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The Best Time to Visit Singapore – Useful Travel Tips & Guidelines

The Best Time to Visit Singapore – Useful Travel Tips & Guidelines
If you want to travel to Southeast Asia, you shouldn’t miss Singapore for the world. This mini-nation located on the Malay Peninsula doesn’t comply with the region’s common stereotypes. In fact, in plenty of ways, Singapore is the opposite of nearby countries. The only main thing that this city-state shares with its neighbors is the weather which can be a tad unpredictable. Let’s find out more about this amazing place, in the following “best time to visit Singapore” guide!

Why Should You Visit Singapore? – Main Reasons

1. Thrilling Activities and Continuous Action

Singapore is a place filled with interesting and entertaining activities. For an adrenaline boost, you should try traveling through the city by cable car, all the way to Sentosa resort. There, you will find the largest wind tunnel in the world which is great for indoor skydiving. Another exhilarating thing to do is going on a Night Safari to explore more than 2,000 animals from over 100 different species. In fact, this is the first nocturnal zoo on the globe.

2. A Rich Culture and Plenty of Arts Centers

Singapore is full of spectacular theatres, museums, and galleries. However, you will find all kinds of art forms, all over the place, even on the streets, on sidewalks and building walls. I recommend you to spend an entire day exploring the city’s core area where you will find the Civic District. There is the place of many world-renowned art galleries as well as popular museums such as the Art Museum and National Museum of Singapore.

3. Interesting or Unique Items Made by Local Artisans

Some of the local artisans are making clothing items and accessories for globally-known brands and popular labels. If you’re either a bargain hunter or a fashionista, you will love Singapore due to its wide range of shopping options. For starters, there’s the Orchard Road which is the place to be if you want to go from one shop to the other in the search for pieces you want to add to your wardrobe. On the other hand, bohemian bargain hunters should take a look at the Holland Village where one can explore the displayed craftsmanship at ateliers like Bynd Artisan.

4. A Foodie’s Paradise

Once you find yourself in Singapore, you should definitely put eating at local dinners on your to-do list. Many locals go to eat as a manner of spending their free time. The city-state is home to plenty of classy restaurants that received Michelin stars. From French cuisine to Japanese fusion meals, there’s nothing you cannot try in Singapore. Still, it would be a shame to leave the city without trying its local establishments to enjoy their diverse culinary landscape to the fullest.

5. A Place Filled with Green Sanctuaries

Singapore can be easily mistaken for a large and beautiful garden due to its many verdant parks and lush green areas. So, the urban landscape is a combination of modern futuristic buildings and peaceful and relaxing strolling spaces. You should go see the Gardens by the Bay or the Fort Canning Park. Spend your evenings strolling through these places if you want to relax and have a quiet moment.

6. A Vibrant Nightlife

Once you recharge your batteries in one of Singapore’s beautiful parks, you are ready to spend the night out, listening to live music, and partying all night long. The city is rich in this kind of nighttime activities. There are a lot of world-class dance clubs as well as themed bars and rock n’ roll venues.

The Weather in Singapore

Singapore is very close to the Equator which means that this city-state doesn’t have cold days. You will only feel cold in Singapore’s shopping malls where the air conditioner is turned on to the maximum level. If you plan to visit a museum or go see a movie at the cinema, you should definitely take a jacket with you. Temperatures are quite consistent during the year. There are highs of about 31-32 degrees Celsius while the lows are approximately 21-23 degrees Celsius. Those who travel for the first time to this area are very surprised to find out that Singapore has a lot of walking trails and green space. Most people expect to encounter a futuristic or artificial city full of concrete structures but that’s not the case. Still, the island remains green all year round for a reason: it receives many thundershowers. In fact, Singapore’s weather is quite unusual for the Southeast part of Asia. While in other nearby locations, there is almost no rain at all, especially during the dry season, in Singapore, you should expect to see unpredicted showers. But look at the bright side: these rain showers don’t last long. Soon after, you will see the sun again but the air humidity also gets higher. The humidity around here is almost always over 80% which can cause discomfort. Rainfall shows up now and then but it remains pretty consistent. The only period in which you will experience additional rain is between November and January, when is the monsoon time.

