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Delsey vs Samsonite Luggage: Which is Best?

Delsey vs Samsonite Luggage: Which is Best?

Finding the perfect luggage can be a struggle but if you start out with a name you know, that can reduce some of the time in your search.

That is why it makes sense to begin your search from the popular and reputed brands of luggage like Delsey and Samsonite

Samsonite and Delsey are two of the top globally acclaimed luggage manufacturers under the medium price category.

These two luggage brands are very close competitors in terms of product quality and pricing. Thus, Delsey vs. Samsonite is frequently a hard comparison due to their very close similarities. 

Each of these two luggage brands has an extensive collection of luggage, starting from the hard side to flexible garments bags. They equally have numerous designs, colors, and models of products.

Don’t worry about that. You’ll have many options to choose from, so, it won’t be hard for you to find a good fit and I’m here to help you through the process.

Bottom Line Up Front Summary: My pick for the best luggage between Delsey vs Samsonite is Samsonite because of their rich history and high quality products. If you want to go more European with your style, that’s fine, but for me, Samsonite just makes sense with more models, slightly better durability, and a long brand track record of excellence.

Main Differences Between Desley vs Samsonite Luggage

The main differences between Delsey vs Samsonite luggage are:

  • Samsonite has been around since 1910 and was founded in America, whereas Delsey has been around since 1946 and was founded in France
  • Samsonite has a reputation of offering a wide variety of high-quality luggage, whereas Delsey is known for their upscale European style
  • Samsonite has a wide and loyal following, whereas Delsey isn’t as well known but still has a solid niche of people that won’t buy any other brand
Why Go With Samsonite?

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These two best luggage brands have a lot to offer you when you purchase any of their products. However, they are not without a few drawbacks which you need to equally consider before deciding on a final product.

The best choice of luggage for your needs must be easy to transport, be able to accommodate your travel essentials and be lightweight so you can lift it. It must also be affordable. You don’t have to sell your house to purchase good quality luggage. 

To make your search for the best luggage easier and assist you in your buying decision, we have provided in this post an all-inclusive guide to buying Delsey vs. Samsonite suitcase. We have provided you with factors that are essential when deciding on the best suitcase. 

Also, we provided you with a general overview and review of the two luggage brands and recommended five top products from each brand. We went ahead to compare the best products from the two brands in different luggage categories including best hard side, best under the seat, best carry-on and best soft case luggage bag. 

At the end of the article, you will get all the essential information you need to select a luggage brand and model from these two companies that can take care of your traveling needs for many years to come.

Eager to get started, don’t go away. Let’s dive right in:

Comparison Table: Quick Overview: Delsey vs Samsonite

Start your search by checking out the quick overview of these two luggage brands with the comparison table below featuring top products from the two companies. 

You click on the links to check each of the products on Amazon if you are under time constraints. Otherwise, you’ll find a detailed review of each of the products on the table further down the article.

Luggage Picture

Brand/Product name


Samsonite Omni

Luggage Sizes in inches : 20, 24, 28

Exterior Material: Polycarbonate micro-diamond

Luggage Interior : The lining made of Nylon material

Samsonite Winfield

Available Suitcase Sizes  in inches: 20, 24, 28

Exterior Material  Polycarbonate brush-stroke

Interior Material: Nylon lining

Delsey Comete

Suitcase Sizes in inches: 20, 24, 28

Exterior Material: ABS with diamond molded texture

Interior Material: Nylon lining material

Delsey Helium Titanium

Suitcase Sizes in inches: 19, 21, 25, 29

Exterior Material: Polycarbonate

Interior Material: Nylon lining material

Delsey Helium Aero 29″ EXP Hardside Spinner

Suitcase Sizes inches: 25, 29

Exterior material: Polycarbonate


25 by 17,5 by 11,5 inches,

29 by 19,5 by 12,5 inches.

Interior Material: Nylon lining

Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside 28″ Spinner

Suite case sizes in inches: 20, 24, 28

Design Material: Polycarbonate


20 by 13,5 by 9,5 inches,

24 by 16,25 by 11,5 inches,

28 by 19,75 by 12,5 inches.

