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The Best Garment Bag – Popular Options & Buying Tips

The Best Garment Bag – Popular Options & Buying Tips

If you think that ruffled and crumpled clothes are unavoidable during travels, think again! The last you want while traveling in style is to grab your clothes and discover that they’re all wrinkled. Whether you’re traveling like a celebrity or making a regular trip, there are things you can do to keep your clothes looking nice and tidied up anytime you travel. Garment bags are handy for keeping your clothes tidy, properly arranged and free of wrinkles when you travel.

Whatever your purpose of travel is, when you unpack at your destination, you’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness to invest in one of the best garment bag options in the market. With your clothes, all nicely packed and well-organized looking stylish anytime and anywhere can never be easier.

Garment bags are particularly important for individuals who regularly travel from one city to the other for business purposes. However, they are equally important for other general travelers especially if you want your clothes neat when you reach your destination without having to look for a means to iron your clothes.

Deciding on which garment bag option is most suitable for your needs can be tasking given the wide varieties of types and brands scatter all over the market. To make the task easier we have scoured through the market and provided our top picks of the best travel garment bag. 

We have equally explained the factors we examined to make our selections and which you should equally consider anytime you are in the market to buy a travel garment bag. Want to find out what makes the best garment bag option for your need? Don’t go away! Follow us as we plunge deep into the topic right away.

What is a garment bag?

Garment bags are types of bags used for carrying corporate wears or official clothes from one place to the other. These bags come in different shapes and sizes and are designed with different types of materials. However, they all come with a slot designed to keep your clothes flat need and crease-free during travels. The best garment bag option for your needs is one that can secure, safeguard, protect your clothes and keep it from wrinkling when you travel.

Black Organizer Bag Set

Types of garment bags

Let’s discuss them one by one:

1. Bi-Fold or double-fold Bags 

Bi-fold garment bags fold midway to make it compact and easy to carry. After they fold up, the lowermost part of the bag either zips, ties, or attaches to the top layer of the bag so you can carry the bag as a single piece. 

These are the most widely available type of garment bag. They come in multiple designs and are produced with different types of materials. Therefore, no matter what your budget is, you’ll get a garment bag which makes a good fit. 

2. Tri-Fold or three-fold bags

Tri-fold garment bags are ultra-light and very compact that you can easily attach one of these to your suitcase pullout handle. They are basically a small-sized bag that can hold sufficient clothes you need for one to two days of travel. 

However, you can fold them up while in transit and as soon as you get to your destination, you can unfold and hang them up. 

3. Rolling Garment Bags 

The rolling garment bags are types of garment bags that not only fold up, they equally feature wheeling system, so you can roll them. They commonly come with a grip. 

So, they are typically larger and weightier than the other two types of the garment bag. However, they offer more room. So, they accommodate more clothes and are best for longer trips.

4. Suits Garment Bags

The design of this type of luggage is specially made to hold suits. In other words, you can only carry suits with these bags and nothing else. For that reason alone, suits garment bags are less popular than other alternatives. Also, they are smaller so the storage space is not as large as the one of other travel bags. The benefit of these products is given by their lightweight design.

5. Travel Duffel Bags

This baggage has a sporty look and, once you place the suit inside, you can then roll it up into a duffel bag. Most of them have two layers: an inside layer that’s resistant to water and an outside layer that’s used to roll the bag. Travel suit protector bags that transform into a duffel suitcase are ideal for short business trips.

6. Women Garment Bag

Although these are cheaper than suit garment bags, they can safely hold a wedding dress without wrinkling it. Most of these products are made of waterproof materials. Even after the wedding, you can still use the item to carry gowns when you’re going to a special occasion such as a friend’s wedding or prom.

The Benefits of Garment Bags

Benefits of Garment Bags

If you want your clothes to look tidy and off-the-rack when you arrive at your travel destination, the best thing you can do is to invest in a good garment bag.