What Can Visitors Do in Singapore, When It Rains?

Every year, there are approximately 167 rainy days in Singapore. So, you will certainly have to plan some indoor activities as well. Don’t worry because this city-state island has numerous shopping malls, local markets, world-class museums, and indoor food courts. Choose one or several of these places to pass your time until the rain shower goes away.


In Singapore, spring brings the beginning of the dry season which means that this time of the year is a very good one if you want to travel to this wonderful city-state. The weather is pleasant and the temperatures are situated around 24-25 degrees Celsius. During spring, there are a couple of important events that you should check out:
  • Every April, Singapore is the host of the International Film Festival which represents one of the most important events that take place in the area;
  • If you travel to Singapore in May, you can witness the country’s Airlines International Cup, sponsored by Singapore Airlines. The contest’s biggest prize is three million dollars. This horse racing event is held at Turf Club and it attracts large groups of interested people every year.


The three months of summer are the driest ones in Singapore. For this reason, you should expect to see a lot of travelers. So, the place might get a tad crowded. Moreover, keep in mind that, during summer, Singapore’s air quality is affected by inappropriate agricultural practices that are going on in Sumatra. All that smoke and haze chokes up both visitors and locals alike. In the summertime, there are several important events that take place in Singapore:
  • If you’re a foodie like me, then you will be pleased to know that there’s a food festival organized here every year. It is a month-long culinary celebration;
  • Shoppers should also visit this country in the summer due to the Great Singapore Sale which is simply paradise for avid buyers. Starting in May and all the way to July, you can benefit from incredible discounts offered by a large number of malls, department stores, and even small local boutiques.


If you want to avoid crowded places, you should come to Singapore in the early fall. By now, most of the tourists are gone so you can visit the country without feeling jammed, rushed, or annoyed. Also, for what it’s worth, in the first part of September, you may still catch some important discounts left from the Great Sale event. Another significant competition that happens in autumn is the Singapore Grand Prix which is organized every fall. The event’s location is a popular Singapore spot: Marina Bay. There’s a street circuit there. The entire thing is related to the Formula 1 World’s Championship.


During winter, you should always carry an umbrella with you if you plan to visit Singapore’s landmarks. Even February which is considered a dry month still sees about 8 days of rain. As a matter of fact, an umbrella will come in handy because it protects you from both bright sunlight and unexpected rainfalls. Here are some of the events you should attend to while in Singapore during winter:
  • There’s an appealing street parade, called the Chingay Parade. It is organized each February and it is a celebration of the birth of Chinese deities. It is a colorful and vibrant event;
  • If you’re around in December, you will be able to enjoy one of the biggest dance music festival on the continent: ZoukOut.

When Should You Go There? – Best Time to Visit Singapore

Singapore City, Singapore – July 17, 2015: Marina Bay is a bay near Central Area in the southern part of Singapore, and lies to the east of the Downtown Core. The area surrounding the bay itself, also called Marina Bay

There’s a Best Time for Everything

1. Booking Hotels

All the good hotels in this city-state get completely booked early. So, try to make a reservation at least a couple of month (not less than three) in advance.

2. Sightseeing

Singapore is a unique place. Unlike many other travel destinations, there isn’t a specific time of year or season that’s optimal for visiting this city. It’s true, however, that certain festivities and events might swell the crowds while also increasing hotel rates (which, between you and me, are already quite high). The weather is great pretty much throughout the year. Issues like rainfalls, heat waves, and boosted humidity can occur no matter when you plan your vacation. Also, winter is wetter but in this area, there aren’t significant differences between dry and wet seasons.

3. Shopping

You can go shopping all year round but the best time, if you want to save some money, is during the Great Singapore Sale which takes place from May to July. Some stores offer huge discounts that can reach up to 70%. If you cannot travel in that period, you should know that after Christmas, you will also find discounted prices. Singapore Singapore-Flyer-Ferris-wheel-01.jpg

4. Riding the Singapore Flyer

This is Singapore’s version of the London Eye. It is a huge wheel from where you can observe the entire city. It takes you up to almost 550 feet high. You will enjoy a 360-degree view. It is best to go there at the beginning of your trip so that you can get a clearer idea of how the city is structured and see its layout.

