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KLM vs Delta: Is KLM a Good Airline?

KLM vs Delta: Is KLM a Good Airline?

Delta is an exceptional airline within the United States due to the fact their planes are among the most recent in the skies, and also because they fly about anywhere. Delta flies passengers to more than 325 locations around the globe.

However, it also formed an alliance with SkyTeam and their one hundred and fifty global locations. It equally has 19 associate airlines.

So, there’s essentially nowhere on earth that this airline wouldn’t fly to (plus it also gives you the benefit of taking 2 carry-ons to each one of those locations, and this wouldn’t matter if even if you are flying Basic Economy).

And, irrespective of where you are going, you’ll probably reach there on time. Delta is one of the promptest major airlines in America, and that’s in line with professional stats from the Department of Transportation.

KLM has equally gained a reputation as an aviation firm that offers freight handling services and passenger transportation for businesses and individuals. In this article we compare the two airlines and see how they stack against each other.

KLM Delta Bottom Line Up Front Summary

Delta (Expedia / OneTravel) offers a better premium experience with Delta One, more middle tier pricing options, and slightly lower transatlantic fares in most cases. That said, if flying from Europe or within Europe, KLM tends to have more connecting flights to regional hubs.

The Main Differences between Delta and KLM Airline

is klm a good airline

The main difference between Delta and KLM airlines are:

  • On most long-haul flights, Delta has a cabin seat structure of 2–4–2 or 2–3–2, and this means the side contains only two seats, whereas the KLM seating arrangement is 3–4–3 or 3–3–3 for long-haul flights.
  • KLM makes it possible for passengers to reserve a seat in advance for fee, whereas Delta still enables travelers to reserve their seats ahead of time in economy class, without installment, even on the least fares. It is true that there are seats set apart as “preferred” which attract an extra charge, however, there are normally a few seats accessible for no monetary commitment at all.
  • Delta’s long-haul cabin seats are slightly broader than those of KLM (as per
  • In a desperate hour, for example, crossing out because of an individual crisis, when you truly need somebody on the opposite side to tune in and help you, Delta and other American transporters offer much better customer handling care. They will, in general, show all the more understanding with regards to the demise of a family member, infection or other terrible conditions, whereas although KLM have good customer services, they are not equivalent to that of Delta at such distressing situations.
  • Delta has a top-notch economy product (Delta Premium Select), whereas its counterpart KLM doesn’t.
  • The business class cabin seat of KLM is not as improved as that of Delta, whereas Delta’s recent business class (Delta One) is greatly improved (much superior to almost every carrier) except that it is not accessible on all long haul planes as it is just turning out. If you fly an A350 on Delta airline and you will have the decision of Delta Premium or Delta One Select. Anyway, there isn’t any Delta Comfort+ seat on the A350. Nevertheless, the exist row seats come with more space for your legs.
  • The frequent flyer program of delta is known as SkyMiles, whereas the frequent flyers program of KLM is known as Flying Blue.

Delta Airline Review:

is klm a good airline

Delta Air Lines is one of the most seasoned U.S. transporters and unquestionably one of the most regarded. If you’re thinking about flying with Delta, at that point continue reading this review, because it touches most parts of Delta’s administration and tasks.

You can see down into Delta’s price charges and look at the luxuries offered in each lodge class. Also, keep away from any terrible surprises, for example, baggage expenses and other surprising charges.

Delta Air Lines, Inc., commonly alluded to as Delta, is one of the significant aircraft of the US and a heritage bearer. Its headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia.

The carrier, plus its auxiliaries and local associates, with Delta Connection, oversees more than 5,400 flights every day and serves 325 locations in 52 nations on 6 different continents of the world. Delta Airlines is also a pioneer of the SkyTeam union.

Delta operates about nine center points, with the Atlanta hub being its biggest as regards to the number of departures and passengers. It is positioned second among the World’s biggest aircraft by the number of planned travelers conveyed, income traveler kilometers flown, and fleet size. It is positioned 69th on the Fortune 500.

