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The Best Time To Visit Brazil – Seasons, Events, Activities!

The Best Time To Visit Brazil – Seasons, Events, Activities!

Well, I won’t say there is any one single perfect time to visit Brazil. This is because different regions of Brazil experiences different types of climates which are all mild for tourist visits.  However, there are some times you will visit Brazil when your budget will surely suffer and I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to travel then. Hence, we have outlined those kinds of periods that makes the best time to vist Brazil so that you can adequately plan your trip to Brazil without over-stretching your budget.

Best time to Visit Brazil: The Seasons


Peak Season in Brazil

In Brazil, the summer is generally the peak season and this is around the period between November and March. It is the most suitable time to have fun at the beach since you will not be getting some rain in this period. This is also the period of the Christmas celebration which is a very significant and important celebration in Brazil and most parts of the world are celebrated.

For this reason, you should expect Brazil to be overcrowded with citizens and tourists and of course, the price of things to escalate. To avoid being on the losing side, it will be advisable for you to make your reservations early enough before you arrive in the country in summer.

Nevertheless, there is ample rainfall in the southern part of Brazil like the area where the Amazon Rainforest is located. At this time, some parts are humid and you could also find the temperature rising to about 40 degrees Celsius and more in several other areas. It is in August that you would find some areas at a mini peak level and this is when visitors of the Northern Hemisphere to arrive in the country. July is another peak season period and this is a time you see Brazilian families having their tours due to the approaching winter.

Shoulder Season in Brazil

The period in Brazil when you see little or very few tourists is known as the shoulder season. You could also call it the transition period as there is a transitioning to spring. September and October are months in the shoulder season and are months when you can spot Jaguars in Pantanal. At most, the temperature could be around 26 and 31 degrees Celsius but this depends on locations too.

Offseason in Brazil

The offseason is a perfect time for those trying to manage their budget as you wouldn’t find many tourists in Brazil at this time. Generally in Brazil, the rainy periods are known to be such times and this happens mostly in winter and autumn. You would be surprised to find the rain falling from April to July.

However, there are some places in Brazil when rain falls differently. In the summer months, you find Pantanal and the Amazon continuously receiving rainfall and this is why it is ideal to hunt for wildlife then. Hence, if you are in Brazil by this time, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have your umbrella around you in case the rain comes unexpectedly.

Best Months of the Year to Visit Brazil

rio de jeneiro beach

Visiting Brazil from January – March

In Brazil, mid-summer runs between January and March. In February, you would see several Brazilians going on travels due to the frequent carnivals that take place around this period. This is also one of the periods when Brazil is at its busiest with regular tourist arrivals.

You could as well be in the coastal area of Brazil as there is a considerable amount of warmth in the northern part of this period. The Pantanal region and Amazon, however, suffer rainfall and the highest you could find the temperature could be close to 30 degrees Celsius. Finally, when the April draws nearer, you begin to find rainfall in the northern part of Brazil as March comes to an end.

Major Events & Festivals

  • The celebration of Yemanja is an event where the people gather to show gratitude and adore the Goddess of Sea. The event takes hold in Salvador.
  • The New Year’s Eve as in other parts of the world holds too in Brazil. The people hold parties as they celebrate alongside tourists from all over the world.
  • The Rio de Janeiro Carnival takes place in February or early March.
  • Semana Santa (Easter): This is a very important celebration for the people of Brazil. They make use of some carpets having intricate patterns of flowers and other natural materials to cover the cobbled streets of Ouro Preto.
  • Carnival (February or March, depending on when it’s the beginning of Lent): It is the most prominent celebration in Brazil and is done in Rio. If you are in Brazil at this moment, you will have the opportunity to catch sight of the colorful samba parades while joining the folks to party in the street.

Brazil in April and May

This is another nice period to travel as the weather in Brazil at this moment experiences some declination.  As April ends, dry season approaches the Pantanal region meanwhile that is the period the rainy season begins in the North and South of Brazil. Hence, the areas around the north and south also experience a coolness you wouldn’t find in summer. Despite the dry season at Pantanal, you would still find the rain coming in sometimes just like in the Amazon.

Events & Festivals

semana santa

  • Semana Santa (Easter): This is a very important celebration for the people of Brazil. They use natural materials as well as carpets having intricate patterns of flowers to cover the cobbled streets of Ouro Preto.

