beaches, and a spa inside it. It has different types of the pool including a pool with water slides and a dive pool.

3. Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea

Four Seasons Resort Maui is located at Wailea. It is a perfect place to be if you are looking to have a posh experience with a lot of modern amenities and fantastic views. If you’re looking to get all the experience you need in a single luxurious package, Four Seasons Resort Maui is the best place to be. 

The resort features three pools and three restaurants onsite. It is equally located on the beach. Although. You can get anything you want in the resort-like a spa and tennis courts, if you want to do some shopping, the shops are located only a mile away.

C. Where to Stay in Maui: Along the Hana Highway

Some of the places you could stay in Maui that are located along Hana Highway include Paia and Hana.

Best Hotel to stay in along the Hana Highway

Travaasa Hana

The Travaasa Hana hotel is the best place to be if you are looking for an off-grid gateway. It is located on the out-of-the-way and quiet Hana part of the island. The rooms in the hotel have no clocks or televisions. It is a great place to stay for connecting with Hawai and other tourists in the location. 

It features an amazing spa. Some of the activities you can enjoy while at the resort include guided nature walks and cultural performances. Hotel rooms here cost roughly 350 dollars a night. 

Positives: Why you want to stay in these locations

  • Good location from the Hana Highway and Oheo Gulch if you’re after visiting these tourist sites
  • While the region is small, it has multiple beaches and looks stunning.   


  • The region is very wet, particularly during the winter season. 
  • It is located far from other attractions in Maui

D. Where to stay in Maui: Central Maui

The best places to stay in central Maui includes in Kahului and Wailuk.  

Positives: Why you want to stay in Central Maui

  • Access to multiple decent shops
  • Closeness to the majority of places in the Island together with the Hana Highway


  • Scarcity of accommodations
  • It rains a lot in Wailuku 
  • Most parts of central Maui lack good scenic beauty
  • Not many beaches available

E. Where to stay in Maui: North shore/Upcountry 

A good place to stay in North Shore or Upcountry is in Haleakala or Kula. If you want a quieter vacation and a local experience in a less busy environment but don’t want to go far away to Hana, the north shore or upcountry is your best bet. The north shore has a cool hippy vibe and allows you to experience the local community. 

Paia is one of the best towns. It contains a small in and the adjoining neighborhoods have a few calm beach rentals. The North shore beaches are stunning and one of the prettiest in the Island. However, they can be very windy and rough. The north shore is popular for kite and windsurfing.

North Shore Maui is equally close to the Hana Highway. It has the best worlds of windsurfing center. Ho’okipa Beach Park is regarded as the world’s capital of windsurfing. The area is equally great for catching a glimpse of green sea turtles. It is a great place to stay in Maui for a minimal crowd and less tourist experience and located at the start point of the Hana Highway. 

Staying in North Shore puts you closer to the nature of Hawaii and removes you far away from beaches where you can go swimming. The region was formally used for Paia plantation but it is presently littered with boutiques, cafes, art galleries, and shops. 

Some of the attractions of this region are the Hana highway, the waterfalls with underneath swimming capacity, a red sand beach, a black sand beach, and a lot more. It is the best place to stay if you want to easily visit the road to Hana.

Best Hotels to stay in the North Shore or Upcountry of Maui

1. Paia Inn

The Pia inn is an attractive little inn located on the north shore of Maui. It is a great location if you want to explore the entire eastern part of the It’s in a handy location within Paia and there are normally no parking issues. Besides, you have plethoras of restaurants nearby.

2. Nalu Kai Lodge Paia Hotel

Nalu Kai Lodge Pai Hotel is sited inside the downtown of Paia town. It has an attractive courtyard for guests to share with a Tiki-theme and waterfall. BBQ facilities are a picnic location where you can enjoy the sun deck with ocean view.

3. Lumeria Maui 

Lumeria Maui has great ocean outlooks and acres of gardens and provides yoga and meditation classes every day. The hotel equally has a saltwater pool and hot tub. Guests are also served breakfast. It equally has a spa.

4. Paia Inn

Paia Inn is an attractive and realistically priced hotel in North Shore Maui. The hotel provides free beach towels, chairs, boogie boards, and snorkel equipment for guests to visit the neighboring section of the beach. There are different types of rooms with a homely feel and different types of amenities such as balconies, BQQ, patios, as well as complete kitchens.