Singapore Travel Seasons

  • High Season – there are two high seasons in Singapore; the first one lasts from November to early January; the second one is in June and July. Unlike other destinations, here you won’t find a clearly defined high season although the number of visitors reaches a peak during holidays, events, and festivals. During this period, you will deal with high hotel rates and, most likely, you won’t be able to negotiate or receive any discounts;
  • Shoulder Season – from mid-January to May, Singapore has the shoulder season. The prices are neither high nor low. If you don’t like big crowds, you should go visit Singapore in April, because there aren’t any public holidays that month;
  • Low Season – the low season starts in August and ends in October but with one exception: mid-September. Late summer, as well as early fall, sees a slight break when it comes to tourist traffic. In September, there’s the Singapore Grand Prix so that particular period might get the city crowded again. Also, the Monsoon starts around this time so the temperatures are a bit higher than in other months.

Things to Consider Before Planning a Trip to Singapore

1.  Dress for the Weather

Singapore has a tropical climate which means it feels like summer all the time. Temperatures don’t go higher than 34-35 degrees Celsius but they also don’t go lower than 24-26 degrees Celsius, on average. Still, what causes issues is the high level of humidity. Hence, you must pack accordingly or else, you will end up looking sweaty every time you go out. In this type of climate, outdoor activities should be done early in the morning. At night, when the city is lighted up, you can plan your long urban walks. Don’t forget your umbrella either because you will be surprised by how fast the weather turns from bright and sunny to heavy downpours, in only a matter of minutes.

2. Be Prepared for an Expensive Travel Destination

It is globally known that Singapore is rather expensive which means that going there as a tourist can tap into your budget much more than exploring other Southeast Asian countries. Nevertheless, all these extra fees and expenses might be worth the effort because not only is this country an area that has plenty of things to see but it is also small enough so that you can visit it in a pretty short amount of time. Moreover, Singapore is known for its modern infrastructure, amenities, and conveniences, which are all right at your fingertips. Marina Bay Sands in the evening - 20101120.jpg

3. Save Money by Eating at Hawker Centers

An easy and delightful way to save some money is the following one: instead of eating out at fancy and expensive restaurants, you should indulge in the local cuisine served at Singapore’s hawker centers. There, the food is both more affordable and authentic. It’s true, however, that you will sweat outside, waiting in long lines to order and receive your food. If you’re worried about lack of hygiene all you have to do is check the colored placards placed at each stall. A means “the best” while D stands for “a risk.”

4. Use Public Transportation

Don’t spend your money on taxis. Instead, use Singapore’s public transportation because it is convenient, safe, and cheap. When it comes to going from point A to point B, the country’s public system is the best choice because it is well-maintained, extensive, and modern. There are plenty of apps that will help you arrive safely at your destination. You can also deduct your fare, at the beginning and end of the trip, by tapping the reader. Other possibilities to move around are ride-sharing and bike-sharing apps.

5. Know the Rules and Respect Them

Singapore has a lot of regulations and strict laws. Actions you may think aren’t that bad such as tossing your cigarette on the ground or spitting in public might get you caught and fined. Most of these rules are common sense. Still, visitors can face harsh punishments, including incarceration when it comes to acts of vandalism and other infractions.

Staying Safe in Singapore

Singapore is very safe and the laws are strict, especially when it comes to consuming or possessing drugs. So, follow some simple common sense guidelines and you will be fine: don’t spit on the ground, stay away from drugs, have manners in public, and be polite. All these habits will keep you out of trouble. Also, you should rely on your instincts. For example, if you order a taxi and the driver seems shady, get out of the car. Have copies of all your personal documents like your ID and passport. If you travel alone, make sure that your loved ones know your itinerary. Last but not least, buy bulletproof travel insurance which will protect you against injuries, cancellations, illness, and theft.

The Best Time to Visit Singapore Guide – Final Thoughts

Although there isn’t an ideal time to go to Singapore, in my opinion, you should choose one of the following months to plan your trip there: February or March. During these two months, you will be able to enjoy your holiday completely. Both months are in the dry season and they have a lower number of rainy days. Moreover, these periods aren’t in the high season time so the city will be less crowded. Further read: