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21 Best Things To Do In Scranton, PA [Guide]

21 Best Things To Do In Scranton, PA [Guide]

Scranton is the capital of Lackawanna County located in north-east Pennsylvania. It is a small city with an outstanding history.

The city was once the head of the anthracite coal mining industry in Pennsylvania and as a result, the city saw the influx of a lot of immigrants from different countries in Europe.

Given its rich historical background, today, Scranton, PA has a lot to offer tourists and visitors who want to explore the city’s rich historical origin through its diverse museums and historic homes. There is rarely a shortage of things to do in Scranton!

Scranton PA is popular as a Steamtown National Historic Site and is equally well known for the popular TV Show, “The Office.

In a refurbished 19th-century mill, the Electric City Trolley Museum features interactive displays of antique trolleys with age-long steam engines or locomotives trains positioned on the previous rail yard. Close by, visitors can enjoy the sites of four Scranton Iron Furnaces and vestiges of a plant made in 1800s plant.

McDade Park is the hub of Lackawanna Coal Mine, where a mine wagon goes downhill into tunnels. If you think the reasons behind the popularity of Scranton PA is just because of its history as a former coal town and as the location for the TV show, “The Office, think again. Scranton Pennsylvania became popular many years before its recent fame.

The city was previously renowned as an industrial capital. It earned its exciting nickname because it was in the city that the first electrically operated locomotives were first developed in the US.

However, these are not everything the city is all about. Today, the city has loads of rich historical heritage, modern vibes, magnificent scenery, and engaging activities to ensure comfort all the way.

There are a lot of things to do in Scranton, PA and the rest of the cities in Lackawanna County. This includes visiting museums dedicated to the past history of the city as an industrial and transportation hotspot, spectacular natural attractions, events, and festivals.

Things To Do In Scranton, PA

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The county has plenty of fun activities and events that keep families and visitors entertained throughout the year and across all the four seasons of the year.

Despite its small size, the city has a lot of tourist attractions, art and cultural activities that it compares favorably with other large cities.

Also, St. Patrick’s Day parade event in the city is very popular in the US and is one of the biggest in the nation. The city equally has plenty of exciting outdoor adventures that you will surely find engaging and fascinating.

No doubt, you will always find something engaging and exciting to do once you are in the county.

In the following section of this article, you will learn why you should visit Scranton and the things you can do while you are in the city.

Things to do in Scranton: History and museums

Scranton and the rest of Lackawanna County have a rich history which you can explore by visiting one of the historical sites and museums. The history of the city is showcased to visitors through interactive displays when you visit these centers.

As the home of the industrial revolution, the foundation of workers unions and child labor decrees, you’d gain insight into what happened in the past and how it all started in this small but exciting city.

You will learn how the first pioneers of the city lived their life and how their work contributed to the growth of the nation.

Besides exploring the rich culture of the nation, you can go on a ride on steam engines that showcase the county’s past and discover for yourself why Scranton is referred to as the Electric City. While on the trolley, you gain direct experience of the county’s rich historical past while exploring the Lackawanna County.

Things to do in Scranton: Arts & entertainment

Lackawanna County is experiencing local revitalization. The county thrives with artists, arcades, historic theaters, and incredible performers whose creativeness has ignited an electric arts scene. If you are particularly keen on art and entertainment, there is a lot to engage you. So, don’t forget to check out the following art and entertainment centers:

  • AFA gallery artist for art located at 514 Lackawanna Avenue, Scranton, PA 18503. Phone number: 570-969-1040
  • Anthracite Heritage Museum located at 22 Bald Mt Road, Mcdade Park, Scranton, Pa 18504; Phone number: 570-963-4804
  • Artworks Gallery and Studio located at 236 Penn Ave, Scranton, PA 18508; Phone number: 570-207-1815
  • Broadway Theatre League Of Nepa located at 345 N Washington Ave, Scranton, Pa 18503; Phone number: 570-342-7784
  • Creative And Performing Arts Academy Of Nepa; 222 Wyoming Avenue, Scranton, Pa 18503; Phone number: (484) 802-2575
  • Dancenepa.Com By Ramworks, Llc located at 702 Brenda Lane, Dunmore, Pa 18512; Phone number: 570-351-3638
  • The Pavilion At Montage Mountain located at1000 Montage Mountain Road, Scranton, Pa 18507; Phone number: 570-961-900
  • Peoples Security Bank Theater At Lackawanna College located at 501 Vine Street, Scranton, Pa 18509; Phone number: (570) 961-7684 | 877-346-3552
  • Peoples Security Bank Theater At Lackawanna College located at 501 Vine Street, Scranton, Pa 18509; (570) 961-7684 | 877-346-3552.
  • Scranton Cultural Center at The Masonic Temple located at 420 N. Washington Avenue, Scranton, Pa 18503; Phone number: (570) 346-7369

Things to do in Scranton PA: Engage in Outdoor activities

Things To Do In Scranton, PA

While in the city, you can soak yourself into the rich natural beauty of the environment by visiting any of the county’s magnificent Parks. At last, you can let go of your technological gadgets and get totally refreshed by getting absorbed into the rich natural environment.

If you want to get a bit more adventurous, you can go hiking, biking, sledding, snowshoeing, fishing, hunting, and kayaking. You can also go camping and experience the surrounding scenic landscapes and enjoy mountaintop views. There are enough outdoor activities to fully engage you in the attractive Lackawanna County. For some experience of the outdoors, you can visit any of the following:

  • Archbald Pothole State Park located at Rt 6 Towards Carbondale, Archbald, Pa 18403; Phone number: (570) 945-3239
  • Aylesworth Park located at Hudson Street, Jermyn, Pa 18433; Phone number: 570-963-6764
  • Circle Drive-In located at 1911 Scranton Carbondale Highway, Scranton, Pa 18508; Phone number: (570) 489-5731
  • Covington Park located at Sanko Rd, Moscow, Pa 18444; Phone number: (570) 963-6764
  • Deer Path Riding Stable located at 95 State Route 940, White Haven, Pa 18661; Phone number: 570-443-4431
  • Blue Ridge Trail Golf ClubThis is located at 260 Country Club Drive, Mountaintop, Pa 18707; Phone number: 570-868-4653

The Blue Ridge trail golf club is an eighteen Hole Public Championship Course. It is a very interesting and awe-inspiring experience. It is located on the Country Club Drive on top of the mountain. There are no fairways for the course. It features four sets of tees and has a natural, private location, professional shop, and clubhouse

Things to do in Scranton PA: Events and festivals

Besides soaking up yourself in the rich natural beauty of the city and the entire county, there are equally loads of festivals and events you can enjoy.