Delsey Helium Cruise 29″ EXP Softside Spinner

Suitcase sizes in inches: 21, 25, 29

Design Material: Nylon Material

Sizes: The sizes of the three series are

20,5 by 14 by 10 inches,

25 by 18 by 11,25 inches

29 by 20 by 12,75 inches

Samsonite Mightlight 2 Softside Spinner 30″

Suitcase sizes in inches: 21, 25, 30

Exterior material: Nylon

SIzes: The three series measures

23 by 15 by 9 inches,

28,75 by 18,25 by 9,5 inches,

33,5 by 20,25 by 12,5

Samsonite Omni PC Hardside 20″ Spinner

Suitcase sizes in inches: 20, 24 and 28

Exterior material: Polycarbonate micro-diamond exterior for resisting scratches

Interior Material: Nylon-lined interior

Suitcase/ Luggage Buying Guide: How To Choose the Best Luggage for Travel

Deciding on the best luggage for your travel can be tasking due to the numerous types of suitcase to choose from. Do you go for a hard-side suitcase or softside suitcase? Is a carry-on suitcase/garment bag or underseat bags the best option?

If you only need to select from a single luggage brand, the task would be a lot easier. But where it gets knotty is when you have to navigate through different brands and models of products all with similar designs and features. When deciding which brand and model to settle on, check out the following factors. Knowing what to look for in the best luggage will save you a lot of stress overall.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Suitcase

The following are the factors you need to consider. We will take each of the factors one by one so you know what to look out for.

  • Nature of travel
  • Functionality
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Durability
  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Water-resistant capacity
  • Color
  • Company’s Warranty
  • Suitcase Handles
  • Available Compartments and Pockets
  • Hardside vs Softside considerations
  • Rolling Vs Spinning wheels consideration

Nature of travel

Your travel purpose is essential to determine which suitcase will suit that same purpose.

When you are going away on a long holiday, the best option is to go for a hardside or softside suitcase. You will get this type of luggage bag in different styles, designs colors and sizes. The best hardside or softside luggage for your needs would depend on the number of clothes and clothing accessories you need, your preferred styles and the number of gadgets, toiletries, and devices you’re taking along with you.

If you frequently make executive business trips, you need your clothes to look nicer and well-kept when you reach your destination. So, in this case, a garment bag would be the best fit to ensure your clothes are crease-free when you unpack at your hotel.

If you need to do some business presentations during your trip, you may equally need a laptop bag or a carry-on suitcase with a padded outer cover. Luggage bags designed as carry-ons commonly come in designs and structures that keep your electronic gadgets secure and safe while in transit. Some of them have spaces to accommodate your files, documents, chargers, biros and all other essential items.

If you prefer to travel light, the best luggage bag option is an under-seat bag. They frequently come in flexible materials but with a smaller capacity to accommodate few clothes and travel essentials. The fact you can keep the bag with you minimizes your risk of lost luggage which saves you a lot of stress overall.


Whether you want to decide on Delsey vs Samsonite luggage options or you want to check out products from other top luggage manufactures, one of the essential factors to consider is the bag’s functionality. The best way to determine this is to consider why you’re traveling and how long you’d be gone for. To do this, you need to consider the length of your trip, as well as the reason for it.

If you are making leisure travels, you’ll require a suitcase with sufficient capacity to accommodate your clothes, clothing accessories, beauty or hair products, and other personal traveling essentials.

Also, do you plan to travel with a carry-on or check-in your luggage? If you want to check-in your bag, go for a hardside suitcase. This offers optimal protection to your stuff. You can equally use a suitcase. However, you need to be conscious of what you pack inside.

If you are traveling for business or making a leisure trip that includes formal occasions like wedding ceremony, you need a garment bag to ensure your clothes preserve their best look by the time you get to your destination. Garment bags are designed to keep your garments wrinkle-free and offer you extra spaces to store other accessories.

You need a carry-on/an underseat as a back-up bag irrespective of your nature or reason for travel. These bags come handy and offer you a few changes of clothing and other things you need handy. Besides, they serve as a backup if you happen to lose your checked luggage.

The Size of the suitcase

Delsey Luggage

Having a rough idea of the size of suitcase you need for your travel is essential before you start to compare which model or brand to settle on. How long you’re traveling for and the things you need to take for the travel would determine the right side of the suitcase to go for.

Hardside and softside suitcases commonly come in diverse sizes, so you can not only choose the model you like but the size that suits your travel needs. Besides, the main compartment which is the roomiest, they come with some interior and exterior pockets to help you get organized.

