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The Best Time to Travel to Aruba [Visit Aruba Guide]

The Best Time to Travel to Aruba [Visit Aruba Guide]

The best time to visit Aruba is generally from mid-April to early August if you are looking for a deal, and from January to March if you are looking for mild warm weather (just expect higher prices for everything). 

In reality, the best time depends on the personal circumstances of the tourist. It also depends on other factors like climate considerations, time and month of visit, the kind of experience you’re looking to get, and more.

We discussed these factors widely in this article to give you some good ideas of when to plan your visit to Aruba Island.

Aruba is a small Dutch Caribbean island located only eighteen miles away from Venezuela’s coast.  The Island is a popular world destination for tourists because of its unique climate of year-round’ recurrent sunlight.

This small Caribbean country is also known for its unique blend of cultures, languages, and people.

If you’re looking to undertake culinary tourism, you’ll enjoy your stay in Aruba. The country has an impressive choice of cuisines you’ll surely savor. Tourists who are food enthusiasts leave Aruba with memorable eating and drinking experiences.

The Best Time to Travel to Aruba

The southern part of Aruba is bordered by a perfect structure of white sand beaches with palm fringes. The northern part of the country will enthrall you with its histrionic landscapes.

The eastern part of the country has numerous tourist attractions including wildlife, hiking trails, and ruins of Arikok National Park. The extensive area running from the central part of the Island country to the western part is covered with wild scenery.

Aruba Overview

Aruba is the biggest among the three Dutch regions in the Caribbean referred to as the ABC Islands. It is equally the most frequented tourist destination in the area. Despite the location of Aruba far away from the Hurricane belt, the Island, occasionally experiences little effects of the adjoining tropics. 

You may experience showers of rain from October to January. Nevertheless, this normally lasts for a short while allowing you enough time to enjoy sunny weather during the day. 

Queen Beatrix Airport (AUA), or Oranjestad Airport, is situated beside the west coast, halfway between the Noord and Santa Cruz regions.

The Southern part of Aruba is mostly made up of the Arikok National Park. It is one of the best tourist attractions on the Island besides the beaches. This is one of the reasons why visiting the area is good for family vacations especially if you’re flying from the United States to Aruba. Besides, the park is just roughly a 15-minute drive away from Oranjestad Airport.

US tourists that want to visit Aruba would love to stay in the Santa Cruz district. Its central location on the Island makes it easy for tourists to travel to the east, west, north, and southern part of Aruba. Sancta Cruz district is located only a 20m drive from the airport which is very convenient. 

The western coast of Aruba from California Lighthouse located in the north to Colorado Point in southern Aruba is scattered with coral reefs. This location is great for tourists interested in snorkeling. Thus, Aruba makes a great nearby island getaway from the US.

The east coast of Aruba features a lot of fantastic views of the Caribbean Sea which includes the Natural Pool, Quadirikiri, and the Colorado Point Lighthouse. Therefore, as soon as you’re settled in after flying to Oranjestad Airport, a visit to the east coast can help you create some fantastic memories. 

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Aruba’s location

Aruba is one of the Lesser Antilles islands in the South Caribbean Sea located beneath the hurricane belt. The island is miles away from Venezuela’s coast. When the weather is clear, you can easily see Venezuela from the south-eastern part of the island.

The Lesser Antilles include many islands that extend as curvature and run from Puerto Rico to South American north-east coast. Other Lesser Antilles Islands include Curacao, Bonaire, and the Virgin Islands. It also includes Saint Martin, Trinidad and Tobago, Guadeloupe, and many more.

All the islands of the North Venezuelan coast are referred to as the Leeward Antilles. This includes Aruba, Curacao, and Bonaire with some Venezuela Islands like the Margarita Island.

Every week, Aruba welcomes many cruise ships and receives more than one hundred and fifty airplanes. These tourists come from various locations including from many US cities, Canada, and other South American countries. There are also tourists from other countries in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and tourists from other Caribbean islands.

Aruba tourists enjoy Non-stop flight times. It takes roughly half an hour to fly to Aruba from Curacao and one and a quarter-hour to fly to Aruba from Caracas. Indians from Miami takes roughly 3 hours to arrive in Aruba by flight and tourist from Atlanta arrive in Aruba after 4 and a quarter hour of air travel.  From New York, the air travel time is four-and-a-half-hour. Those flying from Amsterdam takes roughly ten-and-a-half hours to arrive in Aruba.

Best Time to Visit Aruba: Climate considerations

The Best Time to Travel to Aruba

Aruba is located twenty degrees thirty minutes towards the northern part of the equator. The country experiences mild tropical weather due to its location in the southern route of the general hurricane paths.

However, Aruba occasionally experiences border effects of nearby tropical climate which also affects the two other ABC Islands, Bonaire, and Curacao Islands when the tropical system forms. The trade winds offer a cooling effect on the island. This makes it a lot more bearable while lying on the sunbathed beaches. However, you need to take care to fully protect yourself as it can be misleading.

The effect of the sun is commonly strong, especially from eleven o’clock in the morning to thirty minutes past two in the afternoon. So, ensure you equip your skin to fight back with high-SPF sunscreens. This is even more important if you have lighter skin.

MonthThe Highest Day time maximum temperatureThe lowest Night time temperatureMean water temperatureMean rainfallMean amount of sun hours
January30°Celcius24°Celcius26°Celcius21mm10 hours
February30°Celcius24°Celcius26°Celcius15mm9 hours
March31°Celcius25°Celcius26°Celcius10mm9 hours
April31°Celcius25°Celcius26°Celcius18mm8 hours
May32°Celcius26°Celcius27°Celcius36mm8 hours
June32°Celcius26°Celcius27°Celcius23mm8 hours
July32°Celcius26°Celcius27°Celcius31mm9 hours
August32°Celcius26°Celcius28°Celcius31mm9 hours
September32°Celcius26°Celcius28°Celcius44mm8 hours
October32°Celcius26°Celcius29°Celcius66mm8 hours
November31°Celcius25°Celcius28°Celcius74mm8 hours
December30°Celcius24°Celcius27°Celcius48mm8 hours

Best time to visit Aruba: Temperature considerations

Aruba is blessed with an all-year-round warm climate and partly the same temperature of 82 degrees Fahrenheit or twenty-eight degrees centigrade. So, as far as the climate and weather condition is consigned, there is no better time to visit.

The temperate is virtually the same every month of the year. The best time to visit would, therefore, vary depending on your circumstances and the type of tourist experience you are looking the get.

The hottest month is generally July or August, but it’s generally the same for 6 months from Spring to mid-Fall. 

Most hotels in Aruba provide information about the temperature in Fahrenheit and because the electrical current in Aruba is equivalent to the US and is represented as 110V/60Hz, many air conditioners in Aruba are produced for the US market and thus besides representing the degrees in centigrade, they as well represent them in Fahrenheit. Below is a conversion table from degrees Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit:

Degrees Celsius2226303238
Degrees Fahrenheit70808690100

Best Time To Visit Aruba To Give Kids Summer Fun 

Aruba is a popular tourist destination for families looking to have a cheaper family vacation. While the rest of the Caribbean suffers from hurricanes and tropical storms, Aruba features sunny beach days. Rain showers on the Island are less than 20 inches per annum, with the “rainy season” in the Fall/Winter months. 

Besides, the sunshine, the regular cool breeze from the trade winds, and a lot of kid-friendly events on the Island make it a great summer destination for families with kids. Also, the summer is among the off-season in Aruba so the cost of accommodation is low during this period.

You can get a great travel discount between June and August. During these months, you can get accommodation for 20 to 50 percent less than the regular hotel rates. 

One significant educative events for kids during the summer visit is a visit to the island’s Butterfly Farm. On the farm, kids can watch a caterpillar’s metamorphosis into a butterfly. They can equally visit the Aruba Donkey Sanctuary made up 90 donkeys. Kids that arrive early may have the opportunity to help to feed the donkeys.

Best Time To Visit Aruba For Music lovers

If you’re a music fan, the best time to visit Aruba is during the celebration of the Memorial Day weekend festival.

The event was established for the first time in 2000 to bring top music performers like Mary J. Blige, Toni Braxton, Joe Thomas the Gap Band, Boyz II Men, Lauryn Hill, Nina Sky, Anthony Hamilton, Alicia Keys, and Brian McKnight together for a five-day music concert.

The festival equally features comedy shows and late-night parties organized on beaches, at hotels, and in Aruba’s nightclubs. 

The Music festival events begin early and the parties continue late into the night. If you’d love to join the celebration by walking out of your hotel,  the best place to get a room is in downtown Aruba or at one of the hotels on Palm or Eagle beach.

Best Time To Visit Aruba For Partying

The Best Time to Travel to Aruba

If your visiting Aruba for partying and is not limited by budget, the best time to visit the Island is between January and February. This is when Aruba organizes a six-week Carnival.

The festival features parades of kids in costumes, torch-light parades, a Grand Parade and a lot of music and dancing. The cost of accommodation is usually high within these periods. Also, endeavor to book ahead of the time.

Best time to visit Aruba: The two seasons

Aruba has two seasons. These are the High Season and the Low season. The high season commonly runs from the middle of December to the middle of April every year which normally coincides with cold seasons in many temperate climates. The low season falls between the middle of April to the middle of December every year.

The high Season in Aruba is commonly crowded as many tourists try to go on vacation during winter to get away from the cold to enjoy Aruba’s warmth and sunshine.

The accommodation cost is usually high during the High Season. If you are on a budget, you may want to plan your vacation around the low season as accommodation costs in Aruba tend to be cheaper during this time.