Scranton and other cities within the Lackawanna County have a lot of exclusive events and festivals that attract tourists and visitors from neighboring counties to join in the celebration of the rich cultural heritage and the tradition of the area.

It is one of the experiences, you don’t want to miss! Remember to check some of these festivals and events next time you visit Scranton. Some of the festivals and events you can attend while in the city include the following:

Clarks Summit Festival Of Ice

Cuddle up with the freezing weather while celebrating winter at Clarks Summit Festival of Ice. You can watch a parade, go for horse rides, engage in face painting, and enjoy delicious food and magnificent ice statues. Plunge yourself in the annual theme while the city’s astounding artists sculpt out their frozen work of art. You will surely fall in love with this yearly celebration. It is cherished by both locals and visitors.

Saint Ubaldo Race of The Saints

Saint Ubaldo Race of The Saints

Saint Ubaldo Race of The Saints is the most exclusive festival of Lackawanna County. The event is celebrated only in two regions of the world. The first place is the Sister Cities of Jessup, PA while the second one is Gubbio, Italy. The celebration of St Ubaldo,s day started Jessup in 1909 by immigrants from Gubbio, Italy who mainly settled in Jessup to connect with their home community.

The event has been celebrated for over a century and till date; this event attracts thousands of onlookers who want to be part of the fun occurring in Lackawanna County. This is a great tradition with amazing color combination and a proud celebration of faith and culture.

St Ubaldo festival is one of the events you don’t want to miss while in the city. So, try to include this in your list of the best things to do in Scranton PA next time you visit. During the festivities that mark this event, you can enjoy sumptuous Italian home-based food, go for rides and get your kids engaged with different types of games. Once you witness this annual event, you will love to be part of the yearly celebration.

Lackawanna County Heritage Fair

The Lackawanna County Heritage Fair is an event that celebrates the history and cultures of the communities that make up the county. You will have time to enjoy the delightful local cuisine of the area and this will particularly interest you if you are a foodie.

You will also gain a good knowledge of the history of the city, gain first-hand experience of the cultural heritage or the city and other communities inside the county. You will equally take part in different entertainment events go for fun rides and play different types of games.

The Lackawanna County Heritage Fair has different festivities you’ll always find something to enjoy.

Steamtown marathon

The Steamtown Marathon is another thing you want to do next time you visit Scranton PA. It is an event recognized nationwide due to its USATF certification. The Steamtown Marathon has been rated by Runner’s World as the 6th best global marathon and a top 10 marathon for people starting to do marathon for the first time.

The marathon path covers the entire fourteen Lackawanna County’s communities and this includes 4.2 miles of cemented trails lengthwise the Lackawanna River. Sprinters commonly reach the path early and hang around in the amazing eateries while treating themselves with selections or assorted types of delicious cuisines.

Scranton St. Patrick’s parade

Scranton st. Patrick's parade

The Scranton St. Patrick Parade is an annual festival celebrated in the Downtown Scranton. The next edition of this event is scheduled for the 14th of March, 2020. It is the biggest yearly festival of Lackawanna County.

This celebration started in Lackawanna County in1962 and since then the organizers commonly fix the Date to this feast to fall on a weekend before the St. Patrick’s Day. The event is commonly known as the Parade Day in the county. It is one of the biggest in the US and usually pulls a massive crowd of roughly 150, 000 onlookers.

The parade also features more than twelve thousand participants and this includes Irish groups and organizations, bagpipers, high school and string bands, ostentatious floats, Irish dance groups, etc. In honor of St Patrick’s Day, everyone dress in Green as Irish for the Parade.

La Festa Italiana

La Festa Italiana

La Festa Italiana is another thing to do in Scranton PA you don’t want to miss. The event is celebrated annually at the courthouse square, Downtown Scranton during the Weekend of the Labor day.

This four-day festivity that celebrates the culture, cuisine, and music, brings people from all ethnic groups in the county together. The La Festa festival attracts more than one hundred thousands of individuals yearly to Courthouse Square in downtown Scranton.

During the festival, you can treat your tummy with sumptuous Italian delicacies and other cuisines including cannoli, different types of pizza and homemade pasta dishes. Besides these delicious dishes, you can equally watch different live entertainment shows, go shopping, and watch the amazing Sunday night fireworks. While there, remember to have a taste of the locally-made Cannoli! A taste of it would leave you with an unforgettable experience.

Things to do in Scranton PA: Tour around the city and its environs

You and your companions may also decide to go on guided tours to explore the entire Lackawanna County and the nearby community. We will explain the tours you can make further down in this article. Ensure you take your Camera along to take your desired shots.

Things To Do In Scranton PA: Sports & Brews

Things To Do In Scranton PA: Sports & Brews

Another thing you want to do while in Scranton PA is to watch sporting events. If you love beer and sports you’d love it at Lackawanna County’s sports festival where the norm is a mixture of craft beers, delicious meals, and sports. The sporting event in the city also blends in a bit of history into the celebration.

Feasting and banqueting start off every sporting day. With more than five hundred bottles and twenty spinning drafts, Backyard Ale House provides spectators with unlimited numbers of craft beer and also luxurious meals like Pot Roast Hash and Kielbasa omelets.

When you are done, you can move to the Electric City Trolley Museum to see or take a ride in the new John Oliver train exhibitions and the inconceivable trolley history of Scranton.

You can book trolley ticket and go on an excursion to PNC Field to play a game with the Scranton or Wilkes-Barre Rail riders. Alternatively, you can take a tour of PNC Field before the start of the game to discover what the management is doing to maintain the field or try to inquire how the game works.