The best garment bag will function as a suitcase and a suit protector. It will feature a lot of convenient pockets, packing spaces and compartments for securing your clothes and ensuring they remain in good order while you travel.

Garment bags come with a lot of added benefits compared to when you make use of a standard duffel bag or suitcase. Some of the benefits include the following: 

1. Keep your clothes hanging or lying flat during travels 

A garment bag allows you to maintain your clothes in the right order by hanging them in means of transportation you use including the car, the bus, and the train. It equally makes it easy for you to hang your clothes in your lodging when you arrive at your destination. 

However, you cannot hang your garment bag in an airplane but there is something you can do to keep your clothes in order when you are flying. In an airplane, you can lie the garment bag down. This way they are wrinkle-free and ready-to-wear.

2. Choose from different types and designs 

Garment bag comes in different designs and structure to suit the needs of different types of travelers. This makes them versatile and provides you with a wide collection of garment bags types to choose from. 

So, depending on your travel needs and how long you’re traveling for, you can choose rolling garment bags, garment bags with shoulder straps for easy haulage or garment bags designed like a duffel bag. 

No one single type of garment bag is suitable for all people and in all situations. What makes a perfect choice depends on your traveling needs and peculiar situations. 

 3. They can serve as a cabin bag

You can fit your garment bag in the overhead compartment on an airplane. Theses cloth-carrying bags are frequently pre-built to serve as carry-on baggage. 

They regularly meet airline restriction either in a rolling or folding form. This improves boarding time and reduces the needs to pay for luggage containers.

How to choose the best Garment Bags: Factors to consider

There are a few factors that determine what makes the best garment bag. We are going to consider in a minute. However in the end what you settle down with depends on your travel needs, mode of travel and traveling style. Let’s now look at these factors closely:

1. Size

Size is a critical factor to consider if you’ll be engaged with a lot of air travels. If you want your garment bag to serve as a carry-on rather than check it in, you need to be very conscious of size to avoid paying an extra charge. The size restrictions of the carry-on bag depend on your chosen airlines and commonly vary from airline to airline.  

In general, a standard carry-on bag should come with maximum specifications of 22 by 14 by 9 inches. Bear this in mind while shopping around. Garment bags especially designed for regular travelers have these specifications in mind during production. So, remember to check this out before making your purchasing decision. 

2. Capacity

The capacity of a garment bag determines the number of clothes you can take with them. While some can hold only a single suite, there are garment bags that can accommodate up to ten attires. 

So, to determine your best option, you need to factor in your travel style and how long you’ll be gone for. 

Remember, the capacity of a garment bag will determine the size and weight, so try to avoid garment bags with large capacities except they are of extreme necessity. 

While considering the capacity, check the rooms the bag offers. Some garment bags provide a lot of extra rooms to accommodate different travel essentials including shoes, wash bags, and casuals, whereas a few others come in designs that protect your clothes and keep them wrinkle-free and ready to board for your travel. 

Also, the length of a garment bag is essential especially if you’re traveling with a ball gown, wedding gown or other fanciful attires. In this case, a garment bag that can accommodate the entire length of the clothes is the best option. 

3. Storage Spaces / Compartments for Organization

Storage Spaces / Compartments for Organization

Besides ensuring that a garment bag you choose can sufficiently maintain your clothes in proper order, ensure it comes with quality supplementary storage compartments to make organizing your belongings easier. 

The best garment bags commonly come with interior pockets that make storage of items like ties, ornaments, skincare and beauty products, and other travel items easy. 

Some of the best garment bag options feature exterior pockets. Their interior pockets can serve as standard suit covers or come in the form of collapsible wardrobe bags. So, you can choose a bag with your preferred type of interior organization.

Another factor you need to check in the interior pockets of a garment bag is they come with zips and if the pockets are made with mesh materials. Zips ensure that the items stay in their compartments while mesh materials allow suitable ventilation or flow of air through your materials.