Majority of luggage brands have three sizes of hardside and softside suitcases which can be a 20, 24 and 28 inches luggage, for instance. These different sizes of the suitcase are meant to serve different purposes. For example:

  • A 20-inch bag is meant to serve as a carry-on. It can fit into most airlines, overhead bins.
  • A 24-inch is a medium-sized bag. It can serve as carry-ons in a few airplanes with large overhead bins. It is a great option to take with you if you are going away for a short time and for roughly one week.
  • A 28-inch bag is an oversized suitcase that you’ll need when you’re traveling for a longer period and these bags always need to be checked in.

If you can afford to, it is best to buy at least two sizes of these suitcases to have a suitable size option for every travel occasion. If you are traveling by yourself and for a shorter period, your best luggage size is size 20 and 24 inches. You can check the 24-inch bag and take the 20-inch sized bag with you as a carry-on. If you’re traveling as a couple or a family, you’ll need the 28-inch sized bag.

Carry-ons or underseats come in smaller capacity which easily fit into the overhead cabin bin or under a seat before you. Although they don’t do much in terms of what they can carry, they are sufficient to accommodate a few changes of clothes plus they offer some space for laptops and other technological gadgets and other useful items. They are handy to have no matter your type of travel.


Your suitcase needs to be lightweight enough to make it easy for you to navigate with them. Having said this, because a lot of suitcase brand now build their bags with polycarbonate materials, these bags are no longer as heavy as they used to be in the past. Polycarbonate materials are very light, yet they are very sturdy to withstand the stress of travels.

Despite that the modern-day suitcases are lighter, you need to watch the weight of the bag you settle with, to ensure you can easily transport them and also that the bag weight does not add to the overall weight of your stuff inside it that they exceed the airline limit. You don’t also want to put excessive strain on the handles and wheels and risk snapping your bag sooner. This is a super-light material that is still very strong.

Luggage Price

What luggage brand and model you settle on equally depends on the price. Most of the top luggage brands feature products that are much related to price. However, this is not always the case. Your suitcase needs to be good quality. It also needs to be affordable. That is where Delsey vs. Samsonite suitcases come into play.

These two companies produce high-quality and reliable suitcases at an affordable price point. They are not cheap brands and not equally the most high-end products. They are the best choice for average travelers. While Samsonite is a popular brand in the US, the Delsey is popular in Europe but not well-known in the US. However, these two companies produce good products.

Another factor you need to check when considering the cost of a suitcase is whether it is a hardside or softside luggage. Hardside suitcases are commonly more expensive than their softside cousins.

Also, the cost also depends on the size which means that a 24 inch-bag will cost more than a 20-inch suitcase and so on. So, to save cost, it is best to buy the size you need. What you decide to settle on eventually will depend on your budget and how much you’re will invest in a suitcase.

Rolling vs Spinner Suitcases (2 Wheels vs 4 Wheels)

Delsey vs Samsonite Rolling vs Spinner Suitcases

When deciding between Samsonite vs Delsey luggage and any other luggage brand, the wheel system is one of the factors to consider. Some suitcase come in two wheels while others come in a four-wheel system. The two-wheel system is also known as rolling wheels while the bags with the four-wheel system are said to have spinning wheels.

Rolling suitcases come with rear-recessed wheels under their handles. They are great when you have to pull your bag through rough terrains. You can also roll them upstairs or over obstacles. The problem with this wheeling system is that they only roll frontward and backward. They make maneuverability a bit difficult when traveling through a busy street and maybe too wide to push through an airplane’s aisle.

Spinning suitcases, on the other hand, is easier to maneuver through busy streets and tight corners. They come with wheels that rotate in 360 degrees. This, you can pull the bag forward, backward or sideways. Also, they minimize the strain of carrying heavy luggage because; you can easily move the bag in any direction in an upright position. 

Unlike the rolling bags, they come with non-recessed wheels which make them take up more spaces when they are used as overhead cabin bag or underseat bag. 

Hardside vs Softside Suitcase

Hardside suitcase offers more protection to stuff inside compared to the softside luggage. The tough exterior prevents the bag from compressing under pressure making it a good choice when you need to travel with fragile and delicate items. On the flip side, these bags are not flexible and won’t accommodate any extra clothes above its capacity, unlike the softside bags. 

A softside suitcase is more flexible and more resilient but lacks the hard safe structure of the hardside bag. It allows you to pack more stuff and can easily fit into a tighter space, unlike the hardside bag. So, they aren’t good for storing fragile and rigid materials.

Another factor to check before deciding whether to go for a softside or a hardside bag is their weight. If you’re concerned about weight, you’d be better off with a softside bag. They are generally less heavy and are easier to lift than the hardside suitcases. However, they are prone to tear and can rip apart id you put excessive pressure on them. So, remember to be careful when handling them.

Luggage Compartments and Pockets

When deciding between Delsey vs Samsonite luggage, one more factor you need to check is the load capacity of the bag and the compartments it features for better organization of your clothes and items. Some luggage brands come with one large storage space while others feature various compartments to make organizing your materials easier. 

So, check the main compartment of the bag. Does it come with only one roomy space or does it feature other smaller pockets to separate your traveling essentials and give each a home? 

In addition to the main compartment, some suitcase brands and models feature a second large compartment for storing items like your shoes, additional cardigan, and other essentials. These extra spaces can come handy when you need an extra packing space.

All good quality luggage bags come with pockets. These include water-resistant pockets for housing liquid materials like creams, shampoos and beauty products. They keep your clothes and other stuff safe if there is a spill. Nontransparent pockets are best for personal items you don’t want everyone near you to see. Mesh pockets allow for breathability. 

Some suitcase comes with dedicated pockets for things like ATM cards, biros, mobile phones, tablets, and charger. You can buy a bag with these organizational pockets if you travel with these items. However, they are not essential if you don’t travel with any of these.

Luggage Handles

Delsey vs Samsonite handles

All luggage bags come with one kind of handle or the other commonly positioned on top. However, a lot of them come with extra handles. Some come with one more handle while others feature two extra handles. These extra handles are placed at the base and on the sides.

A bag that comes with multiple handles give you flexible carrying options and makes it easier for you to lift the bag. For a bit more comfort, you need to look for luggage with a padded handle to increase grip comfort. Spinning and rolling suitcases come with telescopic or retractable handles. 

This design allows you to easily adjust the length of the handle to suit your different carrying needs. You can pull them out when you need them and retract them when not in use. Look for models with locking handles. This type of telescopic handles can lock both when retracted and when extended to keep the handle steady and prevent wobbling. 

Luggage Durability

The next thing you need to consider when deciding whether to go for a Delsey or Samsonite luggage is to check if the bag comes in a durable material. Majorities of these suitcases are made with tough materials. So they can easily withstand the abuse that comes with traveling. 

Hardside bags are commonly made from tough and resistant materials like polycarbonate or some other hard plastic. They don’t easily break except on the application of extreme pressure. The softsided bags on the other hands are not as durable. However, they still last for a long period. Some of these softsided suitcases are made with a tough nylon or polyester materials. However, they can rip apart if they are abused excessively.

Your attention should be more on the parts of the bags that are liable to snap with use. Some of these little bits include the zipper or the zipper tab. They can easily attach to luggage belts or related materials and can be destroyed by other suitcases checked-in with it. 

Another thing you need to watch closely is the luggage handles especially the telescopic handle. Most luggage manufacturers use cheap materials for these to save cost which can result in early breakage. 

One more feature to check is whether or not the bag comes with a protective feature or not. Bags that have reinforced frames and protective cover around the curves are sturdier. The greatest amount of impact or pressure on this bag goes to these corners so; check out for reinforced curves on the suitcase before you buy.

Company’s Warranty

Although Samsonite and Delsey suitcase are high-quality and sturdy, they are not everlasting and no suitcase is even when you buy the best of all brands. Because of this, you may want to check out the warranty on the product you’re interested in before you buy. 

Look for bags with a warranty that covers repair or replacement if things go wrong. However, not all bags come with this type of warranty. Most suitcases come with a warranty that covers your purchased item for a certain number of years and only the manufacturer’s defect issues.

Delsey luggage

Suitcase Color

Delsey vs Samsonite suitcases and suitcases from other brands come in multiple colors. The best suitcase color depends on your personal preference and needs. For example, although, the most common bag color is black, you might struggle to identify your suitcase from the baggage carousel when loads of black bags pass by you. 

In a situation like this, a brightly colored bags or bags with unique designs are better. It is easy to spot your bag if it is lightly-colored. At the same time, such a bag is an easy target of miscreants. The best choice is to go for suitcases with unique but less showy designs and colors.  

Also, you can decide to choose a piece of luggage with a color that matches any of your belongings or luggage that comes in your favorite color theme. Picking a suitcase with a color you like makes you want to use it for a long time. So, go with your taste. You don’t want a bag you’d purchase today and be bored with it tomorrow. 

Moisture-resistant Suitcases

You may wonder why you need to look for a moisture-resistant suitcase. However, this is essential either because of elements of weather or due to accidental spills.

