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A Guide of the Top Things To Do In Green Bay, WI – Where Should You Go?

A Guide of the Top Things To Do In Green Bay, WI – Where Should You Go?

Green Bay Wisconsin is one of the liveliest football cities in the United States. It is the home-base ground of the NFL football team, Green Bay Packers. It is the US smallest city to host a professional sports team. Little wonder, then, that the core activities in the city are centered around the Green Bay Packers and Lambeau Field.

The Green Bay Packers are popular world’s football team and the Lambeau Field used by the players is highly respected among sports lovers. While the Green Bay Packers game is one of the key things you can do in Green Bay WI, you equally have numerous other things to do while in the city. Green Bay is the third city in Wisconsin state with impressive tourist attractions.

It is a comfortable home of attractive sightseeing events and places worth your attention. The city greets you with the feel of Midwestern warm-heartedness and responsivity to visitors as soon as you arrive. You’ll equally enjoy the city’s locally grown food, wine, and beef, with the prevalent vivacious spirit of the city. This WI city was named after the green streaks that frequently appear during the spring season alongside the bay.

You’ll also find the fresh cheese curds samples alluring and irresistible. Besides, the unique sport’s appeal of the city, there are numerous local and national entertainment events you don’t want to miss while in the city. The city is a home for local wine production with locally sourced grapes.

Besides, there are a lot of art sites that will fascinate many art enthusiasts. You equally have the opportunity to visit the botanical gardens and a zoo and savor the wondrous things of creation by watching these animals in their natural environment.

If that is not good enough, you equally have the best water for fishing which may interest you if you love angling and fishing. Above all, the city’s numerous museums are spectacular for making ancient histories fresh.

Still unsure if the city is a worthy destination for your trip, don’t go away. Follow us as we show you top things to do while in Green Bay WI.

Top 19 Things To Do in Green Bay WI guide

1. Lambeau Field and the Green Bay Packers

Photo credit: Ken Lund

A good tourist attraction you don’t want to miss when you are in the Green Bay Area is a trip to the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame. It is situated at the entry of Lambeau Field and number 1265 Lombardi Avenue, Green Bay, WI.

You can’t afford to miss a visit to the Green Bay Packers base at Lambeau Field while in the City, especially if you’re passionate about NFL football. The stadium was launched in 1957. It is the most extensive always occupied stadium of the NFL league. The stadium was remodeled in 2003. Currently, it is made up of seventy-two thousand seats.

The NFL team was created in 1919. Besides, being able to watch the live play of the third set of NFL football team, a guide can show you around the stadium. Some places you can tour include the Atrium, reserved suites, and the players’ subway.

If you choose to officially play as cheesehead during your stay in the city, you can take a few team gear and put on at the Packers Pro Shop. You’ll find over twenty-one thousand square feet of collections in the shop.

2. Grassy Island Range Lights

Another thing you want to do while visiting Green Bay is the Grassy Island Range Lights. These are two well-kept lighthouses that were the pride of the city in the past. It is located at the entrance of the Green Bay Harbour.

In the past, the lighthouses sounded a note of caution to ships in the waterways of the port. However, these have been retired and transferred to the present location for cataloging as one of the ancient national History of Wisconsin origin.

3. Heritage Hill State Park

A visit to the Heritage Hill State Park is another thing you must include in your to-do list while in Green Bay Wi especially if you’re a lover of history. It is a forty-eight acres’ park established along the eastern side of the bank of the Fox River.

Besides the luxurious parkland, the next center of attraction in this park is the heritage village composed of twenty-five renovated buildings of ancient origin built in the 17th century scattered across the lengths and breadths of the park.

While here, you’ll be welcomed by friendly guides in historical attires. They will take you through a guided tour around the park, so you can watch live shows of printers and blacksmiths works with baking and weaving works. You’ll equally see a fleece trader’s cottage that was built in the 19th century.

There are numerous learning instructional programs you can learn in this museum during the summer months. The outdoor museum is a good way to learn about the primary inhabitants of Green Bay and related communities. The park depicts the history of Northeast Wisconsin between 1672 to 1940.

4. National Railroad Museum

Railway enthusiasts will particularly love a visit to the National Railroad Museum located at number 2285 South Broadway, Green Bay.

The railroad museum was established in1956 and is among the broadest and oldest museums founded to preserve the ironic railroad legacy of the country. The museum keeps a record of huge selections of refurbished rolling stock and engines, photographs, documentation, and a reference library.

One of the main attractions for tourists here is the Eisenhower selection. The centerpiece is the steam engine from British Railways, Dwight D Eisenhower. It was utilized by (Ike) in the course of WWII. When you visit here, try to pay a bit extra to enjoy the twenty-minutes train tour through the site.