Best time to visit Aruba: Average tourist volumes

The busiest time to visit Aruba is from the middle of September to the middle of April. You still have a lot to enjoy if you choose to visit within this period. Many tourists love to take delight in the protected beaches located both on Aruba west and south coasts.

If you visit at this time and want to stay away from crowds, you can choose to stay on the rocky eastern and northern coasts or inland. If you want to have a good feel of a standard sand beach, Eagle Beach, which is located close to the more crowded northwestern coast, is not as busy and crowded as the adjoining beaches. Another great option for staying away from too much crowd is the Manchebo Beach located Eagles’ south.

Also, to visit during the High season, you need to make prior accommodation reservation. If you want to enjoy all the vibes and vivacity that the Island country has to offer, the best time to visit would be the High season. On the other hand, if you’d prefer a quieter holiday time and a less crowded season, then, the best time to visit would be during the Low Season.

When the effect of trade wind recedes, the weather condition changes and the temperature becomes a bit higher. If you’re okay with this temperature, the best time to visit would be during this time as it is off-season. Aruba is less crowded during this period. You will also a special travel offer during this time of the year.

Best time to visit Aruba: Trade winds and Rainfall effects

Another significant point to mention here is that Aruba is not situated close to the hurricane belt. The Caribbean hurricane season commonly falls between June and November. It is a bit far from the trade winds.

However, Aruba may occasionally experience little effects of the adjoining tropical regions. So, don’t be surprised to witness occasional rain showers which commonly occurs between October and January.

Graphical representation of the Average monthly temperature and rainfall in Aruba

Photo credit: USnews

Rainfall considerations

The average yearly rainfall in Aruba is roughly eighteen inches per annum.  The rain tends to last only for a little while. The months with the largest amounts of rainfall are October, November, December, and January.

However, these are just intermittent short bursts. which occur intermittently. The rain is commonly followed by plenty of sunshine which keeps you warm for the rest of the day.

Rainfall in mm482015161719212035629880

Best time to visit Aruba: National events considerations

Another factor that may determine your best time to visit Aruba is the numerous events the country hosts. You may want to treat yourself to a thrilling vacation experience by planning your travel around any of these events. Aruba hosts a lot of musical events during the year. The best time to visit Aruba to witness these events is during Carnival Season.

Aruba Carnival

Aruba Carnival

Aruba Carnival takes off every year from January to March. The Carnival event is packed with several weeks of festive activities, celebrations, large parades, and competitions with plenty of music and dancing.

While Aruba hosts several events throughout the year. Some of them fall within their national holidays and traditional celebrations. Some of the events are international competitions and tournaments, sailing regattas, and different types of sporting activities. There are also many festivals including yearly film, music, and art festivals. There are also food festivals and a few more cultural events held every week.

Aruba Carnival is one of the most popular events in the Island country. It features weeks of events with different types of vibrant floats, heart-warming music, and parades. The carnival event features various age groups of costumed participants luxuriously dressed.

There are also Carnival Queen and king elections and musical events like the popular Tumba Festival during this period. The Calypso and Road march context also occurs during the Aruba carnival.

Carnival Monday

Carnival Monday event occurs on the 24th of February or the weekend following the grand Carnival parades. It must fall before the Monday in the week of Ash Wednesday. This is a day of rest where the locals are offered the opportunity to rest and recuperate after the parades and activities that occurred in the last two months.

Other carnival events include the exciting jump-ups and torchlight parades across the Aruba streets at night. There are also a Children’s Parades and the Grand Parade which is the highest highlight of the carnival events. The grand parade brings the Carnival event to a close.

Tips for visiting Aruba during the carnival event

Tourists can witness the Carnival events by the roadside. However, this depends on which parade you want to watch. There is a starting point and endpoint for all the parades, you will find the details in the Aruba carnival road.

Note that during the Carnival events, the streets that are used for the parade and a few other roads are shut.

The ideal way to move around when the carnival starts is by taxi or bus. Nevertheless, you may need to do some walking because the parade streets are closed because of the traffic. Also, the bus route tends to change during this time due to the few roads that are closed.

If your visit falls when the Carnival has already started, you may take a longer time than usual to get to your hotel due to the traffic.

So, consider arranging for transportation in advance. Some companies offer airport transport services. If you’re concerned and want to avoid traffic, you may want to use their services.

Things to bear in mind if you want to watch the carnival parades:

  • If you watch from a spot far from the beginning of the parade road, it may take you a while to spot the first trailer with participants
  • Take your mobile phone, so you can ring a cab driver or other vehicle transport services if you need one.
  • Ensure your footwear is comfortable
  • A face cap, sunshades, and sunscreen are handy  for protecting yourself from the effects of the sun during the day when it gets hot
  • Earplugs are good ideas to make your ears a bit comfortable from the loud music.
  • Ensure you have enough liquid to keep adequately hydrated. Also, take your snacks.
  • Don’t forget to take a camera

The most attended festival parades include:

  • Grand children’s parade,
  • San Nicolas Lighting Parade or Parade di Luz
  • Aruba Tivoli Lighting Parade,
  • San Nicolas
  • Grand Carnival Parade
  • The 59th Grand Carnival Parade Oranjestad.