When going out for the games, remember to take your blanket and lawn ticket. There’s a bar nearby you can leverage on if you fancy a drink. When the game is over, hop back into the trolley and return back to Scranton.

Things to do in Scranton PA: Go shopping

Abington farmers market

Beginning from the outdoor market at The Shoppes at Montage, to the convenient Shopping Mall located at Viewmont and The Steamtown market, Lackawanna County has favorite named brands.

If you like you can also dash into the city’s local boutiques to purchase unique products not easily available anywhere. Examples of markets and shopping centers you need to visit while in the city include:

The market is located at 640 Northern Blvd, Chinchilla, PA 18411; Phone; (570) 587-0391

Abington Farmers Market opens every Saturday from 9 O’clock in the morning to 2, O’clock in the afternoon. The opening day of the market starts from the 21st July to October located at South Abington Park, Chinchilla, PA. Among things you can purchase in the market include the newest indigenous fruits, veggies, herbs, blossoms, baked foods and so on.

Alpacas of the sunshine farm, fiber & clothing store

This farm market and clothing stores are located at E Lake Road, New Milford, PA 18834; Phone: 570-465-3360. The store was originally started by Catherine and Don Hines. The duo started breeding and raising alpacas in 1998 but they opened the farm store in 2009 and started to sell alpaca clothes.

Alpacas are popular for expensive soft and warm fiber. They also sell unprocessed fleece, rovings, yarn, and rugs. You can visit the farm for sightseeing. You can equally purchase one of their products or get in touch with them by ringing their phone number.

Other markets and shopping center you can also visit while in the Scranton PA are:

Antiques on the avenue

Antiques on the avenue

In the Antiques on the Avenue market, you can buy a collection of antiques and memorabilia and these can include male and female vintage clothes and costumes, ornaments and genuine silver jewelry. It is located at 1027 Prescott Avenue, Scranton, PA 18510; Phone: (570) 604-0177.

  • The Burke’s maple farm located at 1313 crystal lake road, Carbondale, PA 18407; Phone: 570-222-4075
  • The crossings premium outlets located at1000 premium outlets drive, Tannersville, PA 18372; 570-629-4650
  • Electric city roasting park located at 101 Keystone Ave, Peckville, PA 18452; Phone: 570-558-2233
  • Gertrude hawk chocolates located at 909 keystones industrial park, Throop, PA 18512; (570) 342-3941 | 800-822-2032
  • Kevin’s worldwide located at 710 Capouse Ave, Scranton, PA 18509; phone: 570-344-8985
  • Lavish body & home located at 600 Linden St, Scranton, PA 18503; (570) 558-2273
  • Lt Verrastro Inc. Importing beer distributor located at 700 Moosic Road, Old Forge, PA 18518; 570-343-2454 | 800-341-1200.
  • Olde good things, Inc. located at 400 Gilligan St PO box 20109, Scranton, PA 18508; Phone: 570-341-7668 | 888-233-9678
  • The Shoppes at Montage Mountain located at1035 Shoppes Boulevard, Moosic, PA 18507:Phone: 570-341-3271

Things to do in Scranton PA: Tourist Attractions

There are a lot of tourist attractions in Scranton PA. These should be part of the things you should do while in Scranton PA. These vary beginning from the world popular musical performances, Broadway shows, exclusive historical exhibits and many more.

There are multiple things you can do in Scranton and the immediate environs of Lackawanna County. Some of the tourist attractions in the city, you don’t want to miss include the following:

1. Visit the Steamtown National Historic SiteVisit the Steamtown National Historic Site

Steamtown National Historic Site is one of the things to do in Scranton. It is a delightful tourist destination especially because it is one of the best railroads in north-east Pennsylvania and because it tells the transportation story of the historical past of Scranton PA.

The museum features roughly one hundred trains. Some of the trains are in the museum, others are used for train excursions, and the rest could be found in the rebuilding factory. Tourists can take a tour of the museum, visit the restructuring factory, and, on chosen days, go on a train ride along Scranton railroad.

Steamtown National Historic Site museum is established to preserve the history of steam engines or locomotives. The Scranton “Steamtown” nickname is coined from the history of the area. In the middle of the 1800s, the city is the biggest producer of iron provider in the US.

Presently, many people travel to the national park to learn about the past history of locomotives in the area and in the entire country. Locomotives were previously a highly essential transportation system for coal miners and other Pennsylvania passengers.

The historic site is on the train yard that was previously owned by the site of a train yard previously owned by the Delaware, Lackawanna, and Western Railroad situated exactly after the Lackawanna Avenue. You don’t pay any gate fee to visit this amazing historic site. The museum displays the history of steam engine transportation all through the country.

It features a lot of antique artifacts, handy activities for kids, conserved train cars and ironic or interactive stories of the past history of the city articulated through native guards, small films and more.

The Scranton’s Iron Furnaces where the Lackawanna Iron and steel company was previously located is equally close by and this will especially interest anyone who wants to see its remnants.

Steamtown’s museum exhibitions and displays showcase a refurbished steam locomotive, images, and collectibles from the glory days of the railroad. The displays depict the lifecycle of a handrail, and a roundhouse utilized by technicians for repairing and maintenance of the trains.

The site equally features a theatre with short film display. The opening hours differs depending on the season.

If you have a love for trains, there are other better locations in Pennsylvania to go to, Steamtown National Historic Site, just displays the history of rail transport in the US and especially that of locomotive engines.

You will be able to see in this free-admission museum, loads of uncommon train cars, which includes the large steam engine located on the eastern part of Mississippi. They are equally seasonal train rides which you can for a few.

Whether you are interested in the science, history and the financial side of the train’s transportation system, you will get the information you want from this site. You can also have a first-hand experience ride of the coal train.

You can view the historic performance trains on the train tracks that are no longer in use. There are museums and interactive exhibitions about postal service and transport catastrophes.Visit the Steamtown National Historic Site

Visitors only pay a minimal charge for entrance and the train ride but if you own a national park service pass; you will be admitted free into the park and only pay if you want to undertake any of the train rides. There are special rides that are offered at certain times of the year for those who wish to travel down to the Chesapeake and Delaware water cavity.