The main purpose of the National Railroad Museum is to preserve and uphold the railroad travel antiquity in the US. Thus, the museum has an exciting collection of more than seventy engines and carriages.

You can equally watch stationary displays in the form of photographs and railroad souvenirs. Tourists can also watch educational films. For additional fun-filled experience, you can hop into Thomas the Tank Engine for fun rides around the museum.

Try to include a visit to the National Railroad museum among your list of things to do in Green Bay, particularly if you love locomotive engines. You don’t want to miss that ancient feel.

5. Green Bay Botanical Garden

If you’re an enthusiast of the local flora of Green Bay, you’ll love the collections at the Botanical Garden.

This community-owned botanical garden is popular and covers above 40 acres of luxuriant and plush scenery. It is classified into diverse zones like the seasonal gardens, impenetrable woodland, scented rose gardens, and the New American Perennial Garden.

The stunning parklands of Green Bay Botanical Gardens are made up of different types of exclusive and unusual plants. The garden is constantly filled with blooms which can be tulips during springtime or hydrangeas during the fall season.

It’ll be particularly attractive to young families. Their kids will take delight in this children’s garden, featuring a treehouse, muddle, and slide. There is also an attractive Scandinavian-themed summer house to use as a hideout den in and suck up the ambiance.

There are equally selections of instructional programs fun social events and tours you can benefit from. The flowers and natural zones in the 47 acres garden is a representation of the four different seasons of  North-east WI.

There are also different events in the park all through the year depending on your time of visit These are planned to coincide with special holiday seasons. Examples are the summertime events known as the Concert in the Garden and the Garden of Lights events celebrated during wintertime. The garden sits along with number two thousand six-hundred Larsen Road of the city of Green Bay, WI.

6.Green Bay Packers Lambeau Field Tour

Photo Credit: Pittsburghsportsreport

The local football team of Green bay known as the Green Bay Packers, are popular for their uniqueness because the team is owned by the locals of Green Bay. This is why the inhabitants of the city are lovers of football.

If you have the opportunity to watch football even in Green Bay, you’ll enjoy the flamboyant and thrilling experience. If your visit doesn’t fall within any of this time, you can tour around the stadium and listen to the remarkable history of this exceptional football team.

7. The Walk of Legends and the Packers Heritage Trail

The Walk of Legends is a sidewalk of works of arts with 24 statues that celebrate the legends and chronicle the history of football in Green Bay from 1895 up till now. This site is located in the center of the Lombardi Avenue District of this city.

Starting from the Lambeau Stadium, this entertaining one-mile pathway is made up of 24 statutes made from granite and steel materials. As you walk through the way, you’ll discover more about the Indians from Oneida Tribe. Most of them are founders of semi-professional football in Green Bay.

Another football- connected track you can explore is the Packers Heritage Trail. This is walk-tour of significant landmarks of the city that are connected to the football team. While you tour, pay particular attention to the 22 memorial inscriptions that contain remarkable facts and statistics. The end of the walk-tour is at the Packers Heritage Trail Square with the statues of the founder of the team and former players of the team.

These two walkways are located at the corner of Washington and Cherry Streets of downtown Green Bay, WI.

8. Fox River State Recreational Trail

The Fox River Recreational walkway sits end-to-end the Fox River in north-east WI region of downtown Green Bay. The pathway covers 20 miles along the river and stopped at the Brown County Line. It is a delightful tourist destination for hikers and ramblers who love the local scenery.

If you aim to explore the scenic beauty of Green Bay, you can’t afford to miss this tour as it will provide you to savor the beauty of the city close to the Great Lakes Region.

9. The Automobile Gallery

The automobile gallery is a fun site to include among the list of things to do while in Green Bay whether you’re an enthusiast of automobiles or not. You’ll find the site at 400 S. Adams Street, Green Bay. The automobile gallery is a creatively refurbished famous Cadillac charter that was launched in the nineteen-fifties and shut down in 1997.

The selections of automobiles in the here dates back to almost a century in the history of automobiles. These include a wide array of different models and makes of cars with the constantly altering specific exhibits and company automobiles. sideways

10. NEW Zoo or Northeastern Wisconsin Zoo

The NEW Zoo & Adventure Park is among the most populated tourist attractions in Green Bay, WI. You’ll like this park if you’re the adventurous type. There are different types of activities and challenges you could engage in or explore. The adventure park is bounded by a zoo. You can reach the zoo with a set of punch lines that are one thousand feet in length sideways. Additional activities you can engage in while in the park include the following:

  • A vibrating bridge
  • A spider web-network
  • Rocking logs
  • Rhapsodize circlets

So, besides seeing the animals in the zoo, you’ll equally have a wonderful and exciting experience.