The organization was established on May the 30th, 1924, in Macon, Georgia, and later relocated to Monroe, Louisiana, in 1925.

Corporate affairs

Delta Air Lines headquarters in Atlanta

Basic Information:

  • Alliance: SkyTeam Alliance
  • Airline: Delta Air Lines
  • Category: International Airline and Legacy Domestic
  • Recurrent Flyer Program: Delta SkyMiles
  • Tagline: “Keep Climbing”
  • Daily Flights: 15,000 (plus associate partners)
  • Fleet size: 800
  • Major Hub: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
  • Destinations: 304 (plus associate partners)

Description: Delta Air Lines Route MapHeadquarters and Offices

Delta’s company headquarters is found on a company campus at the northern side of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, inside the town confines of Atlanta. This vicinity has functioned as Delta’s headquarters starting from 1941, whilst the organization repositioned its corporate sections from Monroe, Louisiana to Greater Atlanta

Delta’s Ticketing Choices

Delta provides 6 different types of fares that include dissimilar pre-departure advantages and inflight occurrences.

Basic Economy (International and Domestic Flights)

Just like a lot of other large U.S. Airways looking to contend with low-fee carriers, Delta provides a primary economy fare that affords a piece of carry-on baggage and a private item.

It’s impossible to make a choice of your seat, that would be allotted-in — that means there isn’t any assurance you’ll be seated together with your journey partners either.

Basic economy tickets are not changeable, and improvements aren’t allowed — so preserve this in your thoughts while booking. If you’re no longer satisfied with what you’ve were given, you just have to endure it.

Main (International and Domestic Flights)

Main is Delta’s well-known economy with the potential to choose your seat prior to check-in. Your bags allowance is one piece of hand luggage and you can also carry a private item and an examined luggage.

You have the capability to change your price ticket or upgrade and gain from previous boarding advantages than the basic economy.

Further Read: Delta Basic vs Main Explained.

Comfort+ (International and Domestic Flights)

Comfort+ is the choice seating in the economy class because it consists of a big legroom plus an overhead space for bags. Also, it has similar advantages as with Main.

Further Read: Delta Comfort+ Review.

Premium Select (Select long-haul International Flights)

Delta’s top rate economy is available allows passengers to get entry to Sky Priority privileges.

Their system is designed to allow passengers to carry two checked luggage and have the potential to change or improve their tickets (each subject to a charge).

Delta One (international long-haul and transcontinental flights)

Delta One is the company’s top-class cabin with passenger entry to Sky Priority Privileges and Delta Sky Club lounges.

Travelers can carry two pieces of baggage that have been checked and change or improve their tickets at a cost.

First Class (select International and Domestic Flights)

Available in domestic and short-haul flights only, first-class gives passengers’ access to Sky Priority for priority check-in, baggage handling, security, and boarding. They can also access Delta Sky Club lounges if connecting to an international flight in First or Business Class.

Passengers are allowed to bring in 2 pieces of checked luggage, and changes or upgrades are allowed for a fee.

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Cabin Inflight Amenities

Delta experienced an improved branding scheme in 2015. As a result, it now offers 6 different cabin service options: Basic Economy, Main Cabin, Comfort+, First Class, Delta Premium Select, and Delta One. But the precise details and availability differ by aircraft type and route.

1. Delta OneDescription: Delta Air Delta One

Delta One Suite on a Boeing 777

Delta One is the top Business Class product of the airline and it is available on extended hauls international flights such as from Los Angeles to New York-JFK and San Francisco.

Delta One includes lie-flat seating for different aircraft, and direct access from all the seats on all the different types of aircraft with the exception if Boeing 757-200.

In the aircraft, every seat is well equipped with a customized on-demand In-Flight-Entertainment System, a folding work table, a mobile reading lamp, and universal power-ports. Passengers also stand the chance of receiving pre-flight Sky Club access, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, refreshments, and complimentary chef-curated meals.