The garment bags with interior pockets specifically designed to accommodate shoes, ties, and underwear, for instance, are practical for individuals who engage in business trips. Zipped pockets are suitable for smaller items, whereas damp pockets are better for toiletries. 

Some external pockets may work as your handbag. Such a feature may be critical but this depends on your travel needs and preferences. You may need to check the number of exterior pockets that the garment bag has as they are convenient storage spaces for items you want handy. 

Some types of garment bags have small-sized exterior pockets that can only store small items like small phone, camera, traveling umbrella, and much more. These are okay if you’re traveling with another bag. 

However, if you are traveling with only your garment bag, consider bags with large-sized exterior pockets so they can accommodate things like reusable water bottles or travel books.

4. Bag Types

The type of garment bag you choose will depend on your needs and preference. If you want a garment bag to preserve your fine suits or designer dresses, while at the same time ensuring ease of movement goes for garment bags with wheels.  

On the other hands, you can choose a hybrid garment bag model that easily transforms from a fold-out design to a tasteful duffle for more versatile usage. A tri-fold compact garment bag will be your best option if you’re a busy business specialist going away on a day or two days business tour. 

Likewise, a stylish garment weekender designed inflexible is a great choice if you’re traveling for the weekend outside the town for a wedding occasion or related events. 

5. Bag Material vs Durability

Bag Material vs Durability

It is essential that the garment bag you purchase come in the best quality materials to make them sturdy and ensure long-term usage. You don’t want a garment bag, you will replace after a month or two of usage. 

The quality of the bag material is essential for securing your clothes and keeping them properly organized. The last thing you want is battling with a bag with one side ripped open during your trip. 

While your garment bag needs to be lightweight for easy transportation, it should be sturdy enough to keep your clothes intact without tears while you travel.

Garment backs are meant to come in foldable designs, so ensure that the come in flexible materials for easy folding.

Again if you commonly travel to destinations with frequent rains, investing in a water-resistant garment bag is very practical and essential. You don’t want your clothes soaking wet when you arrive at your final destination.

Several garment bags are produced with an equivalent type of resistant nylon or synthetic material used for the production of laptop bags and travel duffels. These can offer extra protection to your stuff when you travel during the wet season or to wet-prone locations. 

Ensure you check what the garment bag can offer for your needs before you make any purchase.

6. Wheeled and wheel-less garment bags

Wheeled garment bags are easy to transport through the continuous network of halls in an airport. So they are great for city explorations and public transportation systems. Count this wheeled system out if you want to use them on jagged terrains, rugged roads, seashores, or open landscape.

You’ll need to hand-carry garment bags without wheels. They regularly come with shoulder straps so you can hang them on your shoulders. Check to ensure that they come in comfortable shoulder straps to ensure minimal fatigue while transporting the wheel-less garment bags. 

While they are less convenient to carry compared to wheeled systems, they come with minimal weight and can easily fit into the overhead compartment of an airplane. 

Choosing between wheeled garment bag designs and designs that lack wheel depends on your needs and situations. Each of these comes with advantage and disadvantages. 

7. Grips and Zippers

Garment bags can come with a long handle retractable handle for easy rolling or large-sized shoulder straps from transporting by hanging on the shoulder or a quick hand grabs for easy pick-ups. Whatever model of grip you prefer, remember to ensure it well-made and sturdy.

Therefore, ensure that they are either made with hard-beaten metal grips, leather or nylon straps for durability. Durable quality materials are essential to ensure they last over a long period and while the bag lasts. 

Also, ensure that your garment bags come in sturdy and well-made zippers. The zippers should come in quality TSA locks to ensure the security of your items. You require tough zippers that won’t easily snap. 

The small zipping system does not last. They can break easily. Therefore only invest in a garment bag with sturdy zippers and zipper pulling system to keep your pieces of stuff secure.

8. User-friendly transport system

User-friendly transport system

Look for garment bags with handles and straps for easy movement. The last thing you desire is your garment bag skidding and slipping off or making you misstep as you work through the large airport hall. 

So, choose a garment bag with solid and convenient handles or straps for easy transportation. Garment bags with adjustable and detachable shoulder straps in addition to one or more convenient grips are easier to transport in a wide variety of situation.

Your type and purpose of travel will determine your best option. If you won’t be traveling with any other bag aside your garment bag, your best option is to go for a garment bag with a wheel system which would equally give you sufficient storage room. 

If you’re as well traveling with your suitcase, the best garment bag option would be something that comes in a rear flap structure that you can connect on your rolling carry on cabin bag. 

9. Style

Garment bags come in different styles. Some come in a hybrid of multiple styles. The most common type of garment bag is the types that you can hang. Some feature a single fold style while others feature a double fold or triple-fold styles. 

Some garment bags can convert to duffel bags, while others come in non-folding designs. A few others come with foldable and wheeling systems while some are not wheeled and cannot fold. The best type depends on your traveling preference or purpose.

10. Weight

Although lightweight bags are easy to carry during travel, ensure you equally check on their quality. Don’t just shop for lightness. Consider how durable the material which the bag is made of to ensure the bag can safely transport your belongings to your destination.  

Rolling garment bags commonly weigh more than non-wheeled systems. The features you want in a traveling bag will commonly determine how light or heavy it would be. So, bear this in mind and ensure you get the best out of the two worlds-durability and lightness.

Tips for packing your garment bag for your next travel

Tips for packing your garment bag for your next travel

The purpose of a garment bag is to keep your clothes wrinkle-free and well-organized when you travel. If you won’t properly pack your belongings into the garment bag, you may as well use a backpack instead. Not arranging your clothes properly in a garment bag defeats the entire purpose of the bag. So, to ensure you get optimal value and benefit out of your bag, follow the steps below:

Lay your clothes flat

Before loading your garment bag, place it on a flat surface. This could be a table, your bed or the floor. What is essential is how you put the clothes together into the bag. This gives you more control and ensures you don’t wrinkle up the clothes while you pack them inside the bag.

Pack your items in the inverse order

Packing your clothes in the reverse order ensures they are good to wear when you reach your destination. What this means is that you pack the things you wear last and others follow in that order. 

For instance, you should first lay your jacket, and place your shirts on top followed by pants, undergarments, socks and the rest.

Let the front side of the clothes face down with backside facing up

Despite the precaution you take, you may experience occasional wrinkling. To lessen the effects, pack your clothes facing down. So, when any rumple occurs, it’ll only affect the back of your clothes.

Maintain the one to six rules

This is a small and essential travel packing rule observed round the globe. Pack your travel essentials in the following ratio: one hat, two pairs of shoes, three pairs of jeans, four blouses or tops, five pairs of socks, and six pairs of undergarment. You can add to this depending on your travel duration.

Strap the garments down

Some garment bags come with compression straps. These are handy for strapping the clothes down to ensure they remain flat while on the go. Try to avoid excessive tightening with the straps to avoid creating the wrinkle you’re after preventing. 

Let the extra pockets be the last part to pack.

Avoid starting your packing with those convenient small pockets meant to accommodate things like ties, shoes, skincare products and other essentials. They should be the last thing you’ll pack. First, pack and roll your garments before you pack them. 

The Best Travel Garment Bags: Our top picks

Now, we have explained the factors you should look for in a garment bag and have provided you with the tips to safely, we are going to make some recommendations in this section. We will recommend first the best non-wheeled garment bags and then the best wheeled garment bags. 

Whatever your needs and budgets of garment bags are, you’re sure to find a good fit among the list. We have carefully made our selections based on the factors we discussed above and included garment bags suitable for individuals with budget constraints and options for those not limited by budgets. 

Having said this, let’s quickly start!

The Best Garment Bags on the Market

*The following bags were listed in no particular order. I have selected them based on their ratings, reviews, features, and design.

1. Upright Wheeled Garment Bag by London Fog

Upright Wheeled Garment Bag by London Fog

If you’re looking for a business garment bag, the one made by London Fog is a great choice. The interior design of this luggage features four different zip pockets which will enable you to organize your clothes a lot better. The suits compartment helps prevent or at least minimize wrinkles.

This is a popular garment bag made for busy men who travel a lot. The bag’s lockable zippers are durable and there’s also one large pocket on the outside of the bag where you can place some of your smaller belongings if you want to access them quicker.


  • Extendable handle for easy transportation;
  • In-line skate wheels;
  • A suit compartment;
  • Four zip pockets;
  • A locking handle;
  • WallyLock metal bracket;
  • One large exterior zip pocket.

Upright Wheeled Garment Bag by London Fog | Amazon

Traveling for business, your next cruise or a formal event? Trying to avoid your clothes from wrinkling while traveling? Well, the London Fog Knightsbridge 44" Wheeled Garment Bag is a great option for you! 

Buy at
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

2. Men’s Carry-On Garment Bag by Briggs & Riley

Men’s Carry-On Garment Bag by Briggs & Riley

The Briggs & Riley garment bag was crafted to meet the needs of people who travel a lot on business. It’s true that this product is quite expensive but most buyers say it’s worth the money due to the product’s quality. The manufacturing company is popular and trusted and their brand is considered a premium one.

The bag has just the right size to fit your clothes and suits without exceeding the carry-on limit. This garment luggage comes with a couple of hooks where you can hang your suits. Also, there’s plenty of space for your shirts and accessories like socks, ties, and other belongings.


  • The outer part is made of a durable fabric that resists to dirt, wear, abrasion, and moisture;
  • The frame is compact and lightweight and the design is sleek and elegant;
  • High durability – the suitcase retains its shape over time;
  • Two handles – a short fixed one and a telescopic handle for when you want to carry the bag using the wheels;
  • The interior surface is flat to prevent clothing wrinkles.

Men’s Carry-On Garment Bag by Briggs & Riley | Amazon

This carry-on wheeled garment bag conveniently carries your hanging garments in a protected structured case while still avoiding checked baggage fees. The durable ballistic nylon outer fabric withstands the toughest travel conditions.

Buy at
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

3. Carry-On Travel Garment Bag for Business Suits by Zegur

Carry-On Travel Garment Bag for Business Suits by Zegur

ZEGUR Suit Carry On Garment Bag weighs 3.4 lbs and come with dimensions of 23 by 4 by 22 inches when folded and 43 by 22 by 4 inches when in the open format. This makes it a good cabin carry-on garment bag option for your air travels.

The shoulder strap makes transporting the bag easy. The travel garment bag is great for packing your outfits for overnight business trips. It is padded with EVA foam to provide a tasteful full-print interior lining. 

The garment bag is manufactured with tough, 1800D Polyester that resists fraying. The bag exterior is made up of waterproof material to seal out moisture. The zippers and clasps are made with strong metal materials for durability.

The interior part of the garment bag is made up of three buckles. These are used to secure the clothes and prevent wrinkling when you travel. You equally get an additional four interior pockets for organizing your socks and shoes and securing them in a stable position during travel.  

Three out the four pockets can fully zip. The last pocket comes with a Velcro closure. This gives you sufficient room to store bigger stuff like shoes. The mesh breathable pockets offer you some spaces for organizing your ties and scarves.

When traveling with your technological gadgets like laptop, tablet, mobile phone, traveling camera, and adapters, you can store away any of these items or wallet in the large exterior pocket for easy access. 

It is a classic-looking unisex garment bag option for travel. Despite the simple look, it is filled with many practical features. No wonder this bag tops as the number one Amazon best-selling garment bag option for travel.  

This bag is suitable for your travel needs, whether you’re traveling to Arubavisiting Green Bay WI or heading to Seattle for your vacation, this bag will make a good companion and ensure your convenience.

Besides the capacity of the bag to accommodate roughly three dresses or suits, it equally offers you sufficient space for storing away your clothing accessories and toiletries. Transporting the bag is equally easy. 