Positives: Why you want to stay in Northshore of Maui

  • Great natural setting and closeness to Haleakala
  • It contains some of the best windsurfing centers. 
  • The Hana Highway is located a short drive away. 
  • It is located only 12-minute drive or transport away from the airport.


  • Scarcity of accommodation
  • Few different types of stores or restaurants
  • Lack of beaches

A few major resorts, windy beaches, and bigger waves which are great for surfing than swimming.F. Where to stay in Maui: East Maui 

East Maui is a place to stay for magnificent natural wonders. East Maui is the farthest location in Maui. You can stay along the popular Hana Road or the other nearby towns Ke’Anae or Kipahulu. 

It’s a two-hour drive away to Hana from the airport. Nevertheless, you may want to stop again and again to enjoy and explore the wonderful scenery. East has the broadest of natural sceneries which makes it a great place for hiking, adventure, and for individuals trying to find some refuge from the noisy city life. 

The Hana highway wraps around the mountainside frequently with just a single lane around corners and cliffs on the opposite side of the road. It can be a terrifying drive. By all means, try it if you’re up to it if not get a driver that feels comfortable about the road. 

This makes a good place to stay for exploring natural pools, bamboo forests, waterfalls, red, black, and golden sand beaches. You’ll pass Ke’Anae, Hana, and then Kipahulu but this depends on the town you choose to stay in. You will only get one resort in this location but there plenty of Bed and Breakfast, condo, and campsites.


·       It is the most natural part of Maui and the least developed.


· It is the remotest area from the airport and grocery stores. 

· It has a few restaurants and just a single resort.

Best Hotel to stay in Maui: East Maui

1. Heavenly Hana Paradise

Heavenly Hana Paradise is an affordable and great place to stay for the closeness to a good place to be for its proximity to the pristine nature of East Maui. The hotel rooms have sheltered terraces and every amenity you need together with outdoor space. 

2. Kailani Suite at Hana Kai Resort

Kailani Suite at Hana Kai Resort is a mid-level hotel with an only fourteen-minute walk to Hana and feet from the Hana Beach Park. The suite has a balcony, great view of the ocean, and seat for meals, living area, full kitchen and many more. 


Travaasa is where to stay in Maui for a resort experience. It’s nearest to the natural wonders! There are spa wellness classes in the resort. It has a pool, local activities including adventure activities like horseback riding. All the cottages give you a great view of the ocean. The suite has refrigerators and full kitchens.


1. What is the best time to visit Maui?

The best times to visit Maui are from April to May and September to November. The spring and fall shoulder seasons offer the lovely weather that Hawaii tourists seek. Besides, the prices are not as high and the crowds that come during the summer and winter months.

2. Does Maui have clear water?

Maui is popular for witnessing northeast trade winds. Its clear-water beaches are found on the south and west ends of the island.

3. What is the best area to stay in Maui?

The west side of Maui includes Kaanapali, Honokowai, Kahana, Napili, Kapalua, and Lahaina. Kaanapali Beach is my favourite area of Maui to stay on. This is the luxury part of the west side of Maui. There are several large hotels with elaborate pools, grounds, and lobbies, plus a couple of large luxury condos.


Where to stay in Maui for luxurious vacation is in Wailea resorts which includes Four Seasons, Andaz, Fairmont Kea Lani, Wailea Beach Resort, Hotel Wailea and Grand Wailea. Although there are luxury resorts in Kapalua on the western part-Ritz Carlton and Montage, the resorts in Wailea are sunnier and not very isolated.

Where to stay in Maui with kids is the Grand Wailea in the south or Westin Maui in the west. However, nearly all resort in Hawaii is very kid-friendly.

If you want a budget place to stay in Maui for Kihei would be a good option. It is a little crowded. If you chose to stay in Kihei, the properties located on the southern side including Kihei Surfside Resort, Mana Kai Maui, and Hale Hui Kai located close to Keawakapu Beach worth considering.

It is very easy to choose where to stay in Maui. There are a lot of options available and if you want to stay in a tourist-friendly area, your best options are the western and southern coastlines. 

You can also explore the rest regions of Maui for a small Bread and Breakfast or inn depending on your taste and budget. 

Whether you’re staying on the drier leeward side of the southern and western Maui, or you choose to stay in the plusher windward region of northern and eastern Maui, picking a favourite place to stay in Maui is easy with this guide.