11. Oneida Nation Museum

This museum will be one of your focal interest in Green Bay if you’d love to learn about the history of the primary dwellers of Green Bay and the broader environs of the Fox River. The museum was established in 1979 and has a wide collection of inside and outside displays that’ll certainly interest you. One of these displays is a complete history of the Oneida Nation.

Other examples historic displays here include the Native American tools and memorabilia with flamboyant drawings and paintings.

You will equally see the facsimile of an old-styled Oneida longhouse. If you love souvenirs, you’ll love to visit the gift shop to purchase handicrafts made by the natives including jewelry beads, craftworks, arts and writings about the museum

12. Neville Public Museum

The Neville Public Museum is the biggest museum in Green Bay. So, if you want to learn about the area and get a good experience of the Green Bay, including a visit to the museum as one of the top things to do in Green Bay. The historical displays here include a wide range of areas like science, sculpture, and indigenous history.

One outstanding long-lasting display of the museum is the signature titled “On the Edge of the Inland Sea.” This signature display aims to educate tourists about the history of this part of the US. The area is also referred to as the Great Lakes Region.

The display takes you on a tour through the ancient history starting from the Ice Age to the present-day. Besides, there are other alternative displays on the museum all year round day and there are also rotating exhibits that change throughout the year.

You’ll get over one hundred thousand displays of artworks, historic work, and sciences of the indigenous people of Northeast Wisconsin in the museum. A few tourist attractions here are artifacts of the prehistoric era, a wide collection of library books and publications about the locality.

There are equally over one million static pictures and four million feet video clips, together with public archives and charts. The Museum also frequently displays traveling artifacts and manages a training program.

13. Historic Meyer Theatre

The Meyer Theatre is a place to go if you want to watch a comedy show or a live show. The theatre is located in downtown Green Bay. The theatre has one thousand seats for hosting sightseeing activities and the standard musical comedy show of the homegroup comedy show known as the Let Me Be Frank.

You can watch a live performance in this refurbished 1930s-vaudeville theatre or tour around the interior to admire its splendor, unique light fittings, and a real pipe organ.

14.Weidner Center for the Performing Arts

Photo Credit:

The Weidner Center for art performers is a section of the Wisconsin-Green Bay University. The name of the art center come from Edward Weidner, the founder of the university. The center is popular for illuminating the artistic work of the people of Green Bay.

The center is hosts a lot of musical and theatre art displays and is used by related companies in Green Bay metropolis to entertain more than two thousand spectators. If you are a music or art enthusiasts, including a visit to the center as one of the things to do in Green Bay is a must.

15. Bay Beach Amusement Park

Photo Credit:  Jeremy Thompson The Bay Beach Amusement Park is snuggled close to the bank of the magnificent Fox River. It is a great place to be if you want some fun in Green Bay WI environs.

This 700-acre uncommon sanctuary in Green Bay offers visitors a unique experience not replicated in the rest American cities. It ranks nine among parks with an ancient origin that is constantly functioning in the US.

The section of the amusement park located in the eastern part of the riverbank has many rides and attractions that will fascinate both young and old tourists. Some of these rides are roller coasters, fun rides, and franchises. The majority of rides are cheap and at the rate of 25-cents only.

You’ll love the exciting roller coaster and children rides. There are a lot of walkways you can trail. You can equally go for animal sight-seeing, whichever one you prefer. These allow you to experience the countryside right at the heart of the city.

You will equally get olden day’s exercises such as arcade games. Besides the fun part of the park, you want to also pay a visit to the Zoo. So, include it in your to-do list while in Green Bay. The zoo has excellent collections of different types of animals which include indigenous and foreign animal species.

You’ll equally get to watch a petting zoo. The Bay Beach Amusement Park was built in the last century. Besides all the fun and entertainment, you have a food court to take care of your needs when you’re hungry

16. L.H Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve

Photo Credit: Greenbay

This reserve stretches across more than nine hundred acres of land and is located along the southwest shores of Green Bay. It offers a safe refuge to various bird species in the vicinity.

It serves two purposes. The first is as a wildlife reserve and the second is for educational purposes. The reserve has a training center for learning about local plant and animal lives. This includes studying the history of animal species like the Canadian geese and wild ducks.

Besides studying the native flora and fauna, the various trailing activities will fill you with a lot of fun. The trails are suitable for hiking during summer or snowshoeing and skiing during the winter months.

17. Hazelwood Historic House Museum

The Hazelwood Historic House is a flawlessly unspoiled and refurbished tower that was built back in the early part of the 19th century. Some tourists’ display here include the historical pieces and collectibles. It also contains collectibles that depict the history of the Brown County Society.