You can either hold the bag with the top located handle. Alternatively, you can make use of the shoulder strap which is adjustable and detachable. The bag can also easily fasten to your luggage.  

The bag equally comes with an identification tag, coupled with a metal chain with a hook feature for hanging the bag to avoid creasing. Overall, this garment bag is a great buy for travelers going away on short trips.


  • Multiple interior zipper pockets;
  • An exterior pocket;
  • One Velcro pocket to keep your shoes in;
  • One mesh zipper pocket to keep your ties;
  • Durable and waterproof exterior fabrics;
  • This is a unisex travel bag;
  • Fashionable design.

Carry-On Travel Garment Bag for Business Suits by Zegur | Amazon

Whether you’re headed for a business trip or a weekend getaway, the Zegur garment bag keeps you organized and takes the hassle out of packing! Thanks to multiple interior zipper pockets, it maximizes storage capacity, holding everything from suits, dresses to shoes and ties. 

Buy at Amazon,com
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4. Travel Select Wheeled Garment Bag by Traveler’s Choice

Travel Select Wheeled Garment Bag by Traveler’s Choice

The Travel Select luggage is a best-selling carry-on bag that has received over 1,000 consumer ratings. You can choose from four available colors. Your clothes will remain in good shape the entire time you’re traveling. This bag is easy to handle and carry due to its shoulder strap and extendable handle. Moreover, the shoulder strap features a non-slip pad. The main compartment is very spacious and well structured. You can use the tie straps in order to secure your clothes.

On the other hand, this product lacks an exterior hanger which means that, once you arrive at your destination, you will have to unpack your clothes. The wheels are made in such a way that they ensure easier portability. On the outside part of the luggage, you will find two smaller pockets where you can keep your essentials.


  • Four available colors to select from: black, navy, gray, and red;
  • The front panel is made from durable polyester;
  • The shoulder strap is both detachable and adjustable;
  • There are in-line skate wheels;
  • Useful mesh pockets on the inside;
  • The interior is imprinted with an elegant lining.

Travel Select Wheeled Garment Bag by Traveler’s Choice | Amazon

The Travel Select Amsterdam business rolling garment bag is ideal for keeping your clothes crisp and clean while you are traveling. This garment bag is made of industrial quality hardware; 1200d two-tone polyester construction with an EVA reinforced front panel.

Buy at
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5. Maxlite Lightweight Luggage by TravelPro

Maxlite Lightweight Luggage by TravelPro

The Maxlite garment bag made by TravelPro has a spacious suit compartment. It has an appealing design and it is quite affordable. There are two different handles that enable optimal transportation as well as better maneuverability. One aspect that I find highly interesting is the fact that you can easily zip the extendable handle away when you only want to use the carry handle. There’s an exterior pocket for you to get easy and quick access to your gadgets, documents, books, and other items during the trip.


  • In-line skate wheels;
  • Suit compartment;
  • Short handle and telescopic handle;
  • A large pocket to keep your essential items, on the outside;
  • The product is both durable and lightweight;
  • The fabric is resistant to stains and waterproof;
  • Multiple compression straps;
  • It fits in the overhead storage space.

Maxlite Lightweight Luggage by TravelPro | Amazon

A garment bag made for the way you travel. This lightweight carry-on garment bag features ball-bearing wheels and a sturdy PowerScope Lite handle for gliding through airports with ease. Lay-flat design features padded straps to keep several suits, dresses, shirts and pants with no wrinkles, while multiple pockets for undergarments, shoes, sweaters and more make organized packing simple. 

Buy at
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6. Tri-fold Travel Garment Bag by WallyBags

Tri-fold Travel Garment Bag by WallyBags

The WallyBags gown luggage was made to meet and even exceed women’s needs. It has a tri-fold design and it can be safely used to transport a gown or even a wedding dress, stress-free. The bag comes with a hanger clamp that, together with a couple of roll bar straps, will maintain your clothes or dress in good shape the entire time you’re on the road. You can take with you, in the same bag, up to six different clothing items, including a tuxedo and a gown.