Additional events of Aruba

Meet San Nicolas

Meet san Nicolas is a monthly cultural event in Aruba. The 2019 session (last before the pandemic) started from the 6th of June to the 5th of December. It is an all-night cultural event where the locals showcase their culture and arts while having fun at the Sunrise city of Aruba.

San Nicolas features two recurring events that may interest tourists. The first one holds at the beginning of the month and referred to as Meet San Nicolas The second one holds towards the end of the month and is known by the term, the Island Fest.

A show of Aruba’s culture at San Nicolas

Aruba Art Fair

Aruba art fair tends to showcase the rich culture of the Island country to attract tourist and boost the national economy. Arts enthusiasts may love the endless display of exclusive artwork provided by the locals while savoring delicious meals to satisfy their tummy. Tourists also feat their ears and eyes with a street music concert which is a part of the art fair.

Other Major Festivals and Events in Aruba and their months:

Grand Final Tumba Contest

The Grand Final Tumba contest occurs in January when the local artists compete to win Tumba King or Queen crown while playing their African-Caribbean music style depending on the tambour rhythm.

Aruba Carnival Event

Aruba Carnival Celebration is a lively event of the Island that last for an entire month.  It features street parties and parades with a show of spectacular costumes and music displays.


Tivoli Lighting Parade

The lighting parade features thousands of small lights on costumes and hanging wears that illuminate the Island accompanied by live bands music.


Grand Carnival Parade

A carnival is a month-long event. The largest carnival parade of the Island Country falls on the Sunday before the Ash Wednesday, and the celebrations last the whole day and extend well into the night.

Aruba International Half Marathon

This international marathon race event features runners who run across the Island experiencing the scenic beauty of the island along the way.


International Aruba Piano Festival

International Aruba Piano Festival

This international Aruba piano festival has attracted popular world-class stars and musicians. These include violin player, Alissa Margulis,  piano player, Lucille Chung, and flute player, Nicaulis Alley who performed music composed by musicians like Chopin and Schubert.


Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival

This is a five-days music festival featuring different types of music that inspires the soul. soul music. Popular music artists who have performed at the event are Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean, Chaka Khan, and Boyz II Men.


Aruba International Film Festival

The Aruba international film festival is an eight-day festival. It was launched in 2010. The festival is widely honored by film actors, producers, and film-makers.

Dera Gai

This is Aruba’s harvest festival. The highlights of the event include the red-and-yellow rooster image representation followed by celebrations accompanied by traditional music and dances.


Aruba International Triathlon

This is international swimming, cycling and running competition where competitors come from different parts of the globe for a 1½ km swimming competition, a 40 km cycling competition and a 10 km running competition.

Aruba High-Winds

Aruba High-winds events feature the Caribbean’s biggest amateur windsurfing event. The players leverage on the trade winds in the country to have some exciting windsurfing competition. The event also features kite-boarding contests.


Aruba Rembrandt Regatta

Aruba Rembrandt Regatta

This is a two-day’s Aruba’s open sailing event featuring catamarans, sunfish, yachts, windsurfers, and kite-surfers who compete on the water.

This goes with music and parties that entertain the spectators who can dance to their heart’s content.

Aruba International Pro-Am Golf Tournament

This golf tournament may interest you if you’re a gulf enthusiast. It a game made up of a team of 5 players consisting of one professional player and four amateur players who compete at the yearly 36-hole tournament.

Bright Summer Sessions

On the 4th of August, 2019, the Pelican Pier Aruba hosts bright Summer sessions to help interested locals and tourists cool off with Freshly brewed Amstel Bright.


Jazz Festival

The Jazz festival falls within October. Tourist can feast their souls away with soothing jazz rhythms while they watch the performance of local and international artists during this outdoor event.


Aruba Heineken Catamaran Regatta

This is a catamaran race which occurs outside the beautiful coast of Palm Beach. This is accompanied by food and beach dancing.

Languages of Aruba:

The local language of Aruba is the Papiamento language. However, the commonly utilized language is Dutch. Many natives can as well speak English and Spanish.

Another significant point to note is that shops and restaurants are not opened any day that is a national holiday in Aruba.

Visiting Aruba during public holidays: What to expect

If you’re planning to visit Aruba during the holidays, keep the following in mind. The shops in Aruba don’t normally open during the holidays. And when the shops open, they normally close early.

The following are Official National Holidays of Aruba:

The following are Official National Holidays of Aruba:

National HolidaysDate
New Year’s Day1st of January
Betico Croes Day25th of March
Carnival Monday4th of March
National Anthem & Flag Day18th of March
Good Friday19th of April
Easter Monday22nd of April
King’s Day27th of April
Labor Day1ST of May
Ascension DayThe 30th of May
Christmas Day25th of December
Boxing Day26th of December

Depending on your purpose of visit and the value you are looking to get, your best time to visit Aruba may be between April and August.

