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Delta Comfort Plus vs Premium Select: Which is Better Value?

Delta Comfort Plus vs Premium Select: Which is Better Value?

Both Delta Comfort Plus and Delta Premium Select give travelers an improved flight experience with upgrades from Economy.

There are some main differences and similarities that passengers should know before making a choice for either upgrade.

Comparing Delta Comfort Plus vs Delta Premium Select will help you see the benefits of the products and services that each package offers to their passengers.

Like most airline competitors, Delta also includes seat and service upgrades from their economy seat options to service customers that want a more seat and service, comfortable trip.

Delta offers economy at a low price, then their upgrades escalate with improved comfort and service to increase passengers’ flight experience. They go beyond to appease many passengers’ needs.

Bottom Line Upfront Summary

I feel Delta Comfort Plus is ideal for traveling on a domestic flight and for vacation. I will get plenty of perks, with good food and rest when I get to where I am going for vacation. However, I believe that Delta Premium Select would be ideal for traveling internationally, where the flights are lengthy and when I am traveling for ‘business’ purposes.

Having the ability to lie down in a bed, sit up and work, kill time with entertainment, and having personal attention for serving food and drinks provides a distressing time when my mind is on business matters and keeping well while I get prepared for meeting business clients. It kind of fits the saying work-hard, play-hard.

Delta Comfort Plus vs Delta Premium Select: Main Differences

The main differences between Delta Comfort Plus vs Premium Select are:

  • Delta Comfort Plus offers 3″ extra legroom whereas, Delta Premium Select offers wider seats that recline with foot & leg rest
  • Delta Comfort Plus is available on all flights, whereas Delta Premium Select is only available to select international routes
  • Delta Comfort Plus’s food and beverages vary as it depends on the distance traveled, whereas Delta Premium Select’s food & beverage are set for international routes no matter how far the route takes them

Similarities of Both

  • Both can be upgraded for Medallion Members
  • Both are a step-up from a previous seating package…Delta Comfort Plus is a step-up from Economy, Delta Premium Select is a step-up from 1st-Class
  • Both add more comfort and better customer service

Delta Comfort Plus

Delta Comfort Plus

Delta Comfort Plus is an upgrade from Economy, also known as ‘Main Cabin’. Passengers are given more space than the Economy with 3″ more legroom and dedicated overhead bin space. Delta Comfort Plus seats have a USB jack and power outlets to charge your phone and laptop.

Delta Comfort+ is available on all Delta and Delta Connection two-cabin aircraft system-wide and is available within the U.S. 50, Canada, Asia-Pacific region including China, Hong Kong, and the Latin America and Caribbean region including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Peru. Including transatlantic regional trips between North America and Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Delta Comfort Plus: Products & Services

The products and services for Delta Comfort Plus depending on your trip length.

  • Prior Sky Priority®  service is provided that includes priority check-in, security, baggage handling, and throughout your journey and a thoughtful travel experience from start to finish.
  • Dedicated overhead bin space for storage of your personal carry-on
  • All long-haul international flights provide a pillow, blanket, headsets, and an *amenity kit for long haul international flights
  • Entertainment includes newly released movies, tv shows, HBO, and with complimentary premium entertainment thru Delta Studio where available
  • More legroom and on select longer flights, extra recline
  • Seat location is toward the front of the plane, which means customers are among the first off
  • Wi-FI where available

Delta Comfort Plus: Food & Beverages

  • Premium snacks and complimentary Starbucks, beer, wine, and spirits on most flights
  • For flights over 900 miles, passengers are offered premium flight fuel snack boxes and beverages
  • Flights over 251 miles, passengers are offered Starbucks coffee, beer, and wine and complimentary snacks
  • Flights over 500+ miles, passengers are offered Starbucks coffee, beer, and wine, complimentary snacks, and spirits for 21+

For International flights over 6.5 hours, passengers are treated to a larger entrée bistro-style meal.

Delta Comfort Plus: *Amenities Kit

For those that are wondering what is in the amenity kit… it is a personal touch that Delta provides their Delta Comfort Plus passengers to refresh up with during their long-haul international flight.

The kit includes a travel toothbrush, mini toothpaste, cleansing towel, earplugs, sleeping mask. Being in a plan for a long period can make you tired, grumpy, and grungy. Having items to refresh with and make you feel extra comfortable is something to appreciate.

Medallion Members

Being a Medallion Member can get you a complimentary upgrade to Delta Comfort+ and Diamond & Platinum Medallion Members can use their Global or Regional Upgrade certificate to upgrade to Delta Comfort+

Delta Comfort Plus: Pros & Cons


  • Priority boarding
  • Dedicated overhead storage
  • Larger legroom


  • Pay extra for more comfort
  • Some benefits are excluded for short flights

Delta Premium Select

Delta Premium Select

Delta Premium Select was introduced to passengers in the fall of 2017. It is located near the front of the A350 plane close to first class, known as Delta One, and in front of Economy. Delta Premium Select is an upgrade from Delta Comfort Plus.

That means Delta Premium Select is 2 steps up from Economy, also known as the Main Cabin. However, Delta Premium Select is only available on select international routes.

Delta Premium Select offers wider and more comfortable seats. The seats are wider than Delta Comfort One, which passengers can recline with.