  • Its design allows users to place the bag in the overhead compartments of most airlines;
  • The luggage itself has a hanger which you can use to unfold the bag and then place it inside a closet;
  • There are three exterior pockets where you can store accessories and shoes;
  • The fabric is resistant to moisture and water;
  • There’s an interior pocket that’s specially made to store delicate things like jewelry;
  • The central zipper is durable and enables easy access to your clothes.

Tri-fold Travel Garment Bag by WallyBags | Amazon

Delicate garments, such as a wedding gown or tuxedo, stay neat and wrinkle-free in this lightweight, shoulder strap garment bag with multiple pockets and WallyLock hanger clamp.

Buy at
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7. Foldable Garment Bag by Dalix

Foldable Garment Bag by Dalix

The Dalix foldable travel bag provides multiple benefits such as interesting color options, comfort, quality, durability, easy transportation, spacious storage areas, etc. You can either fill the bag with a couple of suits or carry up to eight different shirts with it. Once you’re in the hotel room, you can easily place the bag in the closet by using its hanger opening. With such a colorful and vibrant garment bag, you will definitely stand out.


  • There is one main compartment that’s zippered and spacious;
  • The bag has two front pockets for your accessories;
  • It is made from a sturdy polyester;
  • You can select from a wide range of bright colors: navy blue, white, dark green, red, pink, gray, orange, maroon, purple, and royal blue;
  • This bag is foldable and comes with two handles.

Foldable Garment Bag by Dalix | Amazon

DALIX brings you a line of garment bags that will complement your travel needs with ease and affordability. Its lightweight aspect gives you durability and portability without slowing your day down.

Buy at
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8. Modoker Carry-On Garment Bag: The Best Convertible Hanging SuitcaseModoker Carry-On Garment Bag

This Modoker carry-on garment bag is arguably the best convertible carry-on garment bag. It is lightweight and weighs only 2.45 lbs. 

This dual-purpose garment bag and duffel makes an excellent choice for keeping your clothes in good condition when going away on a weekend trip. You can either fold the bag and carry it as a normal shoulder bag or spread it out and hang the bag vertically to prevent wrinkles. 

The bag is sure to offer you good value for your money. When you hang the bag upright, it has 37.5 inches by 20.8 inches dimensions while featuring the main interior space that holds your garment securely and wrinkle-free. It equally comes with interior pockets which can hold materials such as ties and under-sized electronics. 

When you fold the bag up to serve as a duffel, the bag interior has a whopping 45-liter capacity while measuring 22.8 by 11 by 11.8 inches dimensions. The bag also comes with a side pocket to accommodate your passport, wallet, key, boarding pass, and other little items. The second side pocket towards the left is suitable for your housing your shoes. 

The bag’s forty-five liters capacity gives sufficient space to pack in all your essential clothing for the travel e’s plenty of room on the inside for all of your clothing. It meets the specifications for a carry-on cabin bag. At the same time, it offers you sufficient room to pack all your traveling essentials without any requirement to take additional luggage for your travel. 

The bag can conveniently fit into the overhead cabin or underneath your seat when folded. It is produced from first-class polyester and jacquard substance which makes highly resistant to scratches. It is sturdy enough to perform well under light rain or splashes of water. 

The detachable shoulder strap makes the bag easy to carry from one point to the other while at the same time easy to hang in an upright direction when you arrive at your destination. It equally comes with a back flap design which makes the bag easy to fasten to your luggage is another convenient feature that comes with the Modoker Convertible Garment Bag.

Modoker Carry-On Garment Bag | Amazon

While you can find many great luggage sets to use for your trip, however, usually the sets you purchased didn't include a garment bag, and you have to buy another garment bag for suits separately.

Buy at
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9. AmeriLeather Three-suit Garment Bag