These months are generally cheaper and less crowded. Also, these months experience fewer fringe effects from the adjoining tropics due to their location outside the hurricane belt. The effects of the trade winds are minimized at this time.

Aruba enjoys pleasant weather from January to March. The drawback for traveling this time is the high costs of the rooms. However, if you plan your visit during the early fall, you may be entitled to a discount.
Remember, though, that Aruba is a hurricane-prone Island. The effect can be experienced any month of the year although tot to the same degree. Tourists who are windsurfers will love the experience.

Major Holiday highlights for the different months of the year:

January to March:

aruba's Major Holiday highlights for the different months of the year

Aruba is expensive from January to march. Tourists could find the cost on a night stay in a few of the classiest hotels situated along the Palm and Eagle Beach soaring up to 900 dollars.

This should not discourage you if you’d love to experience the lovely weather of Aruba within this period. You may be able to get a more realistic price if you begin your search early.

You can start as early as a year ahead of your intended travel date. This period enjoys steady temperatures. The high-temperature averages 80s while the low temperatures this time average 70s. Also, this period comes with a small amount of rainfall. Major events in Aruba within this time include:

  • The Carnival: The carnival event extends from January to February.
  • The Betico Croes Day. This falls on January 25th, every year.

The months of April to August are regarded as off-season in Aruba. These months experience fewer tourist visitors and are not crowded. If you are looking to get a good travel deal to Aruba, planning your trip around this time may be a good idea. The costs of rooms tend to be cheaper during this time.

Besides, due to Aruba’s location in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea, it is not within the hurricane belt. These months are warmer than the previous three months. The average temperatures this time are high and could be roughly 90s during the summer peak season. However, the desert climate of Aruba and the recurring high winds effects make the heat more tolerable.

The major events highlights during this period include:

September to December

If you want to plan your visit to Aruba anywhere around this time, try to book early. And remember to do that in the months before the arrival of tourists who visit Aruba during winter.

In September, Aruba starts to experience fewer effects of the trade winds. However, the rain is at its highest during this time of the year. Although it doesn’t rain all the time. The greater part of the month is normally rainfall-free.

The main event highlight of this month is the:

What is the best day to fly to Aruba?

best day to fly to Aruba

Most tourists in Aruba are holders of timeshares and a lot of timeshares structure their check-ins and check-outs during weekends. The result of this is the overcrowding of airports with tourists.

So, Aruba airports are normally very busy from Fridays to Sundays. If you want to avoid long queues, you can either skip the weekends entirely or ensure you’re in the airport at best three hours before your departure.

The best wears for Aruba’s climate

The mild effects of tropical climate in Aruba mean the best comfortable clothes to wear while in Aruba is casual summer wear. You can also pack light evening wear for going to the diners, casinos, and clubs. If you are a man, you can also include a light jacket in your pack. Shorts and slacks are suitable for use on Oranjestad streets.

You can include Bikinis in your pack but they are not allowed in shopping or business locations. Reserve them for your visit to swimming pools and beaches.  Also, include casual silk or linen gowns for evening wear. You don’t have any special need for elegant evening wear. Remember to include a light sweater for cooler evenings.

Aruba tourist attractions

Aruba is an interesting tourist destination haven found in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea.  It will surprise you to know that the country is just a small island with a length of roughly 20 miles. Despite this, it has a lot to offer to tourists.

The immaculate beaches and continuous sunshine make Aruba a popular world tourist destination for families and newly-wedded couples who want a honeymoon packed full of exploration and recreation.


The country was primarily a fishing settlement for Amerindians who belong to the Arawak tribe. The Island has gone through a lot of transformation in history moving from Spanish to Dutch rule and now it is one of the countries in the Kingdom of the Netherlands also known as the Netherlands Antilles.

It is a rich cultural country with people from over ninety nationalities. The diverse cultural background is showcased through its vibrant architecture and varied cuisine. The food cuisine on the Island is a mixture of dishes from the Caribbean, South America, and Europe.


The beaches of Aruba are mostly made up of wide white bays supported by private tasty resorts with grand and fantastic family-friendly accommodations. The south and west coasts are sheltered and consist of the best beaches in Aruba. These areas have calm and attractive waters.

The north-west has a vibrant Palm Beach and an adjoining relaxing Eagle Beach which contains virgin white sands. An example of result you can book here is the Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa. The resort is great for tourists who want a peaceful and revitalizing vacation.

The eastern part of the Island features the rough Windward coast containing splendid limestone coves and fantastic desert scenery. You’ll love the incredible scenic beauty of this part of the Island.

The south-west sheltered coasts harbor the best beaches on the Island. These areas have calm and attractive waters which are good for enthusiastic swimmers.

The north-western part of the island contains a vibrant Palm Beach. This consists of a two-mile strip tracked with lots of shops, eateries, and beach bars. The adjoining Eagle Beach offers more relaxation. In 2017, it was rated by Tripadvisor as the third beach out of the best 25 Beaches in the World.
It is popular for its soft white sand and very clean waters. There are also some sheltered picnic areas on the beach. A palm beach is a nice place for observing the sun as it sets.

Natural wonders

The Island contains an unbelievable Arikok National Park. It covers a total of 7907 acres and nearly twenty percent of the whole Island. The natural pack features varieties of geological landscapes and offers an abode to the native vegetation and wildlife. It is a show of the rich natural reserve heritage of Aruba.


Oranjestad is the capital of Aruba. Once you arrive at Oranjestad, a look around will immediately tell you that the city originated from Dutch. The city’s name was derived from the first king of the Netherlands, William of Orange-Nassau, who was the first to inherit the Royal House of Orange.

The city contains a lot of multi-colored colonial buildings featuring a lot of elaborately carved details of wood and local old-fashioned Dutch tiles.
The mythological warmth of the locals saturates every one of the city’s streets. demonstrating the highpoints of an Aruban outflow.

The Geography of Aruba

Aruba is a self-governing country and one of the countries that make up the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The population of Aruba is roughly one hundred and four thousand people. The official languages of the locals are Dutch and Papiamento. However, the natives can also speak English and Spanish.

The approximate total dimension of the Island is twenty-one miles or thirty-three kilometers lengthwise and six miles or nine-kilometer breadthwise. The Island country has a total land area of seventy-five square miles or one hundred and ninety-three square kilometers.

Aruba is blessed with a land area that is mostly flat with some hilly areas. The island country is popular for its white sandy beaches.
Aruba’s climate is mainly dry desert-like as it doesn’t permit the growth of numerous vegetation. The recurring trade winds cool the Island to a relatively equal temperature throughout the year.

Northern Coast

Aruba’s north coast is made up of uneven terrain different types of vegetation. These areas are also covered with dunes. This area experiences very strong ocean currents compared to the western and southern coasts. By all means, avoid swimming here.

Also, the area is windy and there is hardly a day that passes without some kind of wind-storm here. The highlights for tourist in this part of Aruba include the California Lighthouse, the Natural Bridge, the Natural Pool, and more.

Western Coast

Oranjestad, the capital of Aruba is located on the Western coast.

The western coast of Aruba is as well covered with long stretches of white beaches which feature many hotels and all-encompassing resorts. You will also find Eagle Beach which has been rated as the best beach in the world here.

Eastern Coast

The eastern coast of Aruba features the Aruba National Park Arikok which features diverse landscapes. These include caves that have Indian artworks, dunes, and beaches. Some parts of the eastern coast contain rugged hills formed out of volcanic lava eruptions. The natural pool is also located here. This area has wide variety of wildlife and vegetation.

Southern Coast

San Nicolas and Savaneta, the oldest town in Aruba is located here. San Nicolas follows after the biggest city in Aruba. There is a non-functioning oil refinery here. Besides, the southern coast also contains Baby Beach and many fantastic windsurfing activities and kite surfing events.

What currency is accepted in Aruba?


The national currency of Aruba is the florin. However, the locals also accept the US dollar. You can also exchange other foreign currencies like the Euro the native currency.

You can normally use travelers to check in the hotels, shops, and restaurants without paying an extra charge. The major credit cards are equally accepted, however, you’ll need to present your valid Identity card.  Personal checks are not commonly allowed.

Credit cards and ATMs

You can withdraw cash from your MasterCard, Visa cards, and American Express cards at banks or credit card offices. Some casinos also allow you to withdraw cash. Cash withdrawal is also possible through Western Union.

You can equally withdraw cash from an ATM. However, your card must be compatible with either the Cirrus or Visa Plus system, for you to be able to withdraw from an ATM.

So, if you plan to make an ATM withdrawal, you can check beforehand to find out if your card is compatible with the ATMs in Aruba. To find out, you can ring any of these toll-free numbers: 1-800-4-CIRRUS or 1-800-THE-PLUS.
You’ll find ATM systems in banks, gas stations, and renowned supermarkets.

Banks in Aruba

There is a bank at Aruba airport to take care of your banking needs should you need one. The Bank works 24/7, however, the office time varies from weekdays to weekends. During the weekdays, the bank works from 8.0, clock in the morning to 4, o’clock in the evening.

On weekends, the work hours in the bank start from 10, o’clock in the morning to 6 pm in the evening. Besides, the airport-located bank, there are other four banks with multiple branches in convenient locations.

An important point to mention here is that no bank is open on all official holidays. On the eves of Christmas and new year, the bank closes at noon. However, the ATMs will continue to be operational during these times.

Caution: Petty Crime in Aruba

It is safer to withdraw your money from ATMs located in the banks. A recent prevalent crime in Aruba is ATM skimming. This is a globally organized crime where criminals alter ATMs with card readers that look authentic.

The machines can read your card and pin code and the criminals will use the information to produce a copy of your card from another location usually another country.

Try to keep your receipts when you withdraw funds and ensure the camera at the ATM stand captures your face. This will come in handy in the event of a potential dispute. The bank will be able to verify if you withdrew money or not.

Pro Tip: Another option to consider if traveling with items of value: Aruba visitors insurance or some form of travel insurance.

Visiting Aruba: The transport system

The three transport systems available in Aruba are transported by air, cruise ship travel, and Tours and Transfer Services.

1. Aruba Transport By Air

Transport By Air

The international airport of Aruba is known as the Reina Beatrix International Airport.

The airport welcomes more than one hundred and fifty airplanes every week from numerous US cities and other countries including Canada, many South American countries, and other countries in the kingdom of Netherlands, England, and other Caribbean islands.

Visiting Aruba from the USA

The standard gates for US-bound flights are gates five to eight. However, during peak visit times, gates one to four can equally be used for US-bound flights. The entry point of the US outward-bound flight area is situated on the right side of the arrivals hall.

Visiting Aruba from other travel destinations

Flights to Aruba from other locations outside the US make use of gates one to four in addition to Gates A and B. The entry point for outward-bound flights of all other destinations aside the US is situated by the left side of the arrivals hall.

Peak flight hours and check-in times

The general peak hours for US outward-bound flights at Aruba international airport fall during the Weekends-Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. And mostly from 11.30 in the morning to 3.00 in the afternoon. Try to allow extra time for check-ins and payments to be on the safer side.

Best Check-in times

The standard check-in time for all US outbound flights is three hours before the plane departs.
On the other hand, the standard Check-in time for all flights departing to all other destinations aside the US differs. Sometimes it is for 3 hours and sometimes it is for 2 hours.

So, find out the actual check-in time from your airline.

US pre-clearance

In Aruba, all tourists from the USA go through the pre-clearance process. What this means for US tourists is that they will go through the normal passport check that they would have done in their destination country in Aruba. This is commonly carried out at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection office in Aruba. So when you alight from the plan in the US, you no longer go through any check.

2. By Cruise Ship

Tourists can also visit Aruba with Cruise ships which stop passengers at Cruise ship Terminal offices. Majority of cruises arrives early in the morning. The port in the country’s capital, Oranjestad features a contemporary Cruise facility with three terminals.

Once you arrive at the terminals which have air-conditioning systems, you’ll meet a warm welcome from officials. They’ll readily help you with any information you may require about your Aruba trip.  Close to the visitor’s booth, you’ll see an ATM. There is also a Setar telecommunication desk inside the terminal should you need to make a call or connect to the Wi-Fi.

There are numerous shops in the terminal to take care of your needs including shops that sell perfume, souvenirs, and cigarettes. There a lot of transport services in the terminal including Taxis and tour buses. You can as well find a few transport rental companies like the Royal Car Rental.

 3.Tours and Transfer Services

Tour and transfer services are transported system that helps you to navigate your way across Aruba Island. There many of such services including the:

E.L. Tours Aruba

E.L. Tours Aruba

EL Tours works both at the airport terminal and Cruise ship terminal. They send a staff member to meet you and escort you to the bus. They engage in different types of land tours and transfer services. With a multilingual staff, you can be sure to meet your language needs.

They are popular for excellent customer service and for rendering personalized services for their customers. Their airport transfer charge includes the to and fro conveyance charge from your chosen accommodation. The charge is normally 19 US dollars per individual and for children 12 years and less, the charge is 10 dollars.

The charge normally includes your transport payment from the airport to your lodging and from your lodging to the airport. If you’re traveling as a group, you can make a request and also verify the charge.

If you prefer private transport, it’s also available. How much you’ll pay will depend on the number of passengers.

De Palm Airport Transportation

De Palm Airport Transportation

De palm tours are another good transportation service you may want to consider. They take care of your round-trip transport. You can save yourself a lot of hassles by entrusting your airport arrival and departure transport needs into their hands.

You’ll get reliable and comfortable bus transport services with air-conditioned coaches. The staff will come and greet you with a warm welcome at the airport terminal and take you to your hotel while you enjoy a slight view of the scenic beauty of Aruba along the way.

The company also has a wheelchair-accessible bus and transportation must be booked before arrival. You cannot book one of these at the Island’s small, scenic taste of what Aruba has to offer.

The price is 20 Us dollars for an individual and includes transportation costs from the airport to your hotel and from the hotel to the airport on your departure day. There is no child rate or one-way trip.  However, the company also provides air transportation to different places.

The air travel destinations include Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort, Blue Residences, Boardwalk Boutique Hotel, Arubiana Inn, Caribbean Palm Village, Aruba Beach Club, and many more.