Additional Amenities include:

  • More legroom and wider seats
  • A committed flight attendant for the cabin
  • Premium bedding with Lie-flat bed feature
  • Pillow and duvet
  • Premium dining table
  • Delta One Suites having a nice full-height door to ensure privacy

 2. Premium Select

Delta Premium Select on an Airbus A350-900

Description: Delta Air Lines Premium Select

In April 2016, Ed Bastian, the CEO of Delta reported that another Premium Economy cabin will be included. Since it was called Premium Select, this cabin will include additional legroom; customizable leg rests; additional seat pitch, width, and recline; and another superior service.

Delta presented it on its recent Airbus A350, first provided in 2017, and will be trailed by the Boeing 777. Delta, In October 2018 reported that they would sell First Class seats designed Boeing 757 flying transoceanic courses as the Premium Select.

Amenities include:

  • More legroom, wider seats, adjustable leg and footrest
  • A committed flight attendant for attending the cabin
  • Admittance to Delta Studio (films, TV, and games)
  • With service kit from Tumi
  • Blanket and pillow
  • Premium dining table
  • Alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, and Complimentary meals

 3. First Class

First class on a Delta A220-100

Mainline domestic flights offer First Class (with the exception of those offering Delta One service), Delta Connection aircraft including over 50 seats, and medium-haul and short-haul transnational flights. Seats starting from 18.5-20.75 inches wide and have somewhere in the range of 37-40 inches of pitch. Travelers in this First Class get a more extensive assortment of free snacks when contrasted with the Main Cabin that doesn’t provide this assortment, just as free liquor and beverages, plus full complete meal service on flights of around 900 miles.

Amenities include:

  • More extensive seat and an 8-inch additional legroom
  • A Committed flight attendant that oversees the cabin
  • Wi-Fi and Power outlets
  • With amenity kit
  • Blanket and pillow
  • Ergonomically-built headphones
  • Satisfactory dining
  • Complimentary soft drinks and alcoholic beverages
  • Ability access to Delta Studio (TV, games, and films) on your personal device or your seatback monitor

4. Delta Comfort+

Delta Comfort+ on an Airbus A321

Delta Comfort+ has 4-inch extra legroom than the Main Cabin and devoted stuff space over your seat.

You can board the plane faster using Sky Priority boarding and have that feeling of satisfaction with some additional like amenity kit, blanket, and pillow.

With the exception of Delta’s recent A350s, Delta Comfort+ seats are mounted on every one of their aircraft and it includes a 34-36 inches of pitch, and fifty percent more privilege to recline enjoyably.

Additional amenities include:

  • Sky Priority Boarding, complimentary premium snacks on flights 1,400 km and beyond. wine, complimentary beer, spirits, and dedicated overhead space on flights of about 400 km and beyond.
  • Delta Studio also includes complimentary premium entertainment with completely free headsets that you can use during most flights.

5. Main Cabin

Main Cabin on an Airbus A350-900

Main Cabin is accessible on all airships with seats extending from 30-33 inches of pitch and 17-18 inches wide. The fundamental cabin on Boeing777, 737, McDonnell Douglas MD-90 aircraft and select Boeing 767-300, 757-200, have an articulating seat base where the seat base pushes ahead notwithstanding the seat back tilting in reverse when leaning back.

Main Cabin travelers get snacks and alcohol-free beverages on all flights ranging from 400 km and above. Alcoholic drinks are likewise accessible for procurement. Alcoholic beverages and complimentary meals are given on whole deal global flights just as selected cross-country local flights.

 6. Main Cabin (Economy)

The Basic Economy class is a fundamental form of Main Cabin, providing similar administrations with fewer flexibility choices at a more affordable cost. Instances of fewer flexibility options do not offer any ticket changes, no complimentary or paid overhauls irrespective of frequent-flier status, and with just a seat allotted at check-in.