If you are train enthusiasts who like to gain more knowledge about trains, or go for train rides, learn about trains and how they are repaired, head down to the this Steamtown museum, you will have an unforgettable experience. It is located at 350 Cliff St, Scranton, PA 18503, Phone: 570-340-5200.

2. Harry Houdini MuseumHarry Houdini Museum

The Houdini Museum is an effort to acknowledge the contributions of Harry Houdini to the magic world. He was once one of the most popular world magicians and illusionists. The museum is made up of pictures, photographs, and relics of Houdini’s life and his stage performances.

Your first experience when you visit the center starts with a film overview of the iconic magicians behind the center and after that, you will be taking round on a guided tour through their many collections.

In the end, you will be treated with a “flash act” magic performance of the world-class magician, Dorothy Dietrich, with her co-magician, Dick Brooks, nicknamed Bravo the Great. You would get to see one of the spectators float right in front of you.

The whole museum experience normally lasts for roughly two and-half-hours to three hours. You may need to book ahead of time if you are visiting the center to watch the music show as there’s normally a limited number of seats available. To make a reservation, you can give the museum attendants a call.

The Harry Houdini Museum is located at the borders of Scranton. Nevertheless, it is one of the most exciting things to do while you are in the area. Dorothy Dietrich is nicknamed, the female Houdini due to her many brave magic feats.

When you visit this small museum, you get to see various pieces of Houdini memorabilia and this includes his special effects. Dietrich was formerly nicknamed the “First Lady of Magic” because she is the only woman magician that dares to perform a lot of rare feats of magic. Harry Houdini Museum

This Houdini Museum was featured in USA Today, the Philadelphia Inquirer and also on NBC, CBS and ABC TV for its unique experience. It features a collection of life activities of the Magic icon, Houdini via a massive collection of memorabilia, stories, and modern-day performances.

You’d equally get to see some of the tricks that the iconic Magician, Houdini could not perform during his days. There are also interactive magic tricks that kids would find very exciting. This includes live animal shows, comedy shows and collaboration from the audience. The museum is located at 1433 N Main Ave., Scranton, PA 18508, Phone: 570-342-5555.

3. Everhart MuseumEverhart Museum

The Everhart Museum of Natural History, Science and Art center is cited at 1901 Mulberry St. Scranton, PA 18510-2380. You can get in touch with the center by ringing their direct line-570-346-7186.

The Everhart Museum of Natural History, Science & Art was established by philanthropist, Physician and ornithological supporter, Dr. Isaiah Everhart, who hails from a Scranton community on the 30th of May, 1908.

The Everhart Museum from North-east Pennsylvania is the oldest public museum in the area. It features an extreme collection of curated materials which includes taxidermied birds and African musical instruments. While the museum features a wide range of classification of curated materials, the attendants of the museum put all the bits and pieces together as an interesting piece to all who visits the museum.

Something you don’t want to miss when you visit this museum is the fantastic American Folk Art curated materials on the second floor. The collections include both popular works from both local and foreign renowned works. Besides being the oldest museum in north-east Pennsylvania it is equally one of the best in the area.

Cited at the Nay Aug Park, this museum with world-curated relics and exhibits provides visitors the opportunity to gain insight into the different world cultures, the beauty of nature and eccentric artworks while in the confines of the city.

The museum equally features a collection of dinosaur fossils, two thousand five hundred taxidermied birds and the biggest selections of the painting works of the popular artists from the place, by the name John Willard Raught.

The Everhart Museum was named after the founder Dr. Isaiah Fawkes Everhart who donated his collections to the city in 1907. The exhibits in the museum currently include collections of art, science, and natural history.

As a result, it is utilized as a special practical training spot for kids in their K-12 academic levels. It also serves as summer camps for interested campers and utilized for adult learning classes.

Every September, the yearly farm To Table meal is hosted by the center. This event involves features of fresh vegetables and ingredients grown in the locality. The Everhart Museum opens its doors to visitors every day starting from February to December.

It is not open on Wednesdays and in January. The center uses the first month of the year for maintenance purposes. It is located at 1901 Mulberry St., Scranton, PA 18510. You can also contact the center through their direct Phone line: 570-346-7186.

4. Electric City Trolley MuseumElectric City Trolley Museum

Scranton PA was nicknamed “The Electric City” in the latter part of 1880,s because it was in the city that the first electric trolley system was produced in the US.  The Electric City Trolley Museum, named after the city is established to preserve the history of the rail transport system in the city.

Although these trolleys no longer travel through the streets of downtown Scranton, if you want to learn about the history of locomotives in the city a trip to the Electric City Trolley Museum will do the trick.

When you visit the museum, you’d be taken through a guided tour to learn about the transportation part of the city. The museum preserves and restores rare and fragile trolley system. There is an optional three-mile trip which takes you through a long tunnel, journey which is a great cool off on a sunny and hot day.

The Electric City Trolley Station and Museum is located only a few steps from Steamtown National Historic Site. You can take your children on a wonderful adventure to the century-old vintage trolleys. Your kids can play away in the toy train room while you stand by to explore the wonders of the historic mechanism of these previously highly reputed electric steam engines.

The major focus of a visit to the electric city trolley museum is to hop onto the locomotive train for a ride through the brink of downtown Scranton. The ride lasts for an hour and takes you through the Nay Aug Gorge and an extremely elongated tunnel that ends at the PNC Field where these antique trains are restored. While on the tour, you get to see the attractive forests of Pennsylvania.

The trolley takes off from the loading station close to the trolley museum and stops at the PNC Field which once formally the repair station for the trolley transport system. While at the station, you will have the chance to play ballgame and when the gameplay is over you would be returned to the takeoff position.

While at the PNC station you can also explore the shop and gain further knowledge about the history of the area and the locomotive system before your crew will be taken back. You will find a few fancifully refurbished restored trolley systems with glass windows that are stained and fantastic wooden seats.

The items for exhibitions are properly profiled and documented and displayed in an expansive building situated along the parking lot in Steamtown. The display in the museum comprises classic examples of the historical trolleys and railways, headlights, railway lights, mine train equipment, a refurbished trolley car, and an interactive trolley display for kids.