Visiting Aruba: Accommodation tips

Accommodation prices in Aruba vary widely depending on the location and the type of accommodation. You will commonly find suitable accommodation that meets your budget and personal needs. The first thing you need to think about is the location.

Some accommodations are right inside the beach while others are located in a more private location. Where your accommodation is located will determine how much you will pay. Also, your accommodation rate could depend on the time of the year.

When you have chosen your location, you can shop around to see if there are any accommodation deals available during your time of the visit by browsing through accommodations specials. You can also read reviews or visit forums to check what meets your needs.
Accommodation facilities in Aruba vary from hotels, apartments resorts, and timeshares.

1. Hotels

Average hotel prices in Aruba

There are many hotels and resorts in Aruba. These are built to world-class standards with first-class facilities. The comfort and relaxation provided by these accommodations have many tourists returning year after year. Thus, Aruba has the highest tourist-return rate among other countries in the Caribbean island. Examples of top hotels in Aruba include:

  • Renaissance Aruba resort & casino
  • Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino
  • Divi Aruba All Inclusive

For a list of additional hotels and features of each them including locations and rates, you can check them out here at Aruba hotels and resorts

2. Apartments resorts

Resort Sunrise Drone Shot.jpg

Apartment resorts are best for tourists who don’t fancy a stay at any of the beachside hotels. However, some of the hotels are far from downtown or the beach. If you are paying for one of these, a car rental service may be a good option for navigating your way throughout your stay.

The prices of these apartment resorts differ but they are most luxurious. They equally come with amazing service and amenities. You tend to pay low during the low season and pay higher rates during the high season.

The high season and low seen approximately vary across accommodation facilities and resorts. However, it would generally fall around the days below:

•    Low Season starts from 16th April to 15th December
•    While the high season starts approximately from the 16th of December to the 15th of April.

3. Vacation rental properties

You will find different types of property rental for tourists in Aruba. You can get from a no-trappings comfortable studio room to a secluded beachside cottage. You can equally get expensive condominiums or a completely furnished timeshare unit. These properties are available in different price ranges.

The amount you’ll pay depends on your chosen location, the number of people in group size, how comfortable you want to be, the size of the room and the accessible amenities. The wide range of properties in Aruba means you can always find suitable holiday accommodation for your needs.

4. Aruba Timeshares

Aruba is a popular world destination for timeshare services. Timeshares give visitors a home away from home. This is great especially for tourists who visit Aruba every year and for longer durations.

Many timeshare facilities here include recreational facilities like health clubs, swimming pools, eateries, bars, shopping centers, and affiliation programs. These timeshares are charged in US dollars on a room-to-room basis and a night-night basis.
Examples of Aruba Timeshare Resorts include the Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort showcased in the image below and many more.


1. How long does it take to get to Aruba from New York?

The standard time for a nonstop flight from the US to get to Aruba is 6 hours and 17 minutes and this covers a distance of 2097 miles. The most frequently travel route from the US is from New York to Aruba’s capital, Oranjestad which takes roughly 4 hours and 30 minutes.

2. What is the most inexpensive flight to Aruba?

The cheapest flight from the US to Aruba is roughly 193 dollars. The cheapest flight found on the most popular route from New York to Oranjestad is roughly 364 dollars.

3. What are the lists of airlines that fly to Aruba?

Airlines that fly from the U.S to Aruba include American Airlines, JetBlue and Delta Airlines. The most JetBlue and Delta fly the most popular route of New York to Oranjestad. 

4. What is the most visited tourist destination in Aruba?

The most visited tourist destination in Aruba is the capital city of the Island, Oranjestad.

5. What is the direction of Mt. Jamanota from Oranjestad Airport?

Mt. Jamanota which is 617 ft tall is the highest mountain in Aruba and it is easy to see the mountain from every part of the Island. The highest point of the mountain is a section of the Arikok National Park and is located roughly 6 mi from Oranjestad Airport and only a small drive away.

6. What are Aruba’s popular festivals?

Aruba has a lot of events and festivals that run through the year. If you want to experience some of the Islands spectacular events plan your travel around any of the following festivals and events: the Aruba International Film Festival in June, the Dande Music Festival that occurs during the last week of December and the grand festival, the Aruba Carnival which last for four weeks and starts in January every year.

Conclusion: Best Time to Visit Aruba?

Aruba is blessed naturally blessed with warm weather all year round.  So, with regards to the seasons of the year and the temperature, any month of the year is good for vacation on Aruban Island. However, the value you are looking to get and your personal preference and circumstances will determine what will be the best time to visit Aruba to suit your needs.

If you prefer a less crowded period, go during the off-season. For example, you can travel around September when many schools in the US have resumed studies and the number of families with children is limited

If you want to experience Aruba’s rich culture plan your vacation around one of Aruba’s event. If you are looking for affordable vacation avoid visiting during the high season which usually charges high accommodations.

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