Amenities include:

  • Delta Studio is accessible (TV, games, films) on your personal device or setback monitor.
  • Free headsets on cross-country flights; can be purchased on certain domestic flights.
  • Complimentary meals on cross-country flights.
  • Complimentary beverages plus Starbucks coffee.

Wi-Fi available to purchase

The Delta company has introduced a seating Economy Comfort for its mainline planes. The seat pitch is 34-inches, contrasted and a customary pitch of 31-32 inches. The seats in Economy Comfort likewise have complimentary drinks on some cross-country flights and priority boarding up on all flights.

On-board amenities

1. Wi-Fi

On the fifth of August, 2008, Delta declared it would be installing the Aircell mobile broadband network, Gogo Inflight Internet, allows flyers boarding the plane with Wi-Fi enabled devices, like laptops, smartphones, and tablets, gain access to the Internet and pay for the service.

It was originally provided on Delta’s fleet of McDonnell Douglas MD-88 and MD-90 aircraft. Eventually, it got broadened to the rest of its domestic fleet, together with the Delta Connection aircraft with a first-class cabin.

According to Swart, Jon of USA Today Delta has the biggest fleet of Wi-Fi-enabled airplane globally.

2. SkyMiles

The frequent flyer program of Delta is known as SkyMiles. The miles you get don’t expire.  When you join the program you get miles award anytime you board Delta airline or its multiple subsidiary companies that are part of the SkyTeam Alliance.

You can equally earn miles for daily shopping and dining when you make expenses with specific credit cards. If you frequently fly on Delta, you can work your way up Medallion status. SkyMiles feature Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Medallion statuses. While the diamond is the highest status, Silver is the least status. Flyers who attain the diamond status gain the most benefits like upgrades and premium boarding.

3. Delta Sky Club

A SkyClub at Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Delta Sky Club is the branding name Delta gives to its airport lounges. Membership is accessible through the yearly membership which you can buy with your money or pay through miles. International flyers that use Delta One class are immediately part of the SkyClub. You can equally join the SkyClub when you attain the top-level Delta status.

4. SkyBonus

On November 27, 2001, Delta Air Lines established the SkyBonus. This is a bonus or reward program design for small-to-medium businesses that spend from 5,000 USD to 500,000 USD every year on air travel. Businesses can gather points that can win them free travel or upgrade their membership status. The points can equally win for your business Sky Club memberships and SkyMiles Silver Medallion status.

You commonly win points when you pay for your travel depending on the different types of fare amount paid, booking code, and the flight origin or its destination. Although businesses that enroll in the SkyBonus program can win points they can use for free travel, the passenger that is traveling is equally qualified to win SkyMiles for the same travel.

How you can minimize extra charges and travel expenses with Delta airline

Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card

Capital One VentureOne traveling credit card charges no annual fee and when you sign up you get a 20,000-mile welcome bonus which equivalent to 200 USD as soon as you spend 1,000 USD three months after your initial sign-up. When you utilize this traveling credit card for traveling expenses like baggage fees, make use of your miles to pay the whole or part of your travel statement.

Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

The Capital One Venture travel credit card gives you a whopping 50,000 welcome bonus which is equivalent to 500 USD if you make expenses worth 3,000 dollars, three months after your sign up. You’ll earn 10X miles anytime you spend 1USD in any of its thousands of hotel partners.

Delta credit cards

There are equally many Delta credit cards that offer flyers free checked bags. You may want to consider that particularly if you are a frequent flyer of Delta airline.