The museum is a perfect resemblance of Greek Restoration architecture. This house is made up of ten rooms with decorations that were common in Green Bay between the 1840s to the 1890s. You will also get a lot of different exciting tour packages like official teas. The museum sits along with number 1008 South Monroe Avenue, Green Bay.

18. Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary 

The Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary spans across 700 acres of Bay Beach. It is a good tourist site to visit if you are a lover of nature. One of the great activities in this sanctuary is bird watching. The sanctuary harbors more than two hundred and fifty species of birds.

The Wildlife Sanctuary center equally has an education center for nature which covers three floors and comes with a collection of interactive displays that teaches tourists about conservation in the locality. Besides bird viewing, you can equally watch other animals like wolves, winged squirrels, and bobcats. The Bay Beach sanctuary is located end-to-end the Bay Beach Amusement Park.

It is the biggest park in Green Bay and the number two most extensive wildlife restoration centers in Wisconsin State. Other things that will attract tourists here include the observation complex, hiking trails, and more.

19. Titletown

Photo Credit: Green Bay Convention & Visitors Bureau

If you’d love social scenes, try to include a visit to the Titletown among your list of things to do in Green Bay. Titletown is a 45-acre complex made up of cafeterias, entertaining centers, trade malls, and business centers. It is situated on the western part of Lambeau Field.

An outstanding feature of this complex is the extensive public park for football games and open-air fitness events. The park runs a skating rink and tubing hill events for the generality of the public during the winter season.

Titletown is a multipurpose establishment for experiencing the local community flavor or socializing with the natives.


Can I bring a blanket into the stadium during an NFL game?

The recent NFL rule bans all bags, purses, or backpacks that have a dimension bigger than 4.5 inches by 6.5 inches in all stadiums of professional footballers.
You’re allowed to come to the stadium with your items in your pockets, in a clasp about the size of your hand, or a see-through plastic bag.

Are binoculars allowed during an NFL game?

The NFL’s recent security upgrade only allows spectators to come in with transparent bags and a small clutch bag. The new rule also allows you to bring in Cameras, binoculars, and smartphones.

What is the cost of tickets for adults and children at Bay Beach?

The cost of each of the tickets is 25 cents. You’d normally require between one to four tickets to go on a ride. There is no parking charge or general entry fee.

What is the right number of Bay Beach tickets to have?

It is not a one fit all question to answer. The number of tickets you’ll need depends on a lot of factors including how busy the park is on that day, the age of your family members, how many people you’re talking to the park and your length of stay.
It’s better to start small. You can buy tickets worth 5 dollars for each person. Remember that the money you pay for tickets is non-refundable but you can use it even after a year as the tickets don’t have an expiry date.

I lost my property on a ride. What do I do?

You can visit the beach’s bay’s primary ticket window and leave your name, phone number, and location in the park where you lost the item. You’ll also describe the lost item.
You’ll be contacted if the lost item is found. Remember that the park is not responsible for any item you lose while in the environment.

What is the right attire to wear on rides?

The recommended attire for all rides is shirts, shoes, and pants for all riders. However, infants you’re holding on Merry-go-Rounds and trains do not require shoes.

Are pets allowed in the Bay Beach?

Bay Beach Park is the city’s property. Currently, pet dogs are not allowed inside the park. The only dog that is permitted entry currently is service dogs.
No section of the park is dog-friendly at the moment. The rule may change in the future but until then save yourself unnecessary hassles by leaving your dog behind when you visit the Bay Beach.

Things to do in Green Bay:  Hotels and lodgings

Besides visiting tourist attractions in Green Bay, you want to check out near-by Hotels to make it convenient for you to visit the attraction centers and Lambeau Field.

The rates of these hotels vary depending on what level of comfort you want and the time of the visit. However, there are suitable accommodations for every budget. Some of the good hotels you can check out include:

Lodge Kohler:

Lodge Kohler is a luxurious lodge located just behind the Lambeau Field. The perks here include modern-day decorations, swimming pools, sports leitmotif, and all-inclusive service spa.

Hyatt Regency Green Bay:

Hyatt Regency is a middle-class hotel with a large hall, steam room, and interior swimming pool.

Hampton Inn Green Bay Downtown

The hotel offers cheap rates, gives you a great view of the river, comfortable beds, and free breakfast.

Super 8 Hotel

This is located close to the Wyndham Green Bay and adjacent to the Stadium. It’s a budget-friendly hotel with clean rooms and a fitness center. You get complimentary breakfast and free parking.


Green Bay offers to you a blend of the ancient and modern life experience, no matter the experience you’re looking to gain from stimulating events to delightful bistros, exceptional boutiques to engaging attractions.

With our to-do list, you already have a lot of things to entertain and engage you while in Green Bay. If you need an additional guide, do not hesitate to leave is a note. We will be happy to help.

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