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Jetblue vs United Airlines: Which Is Better?

Jetblue vs United Airlines: Which Is Better?

The best way to determine which Air Flight company to choose from is to compare the products and services.

I have made a comparison between JetBlue vs United and listed them in the following article to help you decide which one you prefer over the other.

Bottom Line Upfront: I lean more towards JetBlue because of their prices & perks (overall value). I like their plane’s interior, food, and entertainment over United.

Those that live in the Boston and New York area can take advantage of the competitive fair prices if they fly out and into those locations because of the alliance JetBlue has with American Airlines.

The Main Differences between JetBlue and United Airlines

  • JetBlue flies primarily domestic and also London, whereas United Airlines flies globally
  • JetBlue offers inexpensive meals & snacks, whereas United Airlines offers basic food choices
  • Jet Blue’s premium seats are only on a select few, whereas United Airlines has 1st-class on most flights
  • JetBlue has an alliance with American Airlines to offer competitive rates for NY and Boston travelers, whereas United Airlines is standalone and does not have this competitive leverage.

JetBlue vs United Airlines: Similarities

  • Both JetBlue and UA fly domestically
  • Both fly internationally (although UA reaches more globally)
  • Both airlines have up-grades with hubs
  • Both have COVID measures to keep passengers safe


JetBlue Airways is a low-cost airline for passengers. Its headquarters are Long Island, NY, and operates 1,000+ air flights every day. JetBlue flies to over 85+ destinations across the US, Mexico, Caribbean, Central and South America, and Europa-England.  JetBlue’s primary fleet is Economy Class.

JetBlue MINT Fleet

Available for flights to the Caribbean, Latin America, and London

Mint features lie-flat seats, front-row Mint studio with a 17″ TV, an extra seat to work, lounge, and entertain, direct aisle access, sliding door for privacy, Tuft & Needles T&N Adaptive Foam Cushions, and memory foam pillow with a customizable blanket, dedicated storage.

Front-Row Mint suites Include a 22″ TV, mirrored vanity, more storage, guest seating, and table.

Meals are partnered with Delicious Hospitality Group brings NYC’s Charlie Bird, Pasquale Jones, and Legacy Records to Mint. International Artisan wine list and cocktails.

Standard seat packages include 10.1” HUV setback touch less TV free in-flight snacks, free high-speed WFI free movies, TV shows, and Live TV, setback pocks with mesh compartments, Custom LED mood lighting, window shades, stylish comfortable seats, USB connections, spacious restrooms, extra-large overhead bins,

JetBlue Fleet

Airbus A321 Long Range

  • 114 seats, 31 rows, 4 bathrooms
  • 22 fully enclosed Mint Suites with a door for added privacy
  • 2 Mint Studios with large beds, 22″ TV, mirrored vanity, an extra seat and table to work and lounge
  • Tailfin pattern: Streamers

A321neo with Mint 

  • 32 rows of 144 seats on board
  • Including 42 Even More® Space seats. There are 14 fully enclosed Mint suites with all-aisle access and a door for added privacy and 2 Mint Studio suites, a large bed, a 22” TV, a mirrored vanity, and an extra seat and table—to work, lounge, and entertain. The plane also includes 4 spacious bathrooms.

Airbus A321 Classic with Mint 

  • 159 seats, 29 rows, 4 bathrooms
  • In-seat USB and 110v power outlets in every core row and every Mint seat
  • Tailfin pattern: Prism

Airbus A321 Classic

  • 200 seats, 34 rows, 4 bathrooms
  • Tailfin pattern: Prism

Airbus A220

  • 140 seats, 28 rows, 3 bathrooms

Airbus A321neo

  • Includes 200 seats, 34 rows, 4 bathrooms
  • 100+ channels of free DIRECTV®

Airbus A320 Restyled

  • Includes 162 seats, 27 rows, 3 bathrooms
  • 100+ channels of DIRECTV®
  • Tailfin patterns: Highrise, Blueberries, Tartan, Harlequin

Airbus A320 Classic

  • Includes 150 seats, 25 rows, 3 bathrooms
  • Seatback TV
  • 36 channels of free DIRECTV® and live flight map
  • 100+ channels of SiriusXM®
  • Tailfin patterns: Spotlight, Highrise, Tartan, Barcode, Blueberries, Stripes, Bubbles, Dots