The specifications of Delta Seat

Delta has twenty-five different types of aircraft with different seat specifications. Some of Deltas airplanes with their Airbus and Boeing fleet are presented in the table below:

Airbus A350
No of Seats Seat area Seat breadth
Delta One 32 seats 76 inches to 81 inches 22 inches to 24 inches
Premium Select 48 seats 38 inches 18.5 inches
Main Cabin 226 seats 31 to 32 inches 18 inches
Airbus A319 (31J)
No of seats Seat area Seat width
First Class 12 seats 36 inches 21 inches
Delta Comfort 18 seats 34 inches 18 inches
Main Cabin 102 seats 30 to 31 inches 18 inches
Boeing 737-900ER (739)
No of Seats Seat area Seat breadth
First Class 20 seats 37 inches 21 inches
Delta Comfort 21 seats 34 inches 13.3 inches
Main Cabin 139 seats 30 to 31 inches 17.3 inches
Bombardier CRJ-900
No of Seats Seat area Seat breadth
First Class 12 seats 37 inches 19.6 inches
Delta Comfort 20 seats 34 inches 17.3 inches
Main Cabin 44 seats 31 inches 17.3 inches

Luggage and extra charges/Add-Ons on Delta airlines

Description: Delta Air Lines Baggage

Delta Luggage Fees

Carry-on Allowance

Whatever cabin you are flying in, you are eligible to take on-board one personal item and one standard carry-on bag for free.

The size of the personal item permitted is not specified on the website of Delta airline. However, the carry-on bag must fall within the 22 inches by 14 inches by 9 inches.

Lap Infant Carry-on Policy

If you are traveling with an infant on your, the infant seat or bassinet would be taken as part of your hand luggage allowance. Your Infants don’t qualify for carry-ons except you purchase seats for them.

Stroller Check Policy

Strollers are not considered part of the regular checked baggage. They are commonly checked in for free at check-in or the gate.

Delta Checked Baggage Allowance:

  • Maximum weight allowed: You would be allowed 23kg (50lb) when you fly Basic Economy, Main, and Delta Comfort and 32 kilograms (70 pounds) when you fly Premium Select and Delta One.
  • Maximum size allowed: Linear dimensions of 157cm (62”)
  • Premium Select and Delta One flyers are allowed to travel with two free checked luggage irrespective of their route.


Route First Baggage Second Baggage Third Baggage 4th+ Baggage
Inside USA 30  USD 40 USD 150 USD 200 USD
Between United States and Canada 30 USD 50 USD 150 USD 200 USD
USA AND Canada to/from Mexico 30 USD 55 USD 180 USD 200 USD
USA and  Canada to/from the US Virgin Islands,
Central America & Caribbean, Guyana, Bermuda
30 USD 40 USD 125 USD to 150 USD 200 USD
US and Canada to/from El Salvador, Ecuador, Panama No charge 40 USD 200 USD
U.S., Canada, Caribbean, Mexico &
Central America to/from South America
(excl. Brazil, Guyana)
No Charge No Charge 200 USD
U.S., Canada, Caribbean, Mexico &
Central America to/from Europe
& Northern Africa
No Charge 100 USD 285 USD
U.S., Canada, Caribbean, Mexico &
Central America to/from Asia
No Charge No Charge 200 USD

Specific routes have specified luggage allowances. These routes are listed on Delta’s baggage policy. A passenger may be able to check-in ten bags depending on his or her routes.

 Delta Extra Fees and Add-Ons

  • Domestic flight alteration Fee: 200 USD
  • International Alteration Fee: 200 to 500 USD
  • Same Day Alteration: 75 USD
  • Reward Flight Alterations: 150 USD (You can make the changes 72 hours before the plane takes off)
  • Cancellation: When canceling a domestic flight, you must transfer your ticket to a different date and you must complete the travel within 12 months period of purchasing the original ticket. For international flights, you must start the journey within 12 months of the first ticket. You may be charged alteration fees.
  • Exclusions/Waivers: Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Medallion members are not charged for same-day alterations.

Basic economy tickets cannot be altered irrespective of your status.

  • Tickets bought from Reservations Department:  the charge is 25 USD in chosen European destinations. Flights originating from other locations are not charged.
  • Seat Selection: No charge apart from those flying with a basic economy class where passengers are not allowed to select a seat.
  • Unaccompanied Minor: 150 USD for a one-way route
  • Lap Infant: 10 percent of the cost of the adult ticket for international flights. However, for flights inside the US and Canada, it is not charged.