The museum opens its doors to visitors seven days weekly apart from key holidays. It is located at 300 Cliff Street, Scranton, PA 18503. You can contact the center on this Phone: 570-963-6590.Electric City Trolley Museum

5. Nay Aug Fall

Navy Aug Park is a natural park and the largest of its kind in the city of Scranton. It is made up of attractively redesigned walking trails and picnic zones with double kid’s playgrounds. The trail’s path is made up of stony gorges, brooks, and waterfalls.

When you visit during the summertime, the two Olympic-sized swimming pools and large water slides in the park offers visitors a nice cool off. Kids will particularly appreciate the big treehouse in the park with its extended walkways that go as high as 150 feet above the ground.

You can visit the Navy Aug Park any day of the week. The time to visit the pool starts from 12.00 noon to 6 O’clock every evening depending on the weather condition. The major highlight of a visit to this center is the gorge.

The park has a carved out hiking trails and a raised area for sightseeing. There is equally a trail system that passes through the base of the gorge. This provides visitors with a more vigorous workout experience and enhanced scenery.

Remember to come along with your bath suit as you may want to swim in a few locations. However, you need to be cautious here and resist the urge to jump off any of the waterfalls. Some visitors who previously did meet their death. You want your visit to end well and not in tragedy.

You’ll equally have the opportunity to hike through the trail leading to Lake Scranton. The Nay Aug Falls in the Nay Aug Park is one of the most potent waterfalls the region has. It rises as far as 15-20 feet above the ground surrounded by elevated rock walls on every side.

The park has a lot of walking trails that pass through the gorge. The viewing platforms including the Paul Kanjorski Pedestrian Bridge on both sides provide you with a fantastic view of the waterfall.

So, while in Scranton PA if you want a bit of fresh air, and a reconnection to nature, the Nay Aug Park located a few minutes from downtown Scranton is the best place to go. If you want a bit more adventure, take to the trails.

All the trailheads are mapped with large marks and meanders through oozing waterfalls. A marvel you don’t want to miss out at the park is the iconic David Wenzel Treehouse which rises to an amazing 150 feet on top of the gorge.

If you are a family that visits with your kids, the park has an enclosed playground to entertain the kids. Alternatively, you could take them to the two Olympic sized swimming pools for a swim. They can also enjoy it at the waterslides compounds.

If none of these sites excites you and you fancy a more historical feel, you can pay your tribute to the local soldiers of Scranton at the Veteran’s Memorial. If you love nature, you will love it at the Nay Aug’s energetic greenhouse.

Nay Aug Fall

The well-known Everhart Museum is also located in the pack. The best part of it is that the park is located close to the city downtown. You’d hear sounds from the nearby regions.

6. Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour

The Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour is one of the best things to do in Scranton, PA. For many decades, coal mining has contributed to the economy of Pennsylvania. A visit to the coal mine will give you firsthand experience of how underground mining is done. Visitors commonly descend 300 feet below the ground with the use of an elevator to pass through three coal veins.

During the tour, tour guides enlighten visitors of the history of coal mining while at the same time explaining to them all the types of machinery that are utilized in the process. You will equally learn the different mining systems that the miners have utilized down the ears.

Starting from the first of April to the 30th of November, every year, the coal mine tour is open to the public apart from major holidays. The tour duration takes roughly an hour. While going for the tour, the best practice is to wear a jacket and put on a pair of walking shoes.

The tour allows you to see the interior part of the previous coal mine and find out for yourself how the miners lived their lives and worked. The coal mine tour is located in McDade Park. Anthracite coal was previously mined here and sold to customers from different parts of the globe. The place was opened for tours in 1985. The Anthracite Heritage Museum is located immediately adjacent to the mine.

7. Old Forge Pizza Crawlthings to do in scranton - Old Forge Pizza Crawl

Another thing you want to do while in Scranton PA is having a taste of the Pizza at the Old Forge, Pennsylvania. Self-acclaimed as the “Pizza Capital of the World,” and lying merely some miles from the main streets of downtown Scranton, this small region is the seat of over fifteen eateries which all prepare for pizza enthusiasts, the very distinctive Old Forge pizza.

So, if you are anywhere around Scranton and fancy a pizza crawl, Old Forge PA is your best destination. The Old Forge produces two different pizza types that pizza aficionado won’t be at a loss for having their favorite local pizza delight.

Whether you are looking for a slice or a whole pie, they got you covered at Old Forge Pizza PA. Despite the availability of more than fourteen pizza shops in the area, the pizza in the area is such a culinary delight that you’ll meet long queues on weekends.

Besides having a bite of your favorite pizza, you equally gain some insights into the culture of the area. You don’t want to miss this during your next visit. Have a taste for yourself and determine if the place qualifies as the best pizza destination in the US.

8. Lackawanna County Courthouse Square

Lackawanna County Courthouse Square

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Lackawanna County Courthouse Square location is at Washington and Adams Avenues Scranton, PA 18503. If you have any inquiry to make about the center, you can contact the center directly by calling the number- 570-963-6773.

Located right in the center of downtown Scranton, it is a perfect location for both visitors and locals. Besides, it is surrounded by Washington Avenue, Linden Street, Adams Avenue, and Spruce Street in downtown Scranton. The Lackawanna County Courthouse occupies a 4.7-acre of land.

It covers an impressive three-and-a-half story brick edifice and is one of the most beautiful architectural works in the area. The beauty is complemented by the adjacent monuments, nearby clock tower, and fountains. It equally serves educational purposes. So, include a visit to the courthouse square in Lackawanna County, you will find it enriching and rewarding.

Some of the things you can do while here on a visit are to recite the engravings on the square’s headstones, view the Scranton’s Electric City signpost icon or engage in sidewalks to catch a glimpse of the numerous shops and eateries in the vicinity.

If you choose to take an official walk-tour with Lackawanna Historical Society, you’ll get the opportunity to walk through its dynamic lair in the city-center to find out a few things about some popular landmarks of the history of Scranton.

