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6 Best Samsonite Backpacks for Travel Under $100

6 Best Samsonite Backpacks for Travel Under $100

My friends often tell me I have too many backpacks. But I think we mainly disagree on what “too many” means. I am not at all an impulsive buyer, and I research every purchase thoroughly.

I can honestly say I only buy what I need to make life easier and more practical. So yes, I have more than a couple of backpacks, but each of them serves a specific purpose and they are used. Samsonite fits well into this, because the brand has developed a number of great backpacks that meet different needs.

Samsonite was not on my radar from the very beginning since I mainly knew them as a pricey wheeled luggage company most suitable for air travel. And you will find that each backpack is fitted with a smart sleeve that fits over luggage handles.

But I have grown to appreciate their backpacks just for individual use. Why? They first caught my eye because of their sustainability efforts. Not immediately in terms of recyclables, which they have only recently started to experiment with, but because they make bags that are built to last.

And yes, the initial investment may seem a bit steep compared to cheaper options, but since you are avoiding the purchase of several bags over the years with one solid choice, you are saving a pretty penny in the long run.

Bottom Line Up Front

I have provided a list of backpacks that suit different needs and situations, and each bag is a testament to the quality that Samsonite is known for. But if you are looking for one, quality backpack that will prepare you for every possible situation, I recommend the Detour Travel Backpack. Check out more details below!

My Top Picks

Samsonite Travel Backpacks

What I Paid Attention to When Making this Selection

One backpack is not the other, so I made a selection of tested and approved backpacks that have served me well in specific situations or for specific reasons. From a product-specific point of view, these bags are selected based on their usability, durability, and affordability.

What you will not find, is a bunch of numbers and technical details you will see on any other site as I review these bags based on my personal experiences. However, I have provided a link to each product so you can review the more technical details yourself.

All of the bags I have selected are under 100 USD, which, you may have already guessed, is not always that simple with a brand like Samsonite. But us budget shoppers need quality as well. So, I hope that my selection will help you find the budget Samsonite Travel Backpack that will serve you well for many years to come. Check out our guide on how to find the best luggage here! 

Best Samsonite Travel Backpacks Under 100 USD

Best Backpack for the Broke Maximalist: Samsonite Tectonic 2 Large Backpack

Samsonite Tectonic 2 Large Backpack

Okay, so I am not a maximalist at all. But certain situations call for maximalist needs. Back in my teaching days when I was also already writing and hopping around a lot, I needed quick access to many different things. Pens, phone, chargers, laptop, papers, documents, schedules, all of it.

The Samsonite Tectonic 2 large incorporates all of the elements Samsonite is so well known for without breaking the bank. The bag is made from durable, poly-ballistic materials, and can fit laptops up to 17 inches in its padded sleeve. The padded straps feel pretty comfy when worn, except when the bag is poorly packed to full capacity.

I have had it happen that, quickly in-between tasks, I stuffed a sweater in the bag, and it gave me a bit of a sore back because it bulked up in an odd way. But better packing can solve this issue.

This is the ideal backpack for the business traveler who needs lots of space to separate different objects, both big and small, and make them easily accessible.



  • Budget-friendly and highly durable
  • Fits all laptops up to 17 inches
  • Can be your only business bag that fits everything you need
  • Smart sleeve that protects the laptop and keeps the bag upright
  • Can become bulky and uncomfortable when full. You need to be a savvy packer if you want to use the bag’s complete capacity without it getting uncomfortable to wear.

Best Small Backpack: Samsonite Modern Utility Mini Laptop Backpack

Samsonite Modern Utility Mini Laptop Backpack

This little gem proves that great backpack can come in small sizes! I have often seen this one marketed as a good choice for school children, and I can see why.

It is compact, it is very durable with added RIPSTOP feature, and it is lightweight. But that also makes it a great backpack to hop around in if you are not one to bulk up on many items. If I don’t need to bring a lot of stuff but still need a professional bag, I use this.

The smart sleeve feature keeps the bag upright when sitting on the floor, and if this floor should be wet, the waterproof bottom can protect your belongings. I love this feature because I have put my bags down in icky stuff before.



  • Features a RIPSTOP feature to prevent tears
  • Smart sleeve that protects the laptop and keeps the bag upright
  • Waterproof at the bottom (lifesaver for your hardware)
  • Perfect for simple, business needs when you don’t need to drag around too much
  • Not a con if you own a small device, but the 13-icnh laptop fitting is a bit of a shame since this bag has many exquisite features larger laptop owners are looking for.

Best Everyday Backpack: Mobile Solution Deluxe Backpack

Mobile Solution Deluxe Backpack

In the same line as the small backpack that I mentioned in the previous section, this one is for the lovers of simplicity. But what is different about this one, is that I like to use it for everyday wear as well as functionality because it is one of Samsonite’s more fashion-forward pieces.

One of the downsides to shopping for Samsonite bags is that they can very quickly look like many variations on the same bag. But this one has a rather unique look about it.

Unlike the other backpacks on the list, this one only comes with one bigger compartment that is subdivided into smaller ones and some exterior pockets. So, you can’t bring too many items along with you. But for the stylish professional heading out for the day or to a meeting, it is perfect.

View in Samsonite shop



  • Practical day bag that’s more stylish than other Samsonite products
  • Water resistant design to protect your belongings against rain
  • Professional backpack with flair
  • Comfortable to wear and easy to immediately transition from business meetings to personal engagements, style wise
  • Doesn’t have huge capacity if you need to carry around a lot. It is really just a day bag!

Best Backpack for the Traveler Who’s Always on the Go: Carrier GSD Backpack

Carrier GSD Backpack

I like to refer to this backpack as a little office on the go. There are very detailed organization options for all your belongings, and there is even a USB port to charge your phone.

Although the capacity is less than the Samsonite Tectonic 2 Large Backpack that I listed as the first backpack, it is more comfortable even when fuller because of its ergonomic build. That being said, the side pockets provided for drinks do fill up as the bag expands. I would select this one specifically for long travel times.



  • Comfortable ergonomic design
  • USB port to charge your phone
  • Water-resistant design to protect your belongings against rain
  • Great “little office on the go” for longer travel times
  • Very easy to organize your belongings
  • Side pockets for water bottles not very user-friendly

Best Backpack for a Weekend Business Trip: Detour Travel Backpack

Detour Travel Backpack

Back when I was still working in the tourism industry, I had to take the occasional weekend trip to neighboring counties. I had to make sure I could pack items for rest and relaxation as well as business gear I would need for meeting and presentations. And this bag is a lifesaver.

Easy to travel with, especially when you tend to hop on and off of trains as much as I do, and versatile to carry different types of clothes as well as documents and hardware.

The water-resistant polyester also protected me from quite some rainfall, and I was able to keep my laptop and important documents dry. This was a concern at the time since I read it was “water resistant” and not “waterproof”, but fortunately, it can handle quite a beating from the elements.



  • Wonder bag for the short business trip
  • Multiple pockets that are easy to access and separate personal items form professional ones
  • Protects well against the elements
  • Multiple compartments that are easy to navigate
  • Supports average laptop sizes up to 15 inches, but not the bigger models

Best Secure & Durable Backpack: Quadrion Slim Backpack

Quadrion Slim Backpack

I cannot break this bag. I am not saying I tried to break it intentionally, but I tend to treat my bags with less respect than they deserve. And yes, it is true, all of Samsonite’s bags are built for durability, but this one goes a bit further by reinforcing the bag with Kevlar fibers.

For me, this also gives it an extra sense of safety and security against temperature shifts or any other climate-related influences that could potentially be harmful to the hardware you are carrying.



  • Protects well against the elements
  • Very durable, even for a Samsonite bag
  • USB port to charge your phone
  • Supports average laptop sizes up to 15 inches, but not the bigger models


Question: What Products Does Samsonite Sell?

Answer: Samsonite sells luggage, more specifically suitcases, laptop bags, travel bags, and backpacks. Since the brand has specialized in each important type of bag, they also sell sets that are perfectly balanced, and each piece complements the other.

Question: Who are Samsonite Backpacks For?

Answer: Samsonite bags are known for their usability and durability, so they are ideal for any type of traveler who needs a very practical bag. The type of traveler who benefits most from Samsonite would be the business traveler because Samsonite backpacks are equipped with laptop sleeves, multiple compartments, and some even with USB ports.

Question: Is Samsonite a Sustainable Brand?

Answer: Samsonite is a very sustainable brand in that you will not need to replace your bags anytime soon. The durable designs are made to last. However, Samsonite has been investing more in different aspects of sustainability and has started to produce bags that are at least partly recycled. If you want to learn more about his, have a look at Samsonite’s NuRoad series.

The Takeaway

I hope this list has provided you with all the facts you need to make an informed buying decision. Every bag has its own features that make it special, but what you will find in all of these, is a hardwearing and highly functional backpack. So, the choice is yours!

As I mentioned in the beginning, if you are looking for that one bag that will prepare you for every situation that may come your way, the Detour Travel Backpack will not disappoint. Check out our guide on the best travel gear here!

But, if I can add one more suggestion if you are looking for a smaller, more manageable backpack that doesn’t need to fit a million different things, I highly recommend the Mobile Solution Deluxe Backpack!

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