The seats include:

  • a larger in-flight 13.3″ wide-screen entertainment screen
  • 50% more seat recline, 38″ of the pit, a seat width of 18.5-19″ and up to 7″ more recline than the standard Main Cabin seat
  • reclining features for adjustable headrest, leg rest, and footrest
  • USB outlet and 110-volt power outlet

On 757-200 (75H) planes have a larger seat width of 20-21″ and more recline, and a 37″ legroom pitch. All other features are the same as the A350 aircraft.

Delta Premium Select: Product & Services

Service upgrades include Starbucks coffee or wine, Sky Priority® service, which includes speed-up check-ins, security, and baggage service.

They provide more comfort with a soft blanket and a comfortable pillow. For entertainment, they give each passenger a larger screen with Delta Studio movies plus each Delta Premium Select customer receives Tumi Amenity Kit – includes eyeshades, socks, LE LABO mist, and lip balm.

Delta Premium Select is offered Sky Priority® service that comprises expedited check-in, expedited baggage delivery, and premium boarding.

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Delta Premium Select: Food & Beverages

Delta Premium travelers are offered complimentary Starbucks coffee, tea, select wine, craft beer, spirits, and seasonal and regional meals

Passengers are offered a choice of entrée, along with salad, bread, and dessert

Delta Premium Select Kit Includes

  • lip moisturizer
  • sleep mask
  • dental kit
  • pair of socks
  • cleansing towelette
  • A350 airlines include LSTN headphones, 757-200 (75H) airlines include Billboard Earbuds

Medallion & Diamond Medallion Members

Travelers can upgrade to Delta Premium Select with a Medallion® Membership and with a Diamond Medallion® Membership by using the Global Upgrade Certificates.

Delta Premium Select: Pros & Cons


  • Priority boarding
  • Personalized service
  • Room to lie down and sleep, with a comfortable blanket and pillow
  • Food and beverage up-grade


  • Pay extra for more comfort
  • Only available for long-haul trips

Delta Comfort Plus vs Premium Select Compared

FeaturesDelta Comfort PlusPremium Select
SeatingExtra legroom, up to 3 inches moreWider seats, with adjustable legrest and footrest
In-Flight EntertainmentComplimentary accessComplimentary access, with noise-cancelling headphones
Food and BeveragesComplimentary snacks and drinksUpgraded meal options and premium alcoholic beverages
BoardingPriority boardingPriority boarding and expedited security
Amenity KitNot availableComplimentary TUMI amenity kit

Delta Comfort Plus vs Premium Select Pricing


Here are some pricing examples:

Example 1 shows the cost comparison between Comfort Plus vs Premium Select from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Heathrow, London.

Delta Comfort Plus pricing for a round trip from February 1 to 2, 2022 is $1,214 whereas, Premium Select is $1,588 with a price difference of 31% difference from the two options.

Round Trip
Destination: Fort Lauderdale, FL – London-Heathrow, UK
Dates: Feb 1-22, 2022

Example 2 shows the cost comparison of Comfort Plus and Premium Select from JFK, New York, to Heathrow, London.

Delta Comfort Plus pricing for a round trip from February 1 to 2, 2022 is $1,065 whereas, Premium Select is $1,840 with a price difference of 73% between the two options.

Round Trip
Destination: JFK, New York –  London-Heathrow, UK
Dates: Feb 1-22, 2022


Question: What is a Medallion Member?

Answer: Medallion Members get rewarded with benefits that are not offered to other travelers. Benefits include moving to the front of the line, flying more comfortably, waived fees, and unlimited complimentary upgrades.

Question: How far do Delta Comfort Plus Seats Recline?

Answer: Delta Comfort seats have 50% more recline over Economy.

Question: Does Delta Have an APP?

Answer: Yes, Delta has a Fly Delta APP that you can book flights, book, and change seats, manage trips, track your bags, monitor and spend SkyMiles®

Question: What is SkyMiles®?

Answer: Members can earn miles when flying Delta, including 20+ partner airlines, hotel accommodations, car, ridesharing, shopping and dining, and when using Delta SkyMiles American Express credit card, when miles are used. Check out our guide on how to find the best travel credit card here.

SkyMiles don’t expire and can be used in 1,000+ travel destinations. Members can get SkyMiles deals, purchase flights with miles, and use miles at the Delta Sky Club. You can join SkyMiles for free.  Members receive seat upgrades, waived fees, and more.

Conclusion: Comfort Plus Seat or Premium Select Seat?

Traveling in comfort is important for many, especially when you are in cramped quarters for a long period. If your pocketbook can afford it and even better, if you have Medallion Complimentary Upgrades, it may be worth going for it.

Taking that extra mile by investing in your comfort with the extra personal service they offer, the extra room they provide, the amenities, food, and beverages they offer takes a passenger’s traveling experience to an elevated area of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Delta airlines provides extra comfort levels at extra cost in various ways with 4 seating options. This article provides information on the 2nd highest packages vs the second lowest seat package that Delta provides to their passengers in order to meet individual needs and expectations. It really boils down to preference, length of travel, and cost.

Weighing out your needs before deciding will help what seat package you prefer and knowing who you are traveling with helps too. It won’t be a pleasurable trip if your companions are traveling in a different price point package than you are, so that is something to consider and discuss before deciding.

Delta goes the extra mile by providing their customers with a variety of comfort level options to choose from that help with not only cost but levels of comfort.

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