9. Montage Mountain

Montage MountainPhoto credit: Montage Mountain

If you are looking for a place to have family outdoor fun while in North Pennsylvania, your best catch is the Montage Mountain. There always fun-filled adventures happening in the Montage mountain every season and time of the year. When you visit Montage Mountain with your family during the winter, there are a lot of fun activities to engage in and these include skiing, snowboarding, and tubing. You can also do air boarding. Skiing lessons are also available for both children and adults.

The mountain has 26 trails, which provides all visitors a perfect slope and something to engage you starting from beginners, moderately skilled professionals, and pros. Skiing lessons are also offered to both kids and adults.

During summer, there are many more activities going on in the mountain. You can either go for zipline rides or take to the Montage Mountains  Water Park where you can enjoy a lot of different water rides including slight surging pool, lazy river, and zigzagging slides.

You can climb to the five-story tower and move to the ski lift and zoom off in the ZipRider. It is one of the uppermost themes in NEPA and soars for 50 miles every per hour on top of the stunning ridge.

You can add a bit of relaxation glamour to your day by hiring your own private bathhouse, dining area at any of the restaurants or take a sip of your favorite drink from the Montage Mountains bar. You can equally enjoy being part of the center’s different concerts and festivals. This includes the fall wine fest that provides visitors with round the year fun.

The montage Mountain is located at 100 Montage Road, Scranton, PA, 18507. You can get in touch with the center by ringing their number-: 570-969-7669.

10. Pennsylvania Anthracite Heritage MuseumPennsylvania Anthracite Heritage Museum

Pennsylvania Anthracite Heritage Museum

The museum is located at 22 Bald Mountain Road, Scranton, PA 18504, and a contact phone number of the center is 570-963-4804. A visit to the 200 feet underground to the once glorious coal miles of Scranton at the Pennsylvania Anthracite Heritage Museum, will give you a firsthand insight into the once-booming industry.

Established in the 1880s and booming during the early part of the 1900s, the coal mining activities in this location minimized after 20 years of the Knox Mine Disaster that occurred in 1959 and resulting in the closure of the mine in ‘66.

While at the museum, you will learn about how the early workers and immigrants struggled. You can have the opportunity to speak with one of the previous miners who takes up the role of the tour guides. You want to also explore the exhibits in the museum.

Some of the things you can view are relics of a standard home of the then coal miners, a mockup saloon, pictures of miners and their families and video exhibitions. You can also gain a lot of other exciting facts about the contribution of mining in the history of the Steamtown.

Visitors can visit the close by exhibitions of four big iron furnaces. These gigantic stone edifices were utilized for the smelting of the iron mined by the Lackawanna Iron and Steel Company.

The museum aims to tell the story of the history of anthracite coal mining and their former workers in north-east Pennsylvania. The door of the museum is open to the public from Wednesday to Sunday. It is not opened during the country’s major holidays.

Besides learning about the mining history and their workers, visitors can equally have a glimpse into the culture of the communities within the area and the contribution of coal mining to the immigration rule in the region.

11. PNC Field

PNC Field

PNC Field located close to downtown Scranton is the place to be if you are a fan of the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders. The riders are affiliated to the New York Yankees. While visiting the park, you can witness one of the best baseball scenes before entering into the main Leagues.

Because the RailRiders are next in fame to the New York Yankees, you have time to watch the upcoming stars play real life at a great fee. As the base of RailRiders, this unsoiled and comfy Stadium provides spectators with varying experience starting from old-fashioned benches to first-class views of the major game.

While in the stadium you can grab your favorite bites of hot dogs from the picnic tables and pavilion on the left table, you can equally cuddle with hairy porcupine amulet, Champion, and give your backing to the minor league team of the city baseball players.

You can also purchase for your refreshments, peanuts and Cracker Jacks while at the PNC Field. The best part of the PNC field is that it is just a ten minutes’ drive to I-81 and with its close proximity to downtown Scranton, you get to have sketchy moments of unmanageable fun.

12. Lucchi Family Wine CellarsLucchi Family Wine Cellars

If you are an aficionado of Italian wine, Lucchi Family Wine Cellars is the best place to be. You can enjoy a glass of fizzy drink from original Italian grape specialists at Lucchi Family Wine Cellars.

The center is owned by a person whose parents immigrated to Scranton PA from Bologna, Italy during the early part of the nineteenth century. Robert Lucchi opened the center as a way to sustain the family practice. So, you can be a part of this lovely Italian wine made in the luxurious mountains of NEPA.

You get to lay your hands on model flavors from the original vines grown in the 1970s. These vines yield lots of barrels of Concord Estate wine. The wine shop is cited on the North Main Avenue and given the location makes it a nearby place to go for a taste of local grapes.

13. Scranton Cultural Center

The Scranton Cultural Center looks very much like a magnificent temple. It has large dark doors, composite stone mosaic, and Neo-Gothic design. When it was constructed in the early part of the 1930s, it was to replicate the Masonic Temple and Scottish Rite Cathedral. However, this historical edifice presently acts as an art center in Scranton’s region.

It is now used as an event center and features nationwide Broadway, disco, party, musical concert, and comedy shows. The temple is graced with music icons like Frank Sinatra, Barry Manilow, and Britney Spears. However, the center equally receives other local and nationwide music talents.

While here, ensure you visit the center to watch the performance from the arched seats of the vintage theatre while savoring the craftily designed ceilings and nearby vintage craftsmanship. To reserve a seat at the show, don’t forget to view the events calendar of the center and watch out for your favorite show.

14. Lackawanna Historical Society

Lackawanna Historical Society

The Lackawanna Historical Society house is located at the Catlin House Scranton, PA 18510. The center was established in 1886 as the Lackawanna Institute of History and Science. The center is one of the oldest cultural institutes in the region.

However, in 1921, the organization altered the focus and changed the name of the center to Lackawanna Historical Society. The present mission of the society is to collate reserve and provide interpretations for artifacts, documentation and bibliographic materials of Lackawanna County and entire Northeast Pennsylvania.

This task includes the social, cultural and economic history of the people. The center features gift shops where you can purchase any art-related artifact of choice. You can contact the center directly by ringing the phone number: 570-344-3841.

15. Erie Lackawanna Dining Car Preservation Society

The Erie Lackawanna Railroad was popular for provision of fresh, pleasure-seeking meals to train commuters with its railway dining cars for roughly a century. Currently, the mission of the Erie Lackawanna Dining Car Preservation Society is to reserve the past stories of these dinning cars and also the railway history of rail transportation.

At present, society has refurbished three dining cars, one car for sleeping, and two Dieseliner trains. If you want a tour in any of these cars, you can book your reservation by ringing the phone number of the society.

Besides taking a tour, you can equally go for a train ride. Trains rides and means are available to entertain visitors during special events all through the year. To obtain the event calendar, you need to visit the Erie Lackawanna dining car society’s website.

The society’s house is located at 201 South Blakeley Street, No 333, Dunmore, PA 18512. Their contact phone number is 570-209-5851.

16. The Caitlin House

The Caitlin House

The Caitlin house is a Tudor-designed mansion erected in 1912. It was a former abode of a businessman from Scranton by name, George H. Caitlin. The house contains sixteen tastefully furnished and beautifully preserved with the then specific decoration and antiques.

It is made up of the attractive wooden platform, a wooden staircase, and tinted glass windows. If you want to have an insight into how the then structural architecture looks like, a trip to the Caitlin home is a great idea.

You’d be taken through a guided tour around the mason. The door of the home is open from Tuesday to Saturday beginning from 1 o’clock in the afternoon to 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

The mansion equally serves as the seat of the Lackawanna Historical Society and has a library instituted for research purposes and a lecture room. The home is located at 232 Monroe Ave, Scranton, PA 18510. You can contact the home by phoning the number- 570-344-3841.

17. Rattlesnake FallsRattlesnake Falls

The Rattlesnake Falls is a concealed waterfall located in Pinchot State Forest close to Nesbitt Reservoir. It will take you a fifteen-minute hike through the stunning forest to get to the waterfall. The waterfall has two different types of drops. The first one is the large drop that falls fifteen feet through a narrow gulf.

18. Choke Creek Falls

Choke Creek falls is another thing to do while in Lackawanna County. It a popular tourist spot in the region and can be found in Pinchot State Forest lengthwise the freshly rerouted Pinchot Trail. It is a stunning waterfall but it is not widely known outside the local area. If you love to enjoy the outdoors, this waterfall should be among your top to-do-list when on a visit to Scranton.

19. Lackawanna River Heritage Trail

Visit the Lackawanna River Heritage on a wonderful trail adventure while exploring miles of stunning woodland background along the trail. The trail is expansive and spreads across seventy miles and covering the rural  and urban areas in the vicinity.

It is classified into different categories of different lengths. As you move through the trail, you would stop at various interesting locations along the way. You will equally pass through many interesting points through the town along which the trail passes.

The greater part of the trail is cemented and this makes walking, running, or cycling through it fascinating and full of fun. There are a lot of events that occur along the trail and this includes running and walking, group bicycle riding, racing, and cleaning up of trail lines.

These events take place all through the year by various groups and organizations in the region. In the north side of the trail, the Heritage Trail links up with the Delaware & Hudson Rail Trail.

20. Archbald Pothole State ParkArchbald Pothole State Park

The Archbald Pothole state park contains a Pothole which looks like a hole but it is one of the most distinctive geological structures in the locality. The Park is small-sized and doesn’t compare in size with many other larger states pack in the locality.

However, the existence of one of the biggest peculiar features in the park makes the place worth your visit anything you are in the Scranton PA area. It is the world’s biggest glacial pothole.

A quick stop at the park and you’d be amazed at this wonderful geological gift of nature.

21. Lake Scranton Walking Path, Scranton, Pennsylvania

Lake Scranton is a 16,000-acre pool which supplies water supply to the Scranton city. The lake is enclosed by a walking path which is 3.5 miles lengthwise. The trail is entirely concreted which make it easy to walk along or run. You can also enjoy the fantastic views of the lake and close by East Mountain. You are not allowed to enter the trail with pets, bicycles, or cars. The trail is located at Route 307, Scranton, PA 18505.

Best Things to Do in Scranton, PA with your Kids

Best Things to Do in Scranton, PA with your Kids

While the city has a lot of attraction for anyone who visits the city, if you are visiting Scranton on a family vacation, you may want to check special attractions for family fun. Lackawanna County has all-year-round attractions for the family. Some of the attractions that you can include in your lists of things to do in Scranton as a family with kids include the following:

Visit PNC Field for baseball

This is especially suitable if you are a fan of NYC Yankees. The PNC field is the seat for the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders, a smaller affiliate league of the Yankees. Your children would be excited to see up-and-coming players or professional players that want to recoup.

Visit this world-class stadium, take a seat and let your kids get signatures before the game. Engage in lots of fun both inside and outside the field during the game or run the bases.

Go Horse Racing at Mohegan Sun

Give your kids chances to experience real-life horse racing. Let their excitement go wild as they become part of this fantastic adventure at Mohegan Sun casino.

Hop into one of the numerous restaurants in the casino for your dinner or just pop into the Johnny Rockets post-race for a milkshake.

Visit  the Houdini Museum

Houdini Museum

If your kids love magic, they’ll love the Houdini Museum.Take your kids to experience a live show at the museum dedicated to late magician Harry Houdini. Details of the museum are the early part of this article.

Take a tour at the Lackawanna Coal Mine

Let your kids experience firsthand the history of coal mining in the area and what life and work environment the early miner enjoyed through a guided tour to a 300 feet underground mine in a mine car. Find the details in the early section of this article.

Visit the Electric City Trolley Museum

Let your kids take a ride in the antique trolley cars. Our kids will love it and have a taste of what life looks like in the past when electric trolleys are in use.

Cooper’s Seafood House

Have your favorite culinary delight inside this ship-shaped restaurant with your kids. The Coopers seafood house has existed in the city for seventy years and features a blue whale hanging above inside the Whale Room.

The children will equally enjoy a visit to the Train Room. The ship-shaped house equally features a bar area. Kids are served meals in their respective boats. They can equally take the meals home.

Kids at Cooper’s Seafood House

Visit Montage Mountain

Take your kids to the mountain on a wonderful and unforgettable experience through its 2 trails for a summer visit or visit Terrain Park during the winter. Go skiing, snowboarding or snow tubing. Or during the summertime, have fun in the water park with a wave pool, lazy river or go water sliding and so on. Details can be found in the earlier section of the article.

 Montage Mountain

 Pittston Tomato Festival

Visit the Ice skating and hockey sessions— Scranton and Wilkes-Barre

Your kids will like to watch the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins, affiliated to the NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins while they ice-skate at the Mohegan Sun Arena. They can equally watch a skating display of Adam Rippon, an Olympic skater born in Scranton at the Toyota SportsPlex or Revolution Ice Centre

Masonic Temple

Visit the Scranton cultural center for live kid-friendly shows. This cultural center at the masonic temple has a lot of live shows for kids. Let the kids take part in the Wiggles and Giggles workshop that allows them to design their specific theme craftwork before the show.

Alternatively, visit the F.M. Kirby Center for the Performing Arts located in Wilkes-Barre for extensive kid show tours like a live exhibition of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and live display of Nickelodeon’s Double Dare.

Masonic Temple

 Downtown Scranton St. Patrick’s Day parade celebration

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Let your kids be part of St. Patrick’s Day parade which is arguably one of the best in the country. A detailed explanation of this event is in the earlier section of the article.

Other things you can do with your kids while in Scranton PA include the following:

Take the kids to participate in Church picnics

A lot of communities in the area organize annual events where you can take the kids outdoors to have fun and play games and eat different types of culinary delight.

Visit Steamtown national historic sites

The kids can have fun here, enjoy the ride and take a guided tour of the steam engine repair shop. Besides, they can equally gain insight into the history train in the area and see some relics of the antique transportation system.

Old Forge pizza — Old Forge

Visit any of the pizza shops in the area which can include Salerno’s Café, Café Rinaldi, and Arcaro & Genell and purchase your favorite flavors of Old Forge pizza. At Arcaro & Genell, you can equally watch a strolling magician perform while you wait for your meals.

Visit the Nay Aug Park

Take your kids to the largest park in the area and let them have fun hiking through the waterfalls or swim in an Olympic size swimming pool or visit the Nay Aug Park Everhart Museum to learn about natural history, science, and art. The kids can equally play around inside the park or have fun with water slides at the pool.

The Marketplace at Steamtown

Go shopping with the kids at The Marketplace at Steamtown and let them their favorite candy at Steamtown Sweets, chocolate bars at Gertrude Hawk, or popcorn at Doc Popcorn.

Electric City Aquarium and Reptile DenElectric City Aquarium and Reptile Den

Let your kids be awe-inspired at the Steamtown marketplace aquarium and reptile den. The kids will be amazed to look through the slightly lit tank and see live octopus, shark, alligator, turtle, snake, crocodile, frog, and many more.

FAQS about Scranton Pennsylvania Things to Do

Why is Scranton referred to as Electric City?

The city is referred to as an electric city because of its history as the first city in America to produce an electric trolley system. The history of this city that earned it the electric city is preserved in the Electric City Trolley Museum.
The museum exhibits the history of transportation which started in the city in the early 20th century. Some artifacts of the then electric system are well preserved and refurbished and visitors can see these restored trolley systems and equally get the chance to take a ride inside these antique locomotives through Nay Aug Gorge.

Where is the Offices Schrute Farms Located?

The Office’s Schrute Farms is placed on sale. The original location is at the center of Wayne County, PA inside the small region of Honesdale

Is there something in Scranton PA for The Office?

The mystic paper supply company has a home in Scranton, PA. Scranton is the sixth most populated city in Pennsylvania. The electric city is lively. You can visit Scranton and take a tour of the “The Office” shooting locations!

What is Scranton PA Popular for?

The Scranton PA is popular as a coal mining and production destination. It was once the nation’s industrial destination and won nationwide acclaim as the electric city for producing the first electric trolley stem in the US.
In the recent past, the city became popular as a shooting location popular TV series “The Office” with the companies name coined from two streets in Scranton. Scranton is equally known as a section of NEPA (North Eastern Pennsylvania).

Why Scranton is called Steamtown?

Scranton is called the steam town or electric city because the first electric trolley system in the US was developed in the area in 1886. Although the locomotive engine is no longer in use, a reference to that city is still made with that name.

Is there a real location for Poor Richard’s a real bar?

The Poor Richard’s bar has a physical location in Scranton, PA. It is a preferred destination for members of Dunder Mifflin Scranton. While in the show, Poor Richard’s bar is a single unit bar, the real Poor Richard’s is an attachment to a bowling alley. The office for Poor Richard’s is Pickwick’s Pub located in Woodland Hills, California.

Is Scranton PA a real location?

The region has a population of seventy-seven thousand, two hundred and ninety-one people. Scranton PA is the biggest city in the Scranton–Wilkes-Barre–Hazleton, PA Metropolis with a population of roughly five hundred and seventy thousand people.
Scranton was incorporated as a municipality in Luzerne County on February 14, 1856, and as a city on April 23, 1866.

What is the crime rate in Scranton Pa?

It is relatively safe to live in Scranton PA compared to a lot of other locations in the country. The crime rate in the region is less than the national average crime rate.

Is there a real location for the Scranton Business Park?

The address used in the Office show is 1725 Slough Avenue in Scranton, PA. It is not a real location. The address refers to the British edition of The Office, which was scheduled to be held in Slough, England.

Conclusion: Top Things to do in Scranton PA

While we tried to provide you with an extensive list of things to do in Scranton PA, this list is not exhaustive.

There are loads of more fun-filled things to do in Scranton PA. Scranton PA has a lot of interesting sites, beautiful natural sceneries and historical backdrops, events, and festivals that are sure to satisfy your quests and engage you any time of the year.

Don’t forget to feat your tummy with sumptuous meals from different eateries in the locality and if you are a pizza lover, you don’t want to miss a visit to the worlds pizza headquarters.

Did you visit Scranton PA recently, what is your favorite attractive spot? Wed love to hear from you! If you haven’t visited and is planning a visit to Scranton, you may want to check out this list of best hotels in Scranton.

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