Visit Brazil from June to July

From June to July, Brazil experiences the offseason as tourists steer well from the country to avoid the rains. However, you would still find some sunny spells at this time despite the rain. The temperature is at a cooler 26 degrees Celsius that you wouldn’t find in summer. This is when the dry season in Pantanal and Amazon finally kicks off and you are sure to find various kinds of animals if you visit the forests.

This is also a wonderful time to pay a visit to the Green Coast which you will find in a location lying in the middle of Sao Paulo and Rio. You will also experience cooler evenings with fresh air and warm seas. In June, the rainy season in Bahia also begins as you could expect to catch some light showers in the afternoon period.

Brazil in August to October

As August arrives, the winter season gradually transitions to summer and you are sure to find fewer tourists in Brazil at this time. It is a great time to visit because, after this period, the tourists will begin their descent in Brazil like a hailstorm. It would also be advisable for you to visit Brazil in this period if you do not wish to be amid the bulk of tourists. The Pantanal region still experiences dryness though the rain arrives finally in the last week of October.

Key Events

• Festa do Peao: This is a Cowboy festival that takes place in August. It began in 1955 and always takes place at Sao Paulo every.
• Oktoberfest: It a celebration that takes place in Santa Catarina city. It was first practiced by the residents of the German colony and since then, their descendants and the people of Brazil still carry it out.

Brazil in November and December

In November, the summer arrives and you are sure to see the temperature, rise to a very high level all over the country. In Brazil, they consider this period as a peak season for tourists so you should expect the country to also be full of activity. One of the cities where you expect to see large crowds of tourists is the capital city Rio de Janeiro. The city at this time will also be hot and dry as there will be little or no rainfall. Though, you will still find the Pantanal and Amazon regions experiencing some rainfall. This is similar to the southern part of Brazil and there is a steady temperature of about 28 to 29 degrees Celsius.

The major event at this time of the year is the Christmas celebration and you will find people from all parts of the Earth coming down to Brazil to join in the celebration. However, the region around the Amazon will also be dry as you wouldn’t find much rainfall as usual.

Events & Festivals

  • New Year’s Eve (31st December): You wouldn’t want to miss the sight of the New Year’s Eve in the capital city, Rio de Janeiro. A large number of the city dress up in white garments or clothing as they gather on the beach and watch huge fireworks near the sea

Best time to visit Brazil for good weather

brazil statue

From May to September, the period when Brazil experiences the winter season is when the northern hemisphere experiences positive tropic weather. You would find the average low at about 30°C (68 to 86°F) and less. Meanwhile, you can relate the winter in Rio de Janeiro to North Europe’s summer as it varies between 14°C and mid-20s (58 to 77°F). Nevertheless, your jacket should be close to you when the chilly evening weather comes knocking. It is also a great time to go sightseeing and take a hike.

In São Paulo you would experience colder weather than Rio due to the way they built their houses. There are no heaters in most houses as they are built for the summer and hot weather. To the south of Brazil, you will find the temperature at its coldest and even descending to the minus degree. These regions are mostly on high ground and could see ice or snow at some point in the year.

The summer season comes with tropical weather in Brazil and in this season, you should endeavor to drink sufficient water and have your sunglasses around. You will experience dry throats as humidity spread all over the country.

Best time to visit Brazil for wildlife and Nature spotting


The Pantanal is the largest tropical wetland in the world and is a good spot for nature and wildlife. Between May and September, the region is dry and it is the best time for you to pay a visit. You can also head to Pantanal between July and September if you are into bird-watching. At this point, the water levels gradually seep back into the ground and you will find the grass scattered around the marsh.

These are perfect spots for various kinds of birds to make their resting points. It is also at this time of the year you could spot the jaguars patrolling the region especially in August.

Between November and April, there is a heavy abundance of rainfall and the Pantanal sees an amount of flood. This is where it gets its name wetland from. However, you could still find some islands where wildlife can find shelter and of course, humans can hunt them. The heaviest rains come in February and March and you will go through a squelchy and arduous challenge on the roads if you are traveling this area at that time.

Have you ever had an experience with the mosquitoes? You wouldn’t want to be in the Pantanal at this time without your mosquito net. The period between December and February is the time when you find the temperature at its hottest. There is an abundant arrival of mosquitoes and you could be having about 40°C (104°F) temperature. You would also find little or no accommodation as vacation hostels and hotels close up during this period.