Embraer E190

  • Includes 100 seats, 25 rows, 2 bathrooms
  • 36 channels of free DIRECTV® and live flight map
  • 100+ channels of SiriusXM®
  • Every seat is a window or aisle—no middle seats
  • Tailfin patterns: Barcode, Blueberries, Tartan, Highrise.
AirCraft  # seats # rows # of bathrooms
Airbus A321 Long Range (LR) 138 31 4
A321newo with Mint 160 32 4
Airbus A220 140 28 3
A321neo 200 34 4
A320 Restyled 162 27 3
A321 Classic 200 34 4
A321 Classic with Mint 159 29 4
A320 Classic 150 25 3
Embraer E190 100 25 2

JetBlue: Product & Services

offers a premium travel experience for coast-to-coast trips and The Caribbean, Latin, and London routes. All-ails-access and a door for privacy, lie-flat seats on Tuft & Needle’s T&N Adaptive Foam cushions, a memory foam pillow and customizable blankets, 17″ TV, in-suite power and wireless charging, customizable lighting, storage and nooks for shoes, and laptop.

Mint Studio Business Class Suites

includes the same as Mint Suites but with a larger bed, 22″ TV, mirrored vanity, extra seat, and table to work, lounge, and entertain a fellow Mint traveler

Blue Basic- no carry-on allowed so that works for those that travel light, 1 person item allowed, zero checked bags allowed, fees apply for cancellations, same-day switches, same-day standby, advanced seat selection… Passengers earn 1 Base TrueBlue point and 1 TrueBlue online booking bonus for each dollar spent on the fare.

Blue- standard airfare for those that have a carry-on and a personal item. No checked bags are allowed. However, if you travel to and from London, then you are allowed one checked bag. Passengers don’t pay cancellation fees. There is a fee for same-day switches and same-day standby. Boarding is general. Passengers earn 3 TrueBlue points for each dollar spent on the fare and for booking online.

Blue Basic, Blue, Blue Plus Passengers get Wi-Fi services, on-demand movies, TV shows, Direct TV and Sirius radio, complimentary snacks, and soft drink. To upgrade snacks, to have a meal, or alcoholic beverage, they come with a charge.

JetBlue Vacation Packages

  • JetBlue offers flights with hotel packages with a variety of destinations and pricing
  • Round-trip flights with 4 nights at a hotel or resort. Their hotel and resort choices comprise AMR collections, Marriot, Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, Bellagio Las Vegas, Sandals, Melia Hotels International, Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas, RIU Hotels & Resort, Majestic Resorts, Barcelo Hotel Group, and Palladium Hotel Group.
  • Cost/ person includes total cost, or pay a monthly cost

JetBlue Flights & Cruises

Flights are matched with the port so passengers will land where your cruise starts. Cruise destinations include The Caribbean, Mexico, and Bahamas.

Packages include:

  • earn TrueBlue points
  • plane to port commitment
  • bundles savings and perks
  • 24/7 travel expert customer support
  • best price guarantee

JetBlue Hotels, cars, and more

With Paisley, JetBlue will save customers 35% on car rentals and earn TrueBlue points.

Customers earn TrueBlue points when they book a hotel or resort booking.

JetBlue vs United Airlines- Points & Perks

JetBlue offers:

  • JetBlue: Points and Perks
  • jetBlueCard: Credit Cards

Customers can earn 50,000 bonus points after spending $1,000 on purchases, plus paying an annual $99 fee within the first 90-days with the JetBlue Plus card.

Points include:

  • 6x Points on eligible JetBlue purchases
  • 2x Points at restaurants and eligible grocery stores
  • 1x Points on all other purchases
  • Free First Checked Bag
  • JetBlue vs United- Travel Insurance.

United Airlines offers:

United Airlines offers MileagePlus where you gain points with the more places you go, and the more mileage you go…plus the miles you collect, never expires. Miles you earn can apply to your next trip or your backyard. United also offers deals via MileagePlusX, Clear, Avis Budget, and more.

Use miles to:

  • Earn miles: fly with United and earn miles
  • Earn miles with credit cards, shopping online, dining, united cruises, home & financial partners like Rocket Mortgage, LifeLock, guaranteed Rate, eGift Cards and vacation packages, Avis & Budget Rentals, Hotel & Vacation rentals like Marriott, IHG, and Villas of Distinction, Fly with Star Alliance, and other airline partners, Fly with United and United Express

JetBlue vs United: Insurance

Jetblue Insurance

If you do not have your travel insurance, you can purchase Allianz Travel Protection on the JetBlue website for:

  • trip cancellation
  • trip interruption
  • emergency medical and dental
  • emergency medical transportation
  • travel/trip delta
  • baggage loss/ damage
  • baggage delay
  • 24-hour help

United Insurance

  • United has travel guard trip insurance coverage for tip investment, offset expenses from travel mishaps and emergency travel help, medical and security services with 40+ languages.
  • MileagePlus members
  • United or United Express- fly and your miles soar
  • Airline partners- fly with Star Alliance and other airline partners
  • Hotels & Vacation Rental- stay with the hotel and vacation rental partners like Marriott, IHG, and Villas of distinction to earn miles
  • Transportation- earn miles on car rentals with Avis & Budget, cruises, and more.
  • Money and mileage can earn flights with Mileage Plus

JetBlue vs United: COVID-19 measures

JetBlue COVID Measures

JetBlue includes COVID-19 onboard policies, travel restrictions, testing requirements, and more that passengers should know before traveling.

It includes Federal law requirements, JetBlue Health declaration during check-in, entering the US, restrictions, and requirements that vary for each destination, cancellation fees, and transferring on a partner airline.

United COVID Measures

Safety policies are in place with United Airlines for at the airport, lounges, onboard the flight, cleaning, and arrivals… that include face masks, customer guidance, check-ins, and boarding.

JetBlue vs United: Food & Beverages


  • Every flight provides a limited selection of free snacks and drinks and items for purchase.
  • Complimentary snacks options are Cheese Crackers, Popcorn Chips, Seed Bar thins, Brown Sugar Crunchy Oat Flour, Soda, Tea, and Coffee.
  • Purchased food and drinks range from $8-$12 per purchase
  • Paid beverages between $8-$9 include wine, beer, and spirits, 4 assorted EatUp boxes $9 each, 4 assorted EatUp Cafe boxes $10-$12

Mint Food

The food for business class Mint passengers is some of the best offered on airlines. JetBlue offers NYC hotspots food choices like Charlie Bird, Pasquale Jones, and Legacy Records.

With a rotating selection of small meal plates and desserts. Their alcoholic choices include international artisan wine and cocktails for routes that include the U.S., Latin America and Caribbean, and London.

United Airlines

United – Economy

  • Travelers are given complimentary snacks and refreshments, although some are only available for purchases if you pay
  • Beverages like coffee, tea, soft drinks, and juices are complimentary on all flights but are only available upon request if the flight is less than 300 miles.
  • Food is available for flights over 800 miles with the US, Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean… therefore travelers may bring their snacks. Flights over 800 miles, snack boxes, and Bistro On Board items are available for purchase.
  • International flights will serve an entrée, salad, dressing, a snack, single-serve cup of ice cream.
  • Beer, wine, and spirits cost between $8-$10
  • Specialty wines (375ml) $18
  • Beer and wine are free on flights between the continental US, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, India, New Zealand, South America, and Tahiti

JetBlue vs United: Travel Fair Pricing – EXAMPLES

JetBlue Flight Pricing – for example:

Example of the destination from Jacksonville, FL to Cancun, MX between Feb 1-22, 2022

  • Basic Economy $128 to $128 back = $256 round-trip
  • Mint/ Business $234 to $234 back = $468

United Airlines – Pricing Example:

  • Basic Economy $666
  • Business: $1,128

Example of the destination from NYC to London, England between Feb 2-22, 2022

JetBlue – Pricing Example:

  • Basic: $291 to $291 back = $582
  • Mint/Business: $830 to $830 back; $1,660

United Airlines – Pricing Example:

  • Basic Economy $618
  • Business: $4,116

JetBlue vs United Airlines- Pet Carrier and Fees

Check out our full guide on the best airlines for pets here.

JetBlue – Pet Carrier

Your FAA-approved pet carrier cannot exceed 17″L x 12.5″W x 8.5″H and the combined weight of your pet and the carrier must not exceed 20 pounds).

JetBlue Mint does not allow pets in the cabin

United America – Pet Carrier

The maximum dimensions for your FAA-approved hard-sided kennels are 17.5 inches long x 12 inches wide x 7.5 inches high

Only one pet is allowed per carrier, and they must be able to turn around comfortably when it’s closed.

Both allow domesticated cats and dogs to fit in a travel carrier underneath the seat in front of you and they must remain inside the pet carrier at the airport and on the plane.

JetBlue vs United America – Pet Fees

  • Both have a pet fee of $125 each way.
  • United charges an additional $125 for each stopover that is over 4-hours within the US or over 24-hours outside of the US

JetBlue vs United America: Service animals

JetBlue and Service Animals

JetBlue has a Policy for people traveling with service animals that give you a definitive as to what they consider a service animal, what to know before you travel with a service animal, documents that are required, countries with a high risk of rabies, and more…

United Airlines

United Airlines has a policy for people traveling with service animals, that includes qualified individuals, breed age, department of transportation information for service animals, helpful travel reminders, and more.

JetBlue vs United: Mobile APP

JetBlue:  JetBlue Mobile APP

JetBlue App helps travelers on the go by managing trips, prepaying checked bags, buying or changing eats, and tracking the flight, check-ins, and more… Overall, well-designed for Jetblue flight experience. 

United Airlines:  UA mobile APP

UA gives passengers quick access to important details like time to travel, check your flight in real-time, see local amenities, upgrade and standby list, find club locations, get push notifications, manage your MileagePlus account, and more…

JetBlue Airways: Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Affordable upgraded seats & services Delayed flights
Comfortable seats Doesn’t fly globally
free cancellations except for Blue Basic Pillows, blankets, Headphones come with a fee
Free WV, TV, and Entertainment Reviews
legroom in coach Unfriendly service
low fare cost advanced seat selection  
Low fees  
points earned  
USB outlets  

JetBlue: Reviews

I collected two JetBlue Airways reviews for you. Skytrax gave JetBlue a 4-star review and Kayak gave JetBlue a 7.4-star rating. Skytrax had a tie with food & beverages, inflight entertainment, seat comfort, and staff service. Surprisingly the value for money only received 2-stars. Kayak’s highest rating was for the crew.

United Airlines

United Airlines (AU) is a major American Airlines (among the largest airline options from the US), flying to about 375 airports across the world including 75 domestic destinations, 70 counties in North and South America, Europe, ANSIs, Africa, and Oceania.

Fleets include 2, 3, and 4-cabins with 1st Class, United Polaris Business Class, United Premium Plus, United Economy Plus, and Economy Class.

Premium cabin passengers can use the United Club lounges located in approximately 40 airports

United Airlines Fleet

  • Boeing 787 – 219-318 passengers
  • Boeing 777 – 276-350 passengers
  • Boeing 767 – 167-240 passengers
  • Boeing 737 – 126-179 passengers
  • Airbus 319 and 320- 126-150 passengers
  • Bombardier CRJ 200/550/700 – 50-70 passengers
  • EMB 170 &175 – 70-76 passengers
  • EMB 145- 50 passengers


    # rows  
Boeing 787 # rows United Polaris Business United Premium Plus Economy Plus Economy # of bathrooms
Boeing 787-8 33 7 3 3 20 5
Boeing 787-9 37 12 3 6 16 6
Boeing 787-10 44 11 3 4 26 9
Boeing 777            
Boeing 777-200 37 13 3 4 17 8
Boeing 777-300ER 47 16 3 7 21 10
Boeing 767            
Boeing 767-300ER 36 10   7 19 6
Boeing 767-400ER 34 8   10 16 5
Boeing 757            
Boeing 757-200 30 4   8 18 4
Boeing 757-300 42 6   10 26 4
Boeing 737            
Boeing 737-300 22 3   6 13 3
Boeing 737-800 29 4   8 17 3
Boeing 737-900 31 5   7 19 4
Airbus 319 22 3   6 13 3
Airbus 320 26 3   7 16 3
United Express Aircraft            
Bombardier CRJ-200 13       13 1
Bombardier CRJ-550 14 4   5 5 1
Bombardier CRJ-700 18 2   4 12 1
EMB 170&175            
EMB 170 18 2   4 12 2
EMB 175 19 4   8 7 2
EMB 145 18     3 15 1

Onboard Experience

United has 200 Boeing 737 MAX and 70 Airbus 31neo Aircrafts

United Polaris Business- premium cabin with elevated comfort and service for international travelers – high-end pre-flight dining, added privacy, comfort, and convenience., private screening, noise reduction headphones, free checked baggage, Premium bedding on custom Saks Fifth Avenue luxury bedding, premium skincare products from Sunday Riley, food prepared by chefs from The Trotter Project. Premium flat-bed seat, spa-like shower facilities with products by Sunday Riley. soft lighting. Entrée meals include a salad with dressing, bread, mixed nuts, single-service ice cream cup, complimentary beverages, including beer, wine, liquor, and non-alcoholic drinks, depending on destination, mid-flight snacks are offered, cozy slippers, premium skincare items, earplugs, eye masks for flights longer than 12-hours pajamas are available upon request. Check out our guide on the best first-class airlines here.

United Premium Plus- For Coast to Coast

Enhanced and comfortable, more space and comfort than Economy Plus seats, upgraded dining on custom dinnerware and flatware, and a cloth napkin. Selected domestic flights on the transcontinental route receive hot entrée, fruit and dessert, and complimentary alcoholic beverage.

Closer to the front row of the aircraft, more elbow space, legroom and recline, plush seats, adjustable leg rest, footrest, individual power outlets and USB charger,13″ TV for entertainment, noise-reducing headphones,

United Economy Plus

Located near the front of the cabin and provides more legroom space, Premier qualifying points for your purchase. Complimentary hot entrée and a few alcoholic beverages.


Inexpensive, entertainment, food, and beverages, Wi-Fi and inflight entertainment, as Basic Economy fares include with some restrictions…1 personal item allowed, full-sized carry-on bag not permitted, Complimentary seat selection is not available, Group and Family seating not available, Refunds not allowed, certain Mileage Plus and Premier member benefits are not available, the last boarding.

Product & Services

  • Credit and Prepaid Cards
  • United Vacations
  • UA Credit Cards
  • Premier Access travel services
  • Priority Boarding travel services
  • Gift Certificate Registry
  • club
  • subscriptions
  • travel for groups, meetings, and charters
  • travel for official US Military and federal government business
  • travel products
  • gift registry
  • united club locations and other united lounges
  • travel insurance

United Airlines: Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
can bring your food and drinks canceled flights offer no hotel or meal vouchers
customer service flight delays
No restrictions for carry-on, no matter what fare you paid price
travel benefits uncomfortable seating
variety of seat choices  

United Airlines: Reviews

I collected two United Airlines reviews for you. Skytrax gave AU a 3-star review and Kayak gave UA a 6.2-star rating. Skytrax had a tie with food & beverages, inflight entertainment, seat comfort, staff service & value for money. Kayak’s highest rating was for the crew.


Question: How far in advance can travelers book vacations?

JetBlue passengers can book flights out to 331 days from booking.
United Airlines travelers can book 330 days before their travel date.

Question: Can I include my in-cabin pet on my reservations?

JetBlue passengers can have small dogs and cats in the main cabin (except for Mint).
United Airlines travelers can bring cats, dogs, rabbits, and birds (except cockatoos) on most flights.

Question: How do I contact Customer Support?

Answer: Both airlines have customer contact support plus tons of customer FAQs that you can review for help.
JetBlue: They provide a Help section on their website with the most popular topics for changes, cancellations, and standby, travel certificates, refunds, travel alerts, delays and cancelations, refundable fees, accessibility help, and more.
United Airlines: They provide phone numbers to call, chats to connect with, FAQs finding and Use Your Credit, Change or Cance upcoming flights, Refund a Flight, and more.

Conclusion: Jetblue vs United Airlines

Both JetBlue Airways and United Airlines are strong competitors with one as they both provide attractive products and services that include upgrades to accommodate all passengers.

JetBlue is known more for its affordability and short-distance travels, while United Airlines is a slightly higher upgrade of products and services that reach more globally.

JetBlue has improved their fleets with a more attractive and comfortable in-cabin accommodation and includes high-end offers for over the pond lights. United Airlines has higher-end accommodations on most planes with a large fleet assortment.

Travelers need to list their needs and wants when they travel… keeping in mind the distance of the travel, cost that they can afford, what services they need like USB charging, entertainment, food and drinks, sleeping accommodations, legroom, and so on. Then, review tier likes and wants with each airline and then determine which airline best fits their expectations. Reading customer reviews is helpful too.

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