Traveling with your pet as carry-on:

  • To and fro U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico: 125 USD for a one-way route
  • To and fro U.S. Virgin Islands or international: 200 USD.
  • To and fro Brazil: 75 USD

Snacks, Drinks and appetizers Onboard

Delta Air Lines food and beverage

Passengers flying more than 250 miles from any flight are given free snacks, soft drinks, and Starbucks coffee. For flights where free meals and refreshments are not provided, you can buy any of the following at the associated costs:

· Sandwiches and platters: 8.99 to 10.99 dollar

  • Snacks: 3.99 dollars and above
  • Beer: 8 dollars and above
  • Wine: 9 dollars and above
  • Spirits: 9 dollars

Delta Customer Satisfaction

Delta Airlines is one of the top US airlines and an award-winning Airline Company that is well honored by customers because of the company’s expertise and timekeeping. Delta has accordingly named the best on-time mainline airline according to Flight Global and September 2018 Air Travel Consumer Report.

Delta also has the best reputation compared to other US airlines concerning the cancellation of flights. When compared to the other ten best US airlines While Delta only has 0.1 percent cancellation of its flights, with the general average lowered a bit to 0.3% with its codeshare partners.

Customers of Delta are happy with the manner Delta personnel handle their tasks during flight delays. While other airlines are not very communicative in moments like this, the crew members of delta airlines are very professionals and thee passengers receive communication and are not left in the dark.

Safety and Performance

As awarded by, Delta Air Lines has a 7/7 safety record. This utilizes information from the World’s Aviation Governing Body, plus government and crashes records. It also takes into consideration whether the airline has an IATA Operational Safety Audit Certification.

Awards and Notable Mentions

Delta is adorned with many awards and notable mentions. The company is held with high reputes in the different aspects of its operation which can range from its services, labeling, lounges, and reward scheme acknowledgment.

Review of SkyMiles, the Frequent flyers program of Delta Air Lines

The frequent flyers program of Delta was established in 1981 and is referred to as SkyMiles. The program is suitable if you fly frequently and lives near Delta’s airline’s centers of Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Seattle, and New York City.

Even though Delta provides one of the premium and most reliable inflight amenities compared to other USA airlines, its SkyMiles program is far more outstanding because Delta constantly launches astonishing alterations and undisclosed devaluations which come as a huge shock to those sign up for the frequent flyers programs.

Delta is the primary airline to launch a revenue-based flyers program in 2015. After it was launched by delta, other airlines did the same in a short while. Delta is also one of the founding members of the number three biggest airline alliance across the globe known as SkyTeam, the world’s third-largest airline alliance.

SkyMiles program details and how it can benefit flyersDescription:

Skymiles elite levels

Four membership tiers come with Delta’s Skymiles program. You can start from the base level and work your way up to higher levels by earning more miles.

The base level is the Silver Medallion; the second tier is the Gold Medallion whereas the 3rd and 4th tiers are Platinum Medallion and Diamond Medallion respectively.

Each level comes with unique benefits as you progress from Silver to Gold and from Platinum and in the end when you acquire the Diamond Medallion status; these benefits are becoming more useful.

Flyers based in the US can gain their status from a mixture of miles they earn from their flights, from their tickets category which can be either the (Medallion Qualifying Miles or MQMs), how many times they fly (Medallion Qualifying Segments or MQSs), and how much they spend with Delta airline and its numerous partners which can be (Medallion Qualifying Dollars or MQDs).

MQD pre-conditions are eliminated if you pay for goods and services worth 25,000 USD ever year on a Delta brand-named American Express card.