The Best Time to Visit the Amazon

You must have heard of the Amazon several times and would want to pay a visit to this large river. The river is not only the component of the Amazon but also, the tropical rainforest surrounding the river. From May to August, the region is open to tourist visits as there is much to explore then and there is not much rain. Eventually, you will find a high water level at the Amazon. So, you can have a boat ride. This  means you can have a tour around the Amazon and have a view of the incredible animals and plants.

You would also find beaches around the Amazon and if you travel between May and August, you are sure to find the beach devoid of a flood. You can lay on the beach and enjoy sunbathes as there is ample sun at this time. In the dry season at the Amazon, you are still going to find some rainfall as you wouldn’t in some area around the world. However, the sun still shines and the sky remains blue despite the midday rainfall.

The Best Time to Visit the Pantanal


In the southwest of Brazil lies the Pantanal which is the biggest wetland in the world. It an extremely fascinating place and there is a wide array of animals and plants. The best time in the year you would come to the Pantanal and enjoy its natural beauty and wildlife is the period between April to September.

This is due to the commencement of the dry season from April and beyond and you are sure to have more preferable temperatures to the rainy season. From April to September in the Pantanal, there is lesser rainfall and this leads to the region gradually drying up. This is a perfect time for the animals to cluster around the water holes which haven’t dried up yet. You wouldn’t also bother about how you can find your way around as the roads are dry and allow access to vehicles.

The best time to visit Brazil for Whale Watching

The idea of going whale watching is a very beautiful one and you wouldn’t want to miss out. From July to November, you can travel to the southern part where Santa Catarina lies and catch sight of the large whales on migrations for mating and childbearing. You will also see the humpbacks swimming about with their young calves. Another wonderful spot for such sights is the Praia do Rosa in Florianopolis.

Best time to visit Brazil for fun and parties

brazil carnival

Brazilians are very easy going with parties and celebrations and you can have such experience at all times of the year. They celebrate the New Year’s Eve in a grand style and have several other Carnivals that could interest you. Most of their carnivals hold in February and early March and you would want to be in Salvador, Recife, Olinda, and the capital city Rio de Janeiro when they are having such celebrations. These cities are the biggest in Brazil and never miss these festivities.

Best time to visit Brazil for sports

Brazil is a sport-loving country especially soccer and of course, you would know they have several prominent footballers. Aside from soccer, there are other sporting activities you could partake in when you are in Brazil. One of them is windsurfing which you will find in São Miguel do Gostoso between the two large cities in the North, Fortaleza, and Natal. The perfect time for sports in Brazil is the period between July and February when you can find sufficient wind. The speed of the wind is about an average of 20 knots (23 mph). You can also participate in kiteboarding at Taiba, Lagoa do Cauípe and Cumbuco but Fortaleza is the best spot for this sport.

Best time to visit Brazil for your budget

Since Brazil has events going on at all times of the year, you are sure to find prices at expensive rates in some of the big cities like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. It is only to the north you could find cheaper rates of goods and services. However, during the off-season, you can visit Brazil and get things at bargain prices in the big cities. One of these periods is the winter season and you’ll be surprised to find out that the prices of goods and services at this time are inexpensive.  If you wish to visit at other times, you have to make your reservations early enough or you will be ready to pay exorbitant prices.

FAQ’s About Brazil

Is it a good time to visit Brazil in July?

In July, winter takes over Brazil but you will still experience some warm atmosphere and this means you can make use of the beach. The country takes on several winter festivals which you could partake in and enjoy some Italian delicacies during the Italian gourmet food festival.

What is the cheapest time to fly to Brazil?

In October, you will find cheaper rates to pay when flying to Brazil and in December, you will find the price at its costliest. However, you can go around this time at a cheaper rate by making your reservations early enough especially when you have a rigid schedule.

What time of year is best to visit Brazil?

From December to March, you can pay a visit to Brazil as the weather is warm, sunny and at its best. You are sure to have a great time at the beach as you aren’t expecting any rainfall.


You can visit Brazil at any time of the year, whether for vacation or on a special business trip. Your choice of the best time to visit Brazil depends on the region you wish to visit as the different regions in Brazil have variable weather and temperature. Some areas could be experiencing rainfall at a moment while others are dry.

Brazil has various interesting sites and locations you wouldn’t want to miss and numerous events for you to attend. The Pantanal and Amazon regions are spots you should visit between August and October. However, it is not a good idea to visit these regions when the rain is at its worst.  You should visit during the off-season visits or make early reservations if you are on a budget so that you are not caught up with the exorbitant prices you will find in Brazil especially in the big cities.

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