If someone accidentally spills a drink on your bag or you have to walk a bit in the rain with your bag, rain-proofed bag ensure that your clothes and other items remain unsoiled. If your bag contains electronics, they could be damaged forever. Your clothes could be soaking wet and having to re-wash and dry them could spoil your day. 

Besides moisture-proofed outer case, the bag interior ought to also have some kind of waterproof pocket to help you pack liquid materials like beauty products. These moisture-resistant pockets keep your clothes safe in case of accidental spillage.

Delsey vs Samsonite lock

Special Features

Suitcases are not complicated things to buy. However, if you want to have maximum comfort when you use them, there are a few things you want to ensure they have.

Although these features are not a necessity, they make your life easier when you have them. Some of these extra perks that could make life easier for you with these suitcases include the following: 

  • The number of compartments the suitcase offers including fastening straps and zippered pockets which help for better organization. 
  • Multiple handles, so you have more flexibility while lifting and handling your luggage. It is best to go for suitcases that come with top, telescopic and side handles. 
  • Large, tough and high-quality zippers with an expandable section to give you extra space when you need it. This section should be zipped when it is not in use and unzipped when in use.
  • Spinning wheel system gives you better maneuverability with your suitcase so that you can have versatile navigation options. It allows you to pull both in a vertical direction and in a tilted form like a piece of two-wheeled luggage. 
  • Another practical feature to have in your suitcase is a laptop or tablet sleeve especially if you travel often with one of these. You don’t want risk breaking them apart inside your suitcase due to insufficient protection. 
  • A compression strap is equally essential to hold your clothes and items in place to prevent them from moving around while in transit.
  • Detachable pouches are handy for transporting your toiletries or beauty products to the hotel or airport bathroom preventing any potential loss of your personal items.

Samsonite vs. Delsey: Guide to Finding the best between the two worlds of luggage brands

Having covered the general overview and review of each of these two luggage brands, we will now discuss how Samsonite compares with Delsey luggage by looking at a few factors like pricing, warranty, and lines of products.

Lines of produces

Both Delsey and Samsonite offer related lines of products. Although both companies manufacture duffel bags with wheels with small travel accessories like suitcase tags and laptop bags, their key focus is on suitcase designs.

Both Delsey and Samsonite offer hard and soft case hard and softcover suitcases. They equally have different sizes of suitcases which can serve as carry-ons or check-ins. These two brands equally allow you to purchase these suitcases as single units or in sets. 

Buying a set is cheaper than buying single units. So, consider purchasing in sets if you need to get suitcases for your family members. 

Also, these two brands offer products lines that come in multiple styles and designs. However, if stylishness is your key interest, Delsey offers a lot more stylish designs compared to Samsonite. 

Product Quality & Warranty

With regards to product quality, the two companies produce similar quality products. However, whereas Samsonite Company’s warranty is either three years or ten years depending on the product quality, Delsey gives warranties of ten years, five years, three years, or two years for their products. 

These two brands equally have authorized repair service which would be great if your suitcase snaps while on the move. However, unless you have travel insurance, you may end up paying the repair cost out of your pocket.


Most Delsey products are more costly than the products of Samsonite. Nevertheless, the pricing differs from one product to the other.

Thus, before deciding to settle on any option between Delsey vs. Samsonite suitcase models, try to compare the prices of related product categories from the two brands to know the best choice. 

You can easily find such a comparison on the Amazon website by scrolling towards the bottom of the page of a product you’re viewing.  

Samsonite Luggage Reviews

Samsonite started dealing in luggage more than 100 years ago. They have come a long way over the years and have continued to improve on their creative skills. They are currently developing innovative designs for their product lines while still connecting to their roots. 

They have a global presence and are one of the most popular luggage brands available anywhere in the world. Expectedly, the company manufactures top-quality products and in 2016, Samsonite was rated by Tripadvisor as the best suitcase brand.

Samsonite always makes use of high-quality materials to manufacture their products including the zippers, product interior, and exterior. Therefore, their suitcase is averagely costly but the cost is compensated for by the value offered by these products, and they equally last long. 

The most popular hardshell suitcase produced by Samsonite is the Winfield 2 Spinner bags while the most popular softshell suitcase produced by the company is the Aspire XLite because they come in multiple sizes, feature expansion systems, and come on the wheel.

Having discussed an overview of Samsonite as a luggage brand, let’s now review 5 of their popular products:

Top 5 Samsonite suitcases

1. Samsonite Omni PC Suitcase