Silver Medallion

You will attain the silver medallion status when you have exceeded 25,000 MQMs or 30 Medallion Qualifying Segments MQSs and 3,000 USD MQDs in one calendar year. The silver medallion benefits include any of the following:

  • Receive 7 miles every USD expenses you make
  • You will get free upgrades for Silver member and one friend you travel with on paid flights (not flight merited through award) for roughly 24 hours before the flight takes off if accessible. You will also get one unpaid checked bag for the flyer with the Silver status and roughly 8 travel companions on one single reservation.
  • Gain precedence check-in and boarding
  • You will get Virgin Atlantic precedence check-in, precedence boarding, and on extra checked bag together with a standard check-in bag allowed on the Virgin Atlantic airline.
  • You could equally get Luggage tags to display your status

Gold Medallion Status

You will attain the Gold Medallion status when you have reached 50,000 MQMs or 60 MQSs and 6,000 MQDs in one single year. This comes with every benefit of a flyer that has attained the Silver status together with the following:

  • Obtain 8 miles for every one USD expenses made
  • You will equally get free upgrades for Gold member and one flight companion for roughly seventy-two hours before the flight takes off if accessible.
  • Free upgrades on award tickets
  • Two unpaid checked bags for a member with Gold status and a maximum of 8 traveling companions in one single flight reservation
  • You will equally get free same-day alterations and same-day chance to fly a standby
  • Waiver of an Award booking fee
  • You will get SkyPriority check-in, security, and boarding on Delta and its associate airlines
  • You will equally gain access to airline lounges on international travel.
  • You will equally acquire the Hertz 5-Star status
  • You will gain the Premium Economy Class check-in and fast track security when you fly with Virgin Atlantic flights

Platinum Medallion

You will attain Platinum Medallion status after you gain 75,000 MQMs or 100 MQSs and 9,000 dollars MQDs in one calendar year. The following are the benefits you gain from the platinum status. It commonly includes the benefits of the gold status in addition to the following benefits:

  • An award of 9 miles for every one US dollar expenses you make.
  • Free upgrades for Platinum members and one friend accompanying you on the plane. The offer is available until five days before the flight takes off
  • You will equally get three unpaid checked bags for Platinum members and roughly 8 travel companions on one particular reservation.
  • Award alteration and cancellation fee waivers.
  • Hertz President’s Circle Status
  • You will gain the following benefits if you fly with Virgin Atlantics: Higher Class check-in, Higher Class security, higher Class precedence luggage handling, and chance to use the airport lounge.
  • One yearly gift referred to as Choice Benefit which you can select from including the following:
  • Four regional Certificate upgrade
  • 20,000 SkyMiles bonus
  • Ability to give a buddy or a close family member a Silver Medallion status
  • Two hundred US dollars on Delta travel voucher
  • Two hundred US dollars USD gift card from Tiffany and Co.

Diamond Medallion status

You will attain the Diamond Medallion status when you have acquired 125,000 MQMs or 140 segments and 15,000 MQDs in a single year. The Diamond Medallion status offers you the entire benefits of the Platinum status together with the following:

  • You get 11 miles award for every US dollars you spend
  • Free CLEAR membership comfort as you go through security checks in the airport
  • Three different Benefits that can choose from including the Delta Sky Club Membership options, the Global and regional upgrade certificates and the Gift Gold Medallion status to you, your buddy or a relative.
  • 25,000 bonus miles for yourself, another person or any SkyWish charity you choose.
  • Two hundred USD voucher on Delta travel
  • Two Hundred USD Tiffany and Co. gift card


How you can earn SkyMiles in the air

The SkyMiles program is classified into two: Medallion Qualifying Miles and award redeemable miles. Medallion Qualifying Miles or MQMs is used for the determination of Medallion status. You earn them depending on the distance you travel and the type of your airfare. MQMs reset every calendar year while you grow to gain a new status each year.

The following chart illustrates the amount of Medallion Qualification Miles (MQMs), Medallion Qualification Segments (MQSs) and Medallion Qualification Dollars (MQDs) you must acquire on Delta flights to be eligible for the Medallion status.