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Delta One vs First Class – Is Delta One First Class?

Delta One vs First Class – Is Delta One First Class?
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If you’ve ever searched for a flight through Delta, you may have noticed that there are various fare options. Well, in this guide, I’ll break down the differences between Delta’s first-class and Delta One. The two share a lot of similarities but also contrast in many ways.

My job here is to give you insight into how the two differ and help you choose the better option. Check out the content below to get the scoop on Delta One and Delta first class.

Delta One First Class Clarification – Bottom Line Up Front

The truth is, I’ve flown luxury on many airlines, and Delta One can definitely compete with the best of them. Delta One passengers are so well taken care of, and this fare option completely takes things up a notch.

Main Differences Between Delta One and Delta First Class

The main differences between Delta One and Delta First Class are:

  • Delta One offers Sky Club Access, whereas Delta First Class does not.
  • Delta One provides an extensive in-flight care package, whereas Delta First Class does not.
  • Delta One serves chef meals, whereas Delta First Class does not.
  • Delta One is not available on short flights, whereas Delta First Class is available.

Key Features of Delta One

Delta One

Delta One has quite a few incredible amenities to offer. It’s dedicated to Delta’s long flights, so the perks provided to passengers are a bit more extravagant than standard first class. Delta One suites are available on certain long-haul international flights and a few long-haul domestic flights. 

Below are some of its primary features:

Airport Perks

One of the coolest aspects of being a Delta One passenger is the ability to relax at a Delta airport lounge. There, travelers can enjoy food, drinks, TV, and Wi-Fi.

Some lounges in certain cities even offer showers. The good thing about this is that Delta One customers can indulge in the same amenities as first-class travelers on domestic flights.

In-Flight Amenities

One thing is for sure, Delta One passengers are treated great. As travelers on the aircraft, they are given noise-canceling headphones, hand sanitizer, socks, a dental kit, hand sanitizer, and lip balm.

They are even offered drinks before takeoff. The beverage choices are usually juice, sparkling wine, water, or beer.

Not to mention, the seating for Delta One flights is incredible. The seats provide so much space, and they’re stylish. All seating areas are equipped with USB outlets and remote controls.

In-Flight Entertainment

Delta One customers also have a variety of entertainment options to choose from. There is a high-resolution touch screen television monitor that customers can use to watch television.

Passengers have access to numerous movies, TV shows, songs, and podcasts. Delta One customers are given access to Wi-Fi as well as free messaging through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and iMessage.

Food and Drinks

As far as refreshments are concerned, passengers on Delta One flights have different food options to choose from. Multi-course meals are available with drink refills.

In most cases, customers have the choice of poultry, beef, seafood, or pasta. Dessert is included and a variety of ice cream, fruit, and other sweets are provided to passengers. 

There are specialty menus that can be pre-ordered 72 hours before departure. Travelers who are diabetic, vegan, or prefer kosher meals, can request those types of meals at least 24 hours before the flight takes off.


  • Sky Club Access
  • Pre-Flight Beverages
  • Chef-Inspired Meals


  • Not available on short flights

Key Features of Delta First Class

Delta First Class

Delta first-class isn’t so shabby. Overall, it offers similar amenities to Delta One, but it’s not as extravagant. Travelers on Delta first-class routes can travel on short, domestic flights, not just long-haul flights. Here are some of its main features:

Airport Perks

First-class travelers with Delta can indulge in the same airport perks as Delta One passengers. They receive priority boarding, two free check bags, an expedited security check-in with Sky Priority.

Unfortunately, first-class customers are unable to take advantage of Sky Club access.

In-Flight Amenities

When first-class passengers arrive on the aircraft, they are given earplugs, and a pillow and blanket. While in-flight, travelers have access to additional legroom and comfortable seating. The seats are equipped with charging outlets for electronics.

In-Flight Entertainment

During the flight, passengers have access to seat screens that consist of numerous movies, TV shows, and more. Plus, customers can connect to in-flight Wi-Fi.

Food and Drinks

For short flights under 900 miles, a full list of beverages are offered. Passengers are given options such as Coke, Minute Maid juice, Starbucks coffee, as well as soft drinks and spirits.

For flights under 350 miles, travelers are provided snacks that generally consist of Cheez-its, Biscoff cookies, and almonds.

For flights more than 900 miles, first-class passengers are served an individual flight fuel box. It contains different meal options that are selected by the airline. However, customers can preselect a meal 72 hours prior to departure.


  • Two free checked bags
  • Sky Priority
  • Comfortable Seating


  • No lounge Access
  • Full meals only served on longer flights
  • No pre-flight beverage

Other Alternatives to Consider

If you think that Delta One and Delta first-class are your only luxury flight options, think again. There are some alternatives that I believe you’d like in addition to these. Check them out below:

Delta Premium Select

Delta Premium Select

So, Delta Premium Select is the middleman between first-class and Delta One. It’s available on select international flights and provides passengers with an incredible experience. When you travel with this fare, you’ll be able to stretch out and relax with additional legroom, a wider seat, and an extra recline. 

Premium Select customers have access to Skype Priority and priority boarding. When you arrive on the flight, you’re given a TUMI amenity kit that includes eye shades, facial mist, lip balm, and more. While in the air, you’ll have access to tons of entertainment on a television screen that’s larger than coach.

On this flight, you’ll enjoy complimentary wine, coffee, beer, tea, and more. Plus, you’re fed regional meals that are inspired by Delta global destinations.

United First

United First

United first class is available on all flights throughout the United States and Canada. While at the airport, you will have access to priority boarding, and premier access check-in counters and security lanes.

You can check up to two bags free at no charge. While in the air, you’ll enjoy spacious seating that comes covered with two-tone leather.

The headrest is adjustable, and the seats offer a nice recline. There’s also a universal AC power plug available for devices. 

The United Private Screening entertainment offers seatback on-demand and personal device entertainment services on the aircraft. It includes access to tons of movies and TV shows.

You’ll even be able to watch DirecTV and listen to music. As a United first passenger, you’ll dine on chef-inspired meals for a long flight and refreshments for shorter flights.  Beverages such as beer, coffee, soft drinks, tea, and spirits are also available.

American Airlines Flagship First International

American Airlines Flagship First International

This fare option truly provides a first-class experience. It’s available for international flights between the US, Australia, Asia, South America, and Europe.

Passengers are offered expedited security check-in, as well as priority boarding. You can relax in a lounge before your flight and jump-start your relaxation. 

While on the flight, you’ll have access to Wi-Fi and power outlets, as well as an array of movies, games, TV shows, and music. You’ll dine on a multi-course meal and wine.

The lie-flat seats are suitable for long flights when you need to catch some Z’s before arriving to your destination. You’re even giving a Casper sleep set to make things a bit more comfortable.


So, there’s a lot to unpack when it comes to figuring out these two Delta fare options. Hopefully, some of the frequently asked questions about these two will help you out a bit:

Question: Is it Worth it to Buy a First-Class Ticket for Shorter Flights?

Answer: Of course, it is! Even though it doesn’t have as many perks as Delta One, that’s okay. On a short flight, your main priority is probably comfort, and the seats in first class definitely provide that. Not only that, but you get two free checked bags. That’s perfect for when you’re flying to another city and need the extra luggage.

Plus, it can come in handy during peak travel seasons because you’ll have access to Sky Priority and get through security a little faster. So, even though it’s a short flight, the amenities that are offered with first-class are worth it.

Question: Are Delta One and First-Class the Same Thing?

Answer: Essentially, both fare options are considered business class fare. However, it’s just that Delta One caters to passengers on long-haul flights. That’s why it includes better meals, an extensive care package, and more. Both are considered top-tier options, but because of the purpose of Delta One, it offers a bit more.

Question: Is it Possible to Get Lounge Access With a First-Class Ticket?

Answer: In most cases, lounge access is only available for a first or business class ticket on a same-day international Sky Team flight. However, if you have a certain credit card through Delta, you’ll be able to take advantage of the lounges.


Overall, you can’t really go wrong with either of these two options. Of course, Delta One provides a much better experience. But unfortunately, it’s not available on short flights. In that case, your alternative option is to fly first class. But I say, anytime you can take advantage of the perks that come with Delta One, definitely do so!

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