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JetBlue Blue Basic vs Blue Fares: Which is better?

JetBlue Blue Basic vs Blue Fares: Which is better?
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If you need a quick primer on the differences between JetBlue Basic vs “Blue”, you’ve come tot he right place.

Jetblue has a variety of easy to confuse seating classes. Mostly because the word “Blue” is present, but also because some of the differences are relatively minor.

To cut right to the chase, these are the key differences:

JetBlue Blue Basic JetBlue Blue
Price Most affordable option More expensive than Blue Basic
Seat Selection Last minute seat assignment Free seat selection at booking
Baggage Policy Charges for checked bags One free checked bag and one free carry-on
Cancellation/Changes Fees apply for changes or cancellations ($100-200) Free changes and cancellations
TrueBlue Points Earns 1 TrueBlue Point per $1 Earns 3 TrueBlue Points per $1

Blue Basic vs Blue: What Are the Key Differences?

These are the key differences between them Blue Basic vs Blue:

The Cost Factor

Let’s start with the pocket pinch. Blue Basic is the most budget-friendly option, designed for the frugal traveler. Blue, on the other hand, is a step up, with a price tag to match.

Baggage Policies

Blue Basic travelers, pack light because you are ONLY allowed one personal item and no carry-on baggage!

Blue fare passengers, you have the same allowance, but with the added perk of one checked bag if flying to and from Europe.

Seat Selection & Boarding

Now, let’s talk about personal space. With Blue Basic, your seat is assigned at check-in and you generally board last.

Blue fare, however, lets you choose your seat at booking or up to 24 hours before departure. No more being stuck in the middle seat!

TrueBlue Points

Are you a points person?

Blue Basic earns you one TrueBlue point per dollar spent, while Blue fare triples the fun with three base points per dollar. Perfect for those looking to save for that dream vacation.

Change and Cancellation Policies

Life happens, plans change. With Blue Basic, changes and cancellations come with a fee. With Blue, you get one free change or cancellation.

As of this writing, the change fee for Blue Basic is generally $100 for North America, Central America and the Carribean and $200 for everywhere else.

Is JetBlue Blue Worth the Upgrade?

In my experience the only reason to go with a Blue fare over Blue Basic is:

  1. If you are a rewards member. The extra points are generally worth it for frequent flyers.
  2. If your plans may change. The waived change fee ($100 for domestic) provides a good peace of mind if stuff happens.
  3. You are flying to Europe. Saving on the checked back fee sometimes is the price difference (but not always).

Of all of the fare options, there’s the fewest advantages between JetBlue Blue Basic and Blue. The lack of free checked bags on either honestly makes it feel like a bit of a nothing burger to me.

If you value same day flight switches and early boarding, you may want to consider JetBlue Blue Extra.

If you are NOT a rewards member and are flying domestic, I see very little reason to upgrade!